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16 Must Have Merchandise For Office

Are you doing a startup? Setting up your office and you don't know what you need and what you don't? 

You have a huge list, but you don't know where to trust? 

Worry not my child; I'm here with a solution. I will give you a list of must-have corporate merchandise, and all you have to do is go through them and put a tick on it (and purchase them, duh!)

There is a vast number of corporate merchandise, from which some are a necessity while the rest are for decoration purposes. But in my opinion, if you want to put an impression, you need to have both.


The Must-Haves.

Here is a list of must-have merchandise that you need to survive your office hours. Do not miss out on any.


1. Laptop stand.



A laptop and a keypad stand is a necessity. This will increase your productivity, also, you will not end up getting a carpal tunnel syndrome. When you buy the stand, make sure it is of ergonomic design. 


2. Mouse pad.



Your office work revolves around your computer or laptop, a mouse pad with a gel pad will give comfort to your hand.


3. Smartphone holder.

The code to have the perfect desk set up that will enhance your work productivity is by selecting desk accessories that will improve your productivity without messing up your work space, and smartphone holder is one such accessory. 


4. Pen holder.



The code to have the perfect desk set up that will enhance your work productivity is by selecting desk accessories that will improve your productivity without messing up your work space, and smartphone holder is one such accessory.


5. Clock.



So that you do not miss your deadline and is always on time.

When you are buying a clock for your office make sure the numbers are big enough so that easy for you to read the time amidst all the workload



6. File holder.



File holders will keep your files organized and your desk clutter-free.

7. Desk lamp.



The desk lamp is an essential item since it will prevent eye strain. While buying a desk lamp, look for a simple design that goes with the vibe of your office and also check the bulb, not anything too bright.


8. Stress toy.



Office work is stressful, sometimes you feel like screaming, leaving everything behind and to go backpacking in Europe. But hey! That is not the solution, get some stress toys, and get rid of your stress.


9. Chord stand or holder.



A cord stand or holder is a smart choice if you want your cords to last long. 


10 Seat cushion.

You will need a seat and a back cushion if you want to work in comfort and avoid getting back pains at a very early age.


For Cubicles


1. Desk mirror.


A desk mirror for the quick touch up before your important meetings or when your boss decides to show up unannounced. 


2. Keyboard cover.



Colorful keyboard cover, but nothing too bright or fancy looks good and also keeps your keyboard or keypad dust free.


3. Room freshener.



A tiny bottle os freshener will not hurt anyone. Working in a cubicle can be smelly when, especially, you are sharing a big room with so many people. But do not use any room freshener with a strong fragrance.



A succulent plant for your desk will give you a little nature vibe will remind you of your roots and also the fact that you are a human being and not just a money-making 


5. Shawl.



For the times when you are feeling cold, but the rest of your co-workers are like, "Ac's temperature is fine only!"


6. Desk fan.


For the times when you will feel stressed, and suddenly the temperature will feel super high.


7. A planning pad.



A planning pad is a necessity because you will not have a personal secretary to remind you of your tasks. You have to do those all by yourself.


8. Five-piece organizer set.



A five-piece organizer set will keep your desk organized and your and files in order.



Few extra points to keep you sane in the insanity.


1. Speaker: you never know when a speaker will come handy.

2. Photo frame: Motivational quotes photos or pictures of your family, friends or your other half.

3. Travel mug: For coffee on the go.

4. Paperweight: so that the important documents don't fly around in the whole office.

5. Travel pillow: For a little break.

6. Sanitary wipes: For the sake of hygiene. 

7. Time marked water mug: To keep you hydrated.

8. Sanitizer: When you are not allowed to leave the desk, but you have to munch on. You gotta clean your hands.



Plan everything before you go shopping. Choose the items in a way so that they go with one another. Try to keep them plain and simple and nothing too bling or fancy. Make sure all your merchandise follows the same color palette.

I know you are busy running in this rat race, but it is okay to take a break in between, trust me it will not delay your work but instead increase the productivity.

All the best!

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