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10 Best Types Of Lehanga Saree



Sarees have been famous in Indian culture from ancient times, of course back then they were worn differently, and now they can be worn in many different styles.

One of the popular styles of wearing a saree is Lehanga Saree. Lehanga Saree is a mixture of two wearables, a saree and a Lehanga. So the lower skirt resembles a saree and sometimes has plates in it, and the upper dupatta resembles the Palla of a saree.

The good thing with Lehanga Saree is that you can buy it ready-made at the store and don't have to worry if you don't know how to wear a saree. Because it comes all fixed and you have to drape it. 


Here's The List For Best Lehanga Sarees


1) The Bridal Embroidered Saree Lehanga 



Brides have to search a lot before they can finally wear something perfect for there wedding day. Now they can bid goodbye to their confusion and get themselves lehenga saree. It will not only save lots of time, but also they will look stunning, and lehenga sarees as compared to a lehenga is much more comfortable to be worn during days and nights.

The bridal lehenga sarees came in various designs and embroidered according to their taste and fabric for their wedding day. 

If you are somebody who isn't keen on a traditional wedding, then lehenga saree is the best option for you. It comes but not very much embroidered where does not have too much of can.


2) Baby Pink Embroidered Lehanga Saree 



Baby pink, by no doubt, is one of the most popular colours that any girl would love to wear on several occasions. The embroidery is attached to it in the form a yoke on the blouse, like lace on an on the pallu. And on the below-knee areas covered by the Lehanga. You can pair it with latkan earrings, a choker necklace and some bangles for a more traditional or party-ready look.

Pros - This Lehanga Saree has a lot of legroom for you, and you'll be comfortable all the while in it.

Cons - The embroidery if it is tucked from upwards, would look quite cheap. ( But if you are in a place with lots of lights, there will be no problem)


3) Knit and Net Lehanga Saree



Knit and Net Lehanga are quite popular nowadays. It's one of the most sophisticated styles to pick and is readily available. Knit lehanga saree has a lehanga made of net and embroidered like chicken cloth. The blouse like most of them is embellished with thread, in light golden colour on pink. The pallu has beautiful yoke tucked to it to give it a more traditional look. The border of the lehanga highlights the pink more.

Pros - The beautiful pink has an attached pallu to it, and if you can remove this pallu, the lehanga can be worn with other tops as well.

Cons - The yoke lace tucked in the pallu, makes it look cheaper, so if you are getting something like this, then make sure you add flowers to it instead.


4) The Vivacious Kanjevaram Lehanga Saree 



Kanjevaram Lehanga Saree is quite popular in the markets as of now. Kanjevaram silk is sophisticated, shiny and light-weighted, so even when you thought of dancing in that Lehanga Saree, you would be able to do it quickly.

Pros - This Lehanga Saree is lightweight, and does not need any cancan.

Cons - It's challenging to make plates for this saree, because of the amount of rigidness in the pallu.


5) Lehanga Saree with Frills



Of course, when you thought of wearing a Lehanga Saree, you didn't know it came in your favourite frills. Frills at the bottom of the Lehanga increase the waves in a Lehanga and also add something extra to just something plain. Frills in a Lehanga Saree are of two kinds - one the regular frill that stretches all along in a row in the whole saree and second one, layered, in this type frills are added one after the other, giving it a more darling look.

Pros - This is one of the easiest patterns to carry regardless of your figure. And it comes with no cons.


6) Pre Stitched Lehanga Saree



Pre Stitched Lehanga Saree comes in handy when you are suddenly thrown in with guests or occasions. Though most lehanga saree comes handy. But the good thing about this saree is that it's not too fluffy or wavy, it's made up of crepe or georgette and has a beautiful rope-like pallu that's easy to handle.

Pros - This is the best Lehanga Saree because it's hassle-free, you have to wrap it and get going. There are no cons in this saree.


7) Georgette and Crepe Lehanga Saree



Georgette Lehanga Saree has become quite popular. The simple crepe pallu in peach is soft, light and straightforward thread embroidery. Apart from that this type of Lehanga Saree has embroidery and lots of flowers tucked to it, and especially the colour combinations cast a lot of effect on the result that how it looks on you. Some of the best combinations include grey and peach, sandalwood and black, grey and orange and black and red — these combinations suit almost all occasions.


8) Bordered Gold and Black Lehanga Saree


Bordered Gold and Black Lehanga Saree are one of the best combinations available to us in the market. These Lehanga Sarees come plain with mixed colours. And are ideal for wearing for a traditional ceremony, in house parties or any outdoor ones too.

Pros - This saree is hassle-free and takes only a few minutes to dress.

Cons - Don't buy it in a very heavy border. Otherwise, it'll keep all your attention on saree's border.


9) Mediaeval Manuscript (shade of beige) and Ruby ( shade of pink) 


Mediaeval manuscript with Ruby is the perfect combination for all of your favourite occasions. You don't have to think before buying this combination. The good thing with this combination is you don't have to worry about day or night because such combinations have minimalist embroidery. Hence they are light weighted. This lehanga saree has all the pros and no cons.


10) Frilled Lace Top with Purple Lehanga Saree



It's frills to have the best design ever. And the dupatta goes through the frills, and thus you wouldn't have to worry about how you are looking. This lehanga saree comes in shape like a fish cut. And because this is a readymade lehanga you don't have to worry about the fact that it'll take a lot of time. Just wrap it and get going.


7 Bonus Tips For Lehanga Saree


1) Always wear your jewellery in the end.


2) Open the complete lehanga saree before buying it to check for any defects.


3) Don't just go for any mix and match; choose your colours correctly.


4) Thin borders are more sophisticated and elegant.


5) Sleeves should be full or exact half, that helps you look more proper.


6) It's not essential to keep it below the navel.


7) Avoid any fabrics that cling on to your skin.




In conclusion, all that remains is that it's your Lehanga Saree, wear it and enjoy it. Try to keep the tips in mind so that you have an enjoyable shopping experience and don't overstress yourself while trying to reach perfection.

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