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10 Exciting Slogan T-Shirt's For Women

T-shirts have a long history starting from the 19th century. So the invention of a T-shirt goes back to the labourers who cut their jumpsuits into half to feel relieved during summers. The production of T-shirts goes back to the year 1898 when the Mexican and American war was going on. It was around in 1913 the US Navy started using t-shirts as a part of their uniform like an undershirt.

We behalf to be thankful to F Scott Fitzgerald using the term T-shirt in his book this side of Paradise for the very first time and ultimately then the word t-shirt was included in the English dictionary in the year 1920. But back in 1920, T-shirts did not have this kind of popularity that they have now. They were still treated as proper undershirts only. And as a matter of fact, it was not considered good enough to wear T-shirts with trousers post-world war ii.

It was not in 1950 Marlon Brando famous white T-shirt in the movie a streetcar named desire while playing the character of Stanley Kovalsky. And in 1955 it was again used by James Dean in his movie Rebel without a cause. It was ultimately establishing the to as the founding fathers of the fashion of t-shirt that we have today.

T-shirts with slogans were a result of the creative thinking of Thoma. E. Dewey created a t-shirt with a slogan that said: " do it with Dewey". And then people did not care much about the graphic tees, how is our Thomas is contribution help people in creating slogans for various purposes using a t-shirt. So today we are counting the best trending slogans for women's tees.

Bellow Is A List Of Slogan T-Shirt's For Women.

1. The Nature supportive T-shirt



T-shirts as we talked above, often used for a variety of reasons one of the reasons they are used is to support nature people use them to run rally and support nature out of which we all are born. So depending upon your cause, you can take a plain t-shirt and get several slogans printed on it, and you are done.


2. The One When You Are Tired. 



How many times when we are not just willing to dress up and go to work for two even completed domestic chores we are not able to let that reach against not being able to do the work out of us so in order to help ourselves you can always drape a beautiful t-shirt stating what exactly is your mood today.


3. Act Like A Lady.



Whatever the slogan says, but it is not the t-shirt of a lady. However, it is enough that you can wear while exercising running or maybe just taking a day off for yourself. This is more like feel good, tank top kind of t-shirt and you can wear it in your me-time also.


4. The One For Inspiration.



Well, whatever you say T-shirts have a way of denoting your style. T-Shirt with the inspiration logon could be a fantastic gift to a friend your boss and maybe to somebody you don't even know in your office. This is more like a t-shirt that will make them feel good about themselves that will tell that will show your respect and love for others that how much you care for them.


5. The One With A Literary Geek.



 How about putting your favorite quote on the t-shirt that you want to wear, and it signifies your inner feelings. On that, I have used a Jane Austen quote. Bazaar.com has a fantastic way to transform your t-shirts according to the love that you want is this especially help you in designing the kind of t-shirt that you wish to they have a proper channel which you can contact and fashion designers that will help you shape your idea into a reality.

Literary kind of the many things about you it definitely shows that you are literary key and also that you support a particular author it is great because it might just attract you the attention of a man indicating him that the quote mentioned is from your favorite author you can also use it to run a literary movement online and offline.


6. Kim Kardashian's Green is the New Black T-shirt. 



We do not quite often see celebrities wearing a t-shirt. But when they do, they bring about hype in the fashion world even if the slogan means nothing at all. But most of them wear them to show and feel a different side of their fashion. Like the one draped by Kim Kardashian, makes her look stunning and yet like a Girl Next Door. And a t-shirt any woman would love to wear. You can transformer the same court using one of your T-shirts with the help of bazarville.com. and maybe your t-shirt could say "Red is the New Black."



7. " They Don't Know That We Know They Know" Slogan T-shirt. 




Recognize the famous dialogue from the most popular daily soap from 90 friends. And who wouldn't want a t-shirt with a slogan on it? With the friends slogan, the round neck to suit with your favourite pants, skirts and any time wear.


8. Halle Berry " Happy is the new Black."

Who doesn't love something new and improved colours of their T-shirts this have washed blue tee comes with a new and exciting slogan "Happy is the New Black. Halle Berry wore it while she was shopping grocery. If you like such a slogan, you can get one designed from bazarville.com.


9. The Flower Girl T-shirt.



Well, how can list of T-shirts be complete without the mention of weddings in it? For changes, a flower girl could be made to wear a t-shirt to precisely specify that she is one of them and to avoid any confusion. These t-shirts could be given to these flowers girls as a wedding giveaway. And of course, you can add up a peppy slogan to the T-shirt so that they look like a gift rather than just a supporters clothes.


10. Candace Cameron Bure "Being Good Isn't Good Enough T-shirt." 

We remember her draping in the most popular looks in her show Full House. And of course, until now she continues to be a great fashion icon for all of us. This one could be a fun t-shirt, a boss could gift his employee; a friend could gift another friend.


Tips on T-Shirt.

  • Make sure that the cloth you choose to buy suits you. And if it's something new, make sure you wash it first and then try.

  • The t-shirt should be tight but not that much that you can't even breath or looks like you just came back from a swim.

  • The color you choose should depend on the fact that it must retain its original color even after 10 washes.

  • The t-shirt is not too bulky after inserting your pants.

  • For winters you can wear it with the shirt in the form of layers this will give you a fantastic look.

  • T-shirts require minimalist style and design. However, you are always free to add any new jewelry with it.

  • If you don't have a t-shirt with your favorite slogan on it, you know Bazarville.com will come in handy.



 T-shirts are an amazing piece of clothing. You can express a lot through them. Slogans on t-shirts is a common trend, and most women love flaunting their actual thoughts through the t-shirt. T-shirts have a wide range starting from comfortable home wear to work wear.

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