picture of a burger

14 Appetizing Indian Street Food.

    When it comes to food delights, India is sensory overload! full Of variations and uniqueness, Indian street food is infused with different magical flavors relating to the regional taste of the states. Indian food is famous and well-loved cuisine all over the world. Delicacies full of great flavors, colors, and aromas are sure to lend you some seriously delicious food experience and addictions that will linger on in your mind for the best reasons. With Indian Street food, there is an array of food options to devour on,...
on January 19, 2020
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15 Beautiful Places To Visit Around The World.

  What is Travel?      Travel, in simple words, is a movement from one place to another. Some say it is the time between you and various graphical locations. People all across the globe travel, by all means, possible airplane ships buses trains trams you name it, and they do it. Travel can be about anything from a local visit to a relative to something like an international trip too. There are various motives to why you would travel. You travel to find peace, yourself, leisure and fun, to...
on January 17, 2020
party table champagne

14 Wacky Bachelor Party Props

    Fun, music, dance, entertainment, and some beautiful memories. It is what we recognize party as. But the bachelor party is something different, means it is above all kinds of parties. It is the last day of the groom or bride to be a bachelor for one last time before the start of their new journey, that last fun meeting with old buddies, friends, and colleagues.  Managing or organizing parties these days is not just floral decorations or merely a stage, alcohol, or strippers. But they have attained new...
on January 15, 2020
3D Printed T-Shirt Design

5 Fantastic Ideas To Personalize You T-Shirt

    T-shirts are those kinds of a constant companion that we can't even spare for a moment. From 80 to 8, all have a great fascination with T-shirts. It's time-saving, comfortable, easy to wear and has a massive collection of varieties. Even T-shirts can be formal to if you know the trick to make it official and wear it with confidence. T-shirts are the most popular and the most used casual wears among different age groups and mostly teenagers. There are lots of brands which build on t-shirts to...
on January 13, 2020
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Best Of 2019 - 10 Amazing Trends!

If you are a fashion-friendly person, then you should be updated with every fashion trend. Sometimes we take influences from the ongoing trend. But that's not cool for everywhere. Try to enhance your creativity. Then, if you need a suggestion, take it from them. But nowadays, the fashion industry has developed more than our imagination, and that's why we are getting so much addicted to our ongoing trends and upcoming fashions. If you are a fashion person, then you need to be updated about every latest trend in the fashion...
on January 07, 2020
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40 Best Fashion Tips And Guidelines

Every person has a different perspective on fashion. We always need tips and advice on fashion and style from people, fashionistas, stylists, or designers to look the best. It is difficult for a beginner to style in such a way to look confident and gorgeous enough. There are a plethora of styling rules and tricks which keep on changing over time. The people accept some trends while some go failure. You have to develop your sense of personal style. We are providing you with a guide for people like you...
on January 05, 2020
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10 Funky Holiday Looks!

A holiday is a day kept aside by law either on account of religious festivals, Sabbath day, or a memorial on some great person death. Holidays are special not just because we can relax and have time for ourselves but also because we can do things that we left behind or kept postponing. However nowadays the world is moving so fast in terms of food, technology, culture that people hardly have time to relax. And after working like crazy for hours and days, people set off for Holiday to different...
on January 03, 2020
A Pink Sequin Coat And Black Tie

9 Sparkling Ways To Carry Sequin Outfits!

Are you nervous about wearing sequins? They are sparkly, sleek, and colorful enough, but when styled in an acceptable aspect, you can make fashion a joy thing. At times sequined clothing can make your look more elegant while at times you may get a tasteless look which neither of women would take an opportunity for. You may stress of looking like a disco light ball, but sequins have remained trending for the past few years. You can make a bold style statement by adding sequins to your dresser. Dazzling outfits...
on January 01, 2020
a person making online payment

15 Safety Tips For Online Shopping.

Who does not like shopping online? These days every single woman has the habit of shopping online. The joy when you get your parcel delivered to you if the greatest feeling in the world. Online shopping has taken over the traditional way to shop.Smart purchasing is the key to shopping online successfully. Yes, it has a list of pros, but at the same time, it also has cons. There are a few people skeptical of shopping online. At times, online shopping becomes stressful because of the chances of errors. It...
on December 31, 2019
girl holding her pets

12 Awesome Tips To Strengthen You Bond With Your Tips.

    Unlike humans, animals don’t have the power to speak and show their affection towards their master, or they don’t have enough skills like us to know the love of their master for them. So, you have to do something and show a kind of emotion and let your pet know that you love them.  You don’t have to worry about how to strengthen the bond with your pet. There are many ways by which you can improve your relationship with your pet, show affection. Here are some ways...
on December 29, 2019
Woman playing holi

16 Best Essential For Holi : Holi Fashion.

    Colors, soon to be splashed on your face. Holi is just around the corner. Besides other festivals where you add so much makeup and heavy ethnic dresses, this brings with it the most light yet the most refreshing way to celebrate the carnival with a splash of water and colors. Dressing inexpensive and still slay. Sounds difficult? Not. The only festival where you can be you and still slay that messier look yet looking stylish and sexy and also allowing you to wear that old ragged t-shirts and...
on December 28, 2019
a man shaving his beard

MOVEMBER - No Shave November!

You are probably familiar with the term 'No Shave November', and if you are not, then in what world are you living? Not many years ago, a social media trend surfaced on the internet when all the men in your socials were posting their new bread look with a #NoShaveNovember.  'Oh, no! Is this some new tacky challenge started by some internet celebrity?'   Questions like this flooded your mind, and then you put on your detective cap on and started looking for answers.   What is 'No Shave November'?  According...
on December 27, 2019