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10 Romantic Ideas To Propose A Girl



Well, out of all the creatures in the world, we human beings are most complicated. And amongst them also allegedly women are named as more complicated than men. But most of us whether men or women fall in love with that one person who we don't know is going to stay with us for lifelong or vice-versa, but we are happy with them at present, and this is how you want your every day to be. So now that when you are sure that this is the only person you want to be with, this is the right time to propose.


How to Propose.

Well, since this is your special someone who'll be aside you all your life or maybe not all your life but at least, she will spend quality time in your life and want to cast a difference in a way that you have been going on until now. Kneeling on your knees and proposing is filmy, and so throwing her in a room filled with roses and balloons and decorated these things don't interest women nowadays. No woman nowadays approves of all these kinds of gestures, so now you have to find some perfect and new and classy tricks to propose to her. Just be sure about one thing, and that is you do know that she approves of the latest tricks and that in her conversations you have figured it out she prefers a traditional proposal and if she does not like the traditional way of proposing then you can choose all these below mentioned options.

And The Options Are.

1. A Bedroom Proposal.



It's a new day in your life and your starting French in why not propose to her in the morning itself the morning when she gets up, you could start with some romantic gestures maybe a beautiful song, and then you could finally propose to her saying would you do me the honor to be my wife or I'm in love with you, would you want to figure it out, that where do we go.


2. The Hurry Proposal.



Say you just realized, when you at work you realize that this is the person that you want to spend your life with this is a person who makes you feel most unique, and this feeling hasn't been there before suggest you should not Italy, and that is why this proposal is called the Hurry Proposal, all you have to do is get going and propose to her to go and tell your feelings that you love her and she is going to respect that instead of giving her 10000 hints by giving her too many presents, go and express your feelings and as far as the romance is confirmed it will develop with time you don't have to worry that you have to do everything at this particular point of time when you are proposing to her.


3. Say It With A Home Cooked Meal.



Of course, many women still like the traditional way of proposal. Yet, most women want that if they are making that guys use special, then they should also be made feel special. The for this is special women what you can do is you can say it with the home-cooked me, and that means you are going to make for hair by yourself baby you can take some cooking lessons. Surprise heard that you finally learned cooking, and that is a sign that you are ready to curb your ways differently. You are ready to accept changes that will come into your relationship now say that you love her. You can also give her a gift or something, but that's not necessary.


4. The Traditional Way.



The simplest and easiest way to propose a girl is traditional. The traditional way of proposing is quite some work you buy some gifts for decorate the room with flowers or book a restaurant which is decorated for you know do all these kinds of things and then get down on your knees and offer her the ring or maybe get down on your knees and propose to hear the fact that you love her.


5. In A Movie Break.



Although quite old but have been used many times, proposing during a movie break the fact that you love her and the fact that you want to spend the rest of your life with her is unique in its way the shows that you have feelings for her even when you are watching a movie and not like an ad that you lose yourself in the film and don't even care who sitting next to you. For this one, all you need to do is turn to her and ask her if she wants to be with you.


6. Picnic Getaway.



Picnic getaway has been quite popular and romantic too. All you have to do is take out on a picnic and make sure you do it now very subtle manner and that she doesn't get to know what you are up to, so why you are out eating you can tell her that you love her or ask for her hand in marriage. Ideally, you can also cook for her and tell her in a very subtle manner that you even know how to cook.


7. While You Are Shopping.



Now that you are living together and you have already figured out, this is the person that you want to be with. Proposing is not going to be very hard, but when it comes to men, it's something that they are fragile in. They have to gather a lot of courage to propose to you. So what better than when you are shopping, you shop for her favorite ring, or anything that she likes and that very minute, you tell her that she's you want to be with.


8. Surprise Engagement Party.



Well, while planning a surprise engagement party, you have to be sure that this is the girl that wants to marry you. Quite often it happens she might be willing to marry some other guy, so you have to be sure that she wants to marry you and then throw her a perfect surprise party where you can call all of your friends and family and then finally tell her that you love her. You want to spend the rest of your life with her come what may.


9. Near The Lake.



Proposals near the lake have been considered as one of the most romantic gestures, and you can take your girlfriend out there on a rented cruise or just near the lake, but it has to be a natural lake beautiful green surroundings. Address a particular point of time you look deep into her. I take her hand in yours and say what you exactly feel about her.


10. A 20 Dollar Challenge.



So you finally decided that you want to marry this girl or you love her, and you want to propose to her this can be done inspiring manager you could give her a $20 challenge or even the girl could give him a $20 problem, and he will have to do something special for her out of that $20. They both can take this challenge turn by turn, then this way of proposing can be considered as the most economical as even when you are low on money you do know that your love will not fly out of the window it will stay with you.


Never Say Yes To A Guy If - 


  1. Never say yes to a guy if he says that he wants you more for his parents and less for himself. That guy is not looking for a wife or a girlfriend. He is just looking for a social status for his parents.

  2. If even after dating for a year you feel that this relationship is not going anywhere then it's the time they you bid goodbye to this one and start finding the one who wants your time because if he has not yet serious about you in this one year of dating, he is never going to be, unless you want the same.

  3. Make sure what your motives are before you get into a relationship with a guy. That is, if you are looking for a life in a partner or are you interested in getting married, you will have to see different partners for both businesses.


What Men Want? 


Yes, we all know the answer to the question, and often a poor man has been credited with the fact that all they want is "sex" correct your thoughts ladies nevertheless this happens to be accurate, of course, there are several men want only sex from women. Still, certain men desire to have a lady in life. That man wants from us is "respect" they want that you should respect them, they want that you should support them. They wish that you should stand by them, even the most confident man wants his wife's approval or his girlfriend's approval on something that he is about to do at least an assurance that she is standing next to him.


Special Tips.


  1. Make sure you don't go and propose near a river, we've seen many videos where a ring accidentally fell into the river.

  2. Your proposal should be subtle and not cheesy, as now there's a certain degree of maturity demanded from you.

  3. Flowers, Chocolates, and Cakes are good, but when you are proposing somebody.

  4. Before proposing someone, you must be sure that this is the only person you want to be with and that you'll find yourself when with them.

  5. Whether a man or a woman must not change themselves for their partners, especially those with whom it's decided that they'll you only someday.

  6. If you are happy in a Live-In relationship, then you don't need society's certificate to get married.

  7. Being men, you think zodiac signs are not something to be believed in. But the truth is these signs unknowingly affect you. So if you want, you can look upon the internet to see the compatibility. However, it's total up to you, and you can always tell dating coach you might help you out in figuring what kind of partner you are for each other because there are certain things that we are not able to see sometimes, that others can point out.

  8. While proposing, you could tell her all the details that love and hate about her.



So you have how to Propose a girl, then what are you waiting for getting up and get going to find a girl who's is going to be faithfully yours.

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