A woman wearing a high waist brief

13 Types of Panties

When they say ‘types’ they mean the two that they make: one for regular people like us and the other for the ‘Angels’. So there’s ordinary and then extraordinary. I mean did you see Elsa Hosk last year? She did truly looked like an epitome of perfection rocking that fantasy bra! Source: Teen Vogue  Now, under that ordinary category (*rolling eyes*), it branches into 8 more types of types and we are going to look into all of them right now.   The Eight Types Here are the best types...
on November 16, 2019
A Colorful Sleeve Tattoo

17 Unique Tattoos Styles For Men

Today, the act of getting tattooed has been pretty normalized by us and our society. Not to say everybody accepts them, but most do. Getting a tattoo possessed a rebellious vibe and set a kind of tone to a being's personality. I mean it should too! You are getting something that you'll be keeping for the rest of your life, and your mindset makes you believe that you won't get tired or bored of watching it your whole life, and that's a robust notion. It will prove right for a...
on November 15, 2019
Woman flaunting Anarkali Suit

8 Quick Picks For Anarkali Suits

Do you know where the name comes from or Who was Anarkali? Take a guess! If you aren’t so much of a history lover, let me tell you, Anarkali suits got their name after Anarkali- a renounced mistress from Mughal Akbar’s court. She had a trailing and dazzling beauty to herself and complexion like a pomegranate. (On a side note, Anarkali means a petal of the pomegranate blossom.) Source: The Telling Story    It was adopted from the royal emperor era where her love story turned into a tragedy which,...
on November 14, 2019
Best Trending Slangs Graphic Tees

25 Best Trending Slangs Graphic Tees

  If you are from India, it is a common known fact that here, almost all sentences are incomplete without a slang. Speaking these special words is an addiction to us now. These words or phrases are inclusive only to our country. According to a common Indian proverb, “Every two miles the water changes, every four miles the speech. “Be it with your friends or even family these slangs have become an important part of our daily lingo.   TOP TRENDING TEES WITH SLANGS Having these slangs on tees would...
on November 13, 2019
Web series To Watch On Netflix

Top 15 Web series To Watch On Netflix

Are you a web series addict person? Do you think that is education or enjoying enough? Then you are in the right place. More than 70% of youth are addicted to web or TV series. And Netflix is the most popular platform for this. If you don't know what Netflix is, then we must tell you about this. Netflix is a platform where you can avail all new and old web series and movies, upon your wish. So, if you want to avail this, you need to have Netflix subscription...
on November 12, 2019
Ways to Wear Lehenga on Wedding

13 Ways to Wear Lehenga on Wedding

Source: Youtube So is your best friend getting married? Your sister? The long lost cousin? Or you are? Whom so ever is celebrating their day, you want to dress in the appropriate Indian attire and look your gorgeous self. Don’t worry, we got you covered whether you are buying them ready ones or getting them to tailor-made for that special one. So let’s get to it!   Things you think about Let us answer the simpler questions first. Know how big the ceremony is going to be so you know...
on November 11, 2019
20 Best and Coolest Tees for a Fun Trip

20 Best and Coolest Tees for a Fun Trip

KYUNKI ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DOBARA.   Are you going on a group trip with your friends? Are you looking for something cool and funky to wear? Graphic tees are one of the best options for you to express yourself and also stand out. When you are on a trip and doing various activities, you prefer to wear something light and comfortable (that doesn’t mean a night suit) but also looks fashionable. Graphic tees are affordable too, and a wide range of looks are created for both boys and girls.  ...
on November 10, 2019
Top 30 Bikini Trends in Bollywood

Top 30 Bikini Trends in Bollywood

Bikini, swimsuits, tankinis and more! So far in stars like Kareena Kapoor, Radhika Apte and Alia Bhatt have all been spotted showing their forms in chic swimwear. The second the sun starts to crawl out from behind the clouds and hits our vitamin D–deprived skin, swimsuits are an article of clothing that instantly comes to mind.Plenty of Bollywood stars embrace of the modern-day bikini picture trope too, mixing up their typical street-style-ready full-length shots and detailed flat-lays with carefree, bikini-clad images of themselves frolicking along the beach or lounging by...
on November 09, 2019
Patriotic Designs That Will Take You Back To The Freedom Days

Patriotic Designs That Will Take You Back To The Freedom Days

Patriotism is the feeling of love and loyalty towards one's country. We Indians take pride in everything that is achieved by our country and leave no stone unturned to show our pride in our origins and working towards the prosperity of our country.   Cool Graphic Designs That Embody Your Patriotism There are plenty of new ways of how you can honor your nation. Designing tees with patriotic themes is one of the most unique and creative ways to show your ‘desh prem'. Here are some fun ideas that you...
on November 08, 2019
Customization VS Personalization

Customization VS Personalization

Do you love having a personal touch in your order? Even a tiny bit can bring great happiness! Over the years, personalization and customization in products and services have progressed immensely. The customers are demanding products as per their tastes and preferences. These days, brands and companies are utilizing the innovative strategy of personalization and customization so that the customers get what they are anticipating. Many a time, the words personalization and customization are deceived to be the same. They have similar goals and aim to satisfy the customer. However,...
on November 07, 2019
40 Best and Trending Couple Tee Designs

40 Best and Trending Couple Tee Designs

Do you love someone? The one who looks at you like nobody else does! The one who understands you better than others, and the one who becomes insane and stupid with you! Do you both love to do something amusing? Being with someone and spending some valuable time with them is a personal feeling. Some couples are shy enough to show their love in public, while some may be free enough to express their mutual love and happiness. You always plan on looking the most attractive when you are with...
on November 06, 2019
Styles to Try Out with Croptop Lehenga

21 Styles to Try Out with Crop Top Lehenga

  Styling tips for crop top and lehenga that you must keep an eye on with the onset of winters, the wedding season is on the way with a lot of fun, music, dance, creating memories and of course for looking glamorous and beautiful as well. But wearing that old lehenga again will be quite a tough job for some who don’t like wearing the outfit again. Of course, wearing that 10kgs lehenga with an additional 2 kg embroidered choli would be a bit choking as well. Nowadays, a new...
on November 04, 2019