11 Easy Gift Packing Ideas For Weddings.

“Who says planning a beautiful wedding will cost you so much when you are planning for an eco- friendly wedding.” No, not at all. Going with the trend is one thing while paying back to nature on this beautiful day of yours will make it more memorable. So, we are here to help you with planning what type of packaging you should try. 

Gifts are a beautiful way to express gratitude, even if the invitation doesn’t demand any gift. It is challenging to express emotions through eyes and understanding. It is not everybody’s cup of tea. So, tips are the best way to show your love towards your loved ones.

As it is rightly said, “the first impression is the last impression.” We can’t deny the fact that we go for physical outlook before sneaking into the inner beauty of anything. The same goes for gifts as well. Packaging makes an impact on the hands of the receiver. So, here some tips you can use to make your wedding gifts trendy and impressive as well.

Ideas for packaging.

Here are some ideas for your trendy wedding packaging.


For clothes.

1. Trousseau trays.



Using cloth ribbons or jute ribbons is something which are acquiring the market these days. Adding a final touch to the trousseau tray with jute ribbons make it appealing and is the choice of many brides these days. It will give an aesthetic and impressive look.

2. Bamboo trays.



Skip the use of plastics to make your wedding an eco-green one and go for bamboo trays for packing sarees or clothes. It will not only make it beautiful yet a presentable one.

3. Making shapes.



How about getting your gift delivered in some beautiful form of origami? Doesn’t look unique? Instead of covering it with cellophane, go for such unique ideas and make it look gorgeous. 


4. For footwear.

Shoes are a girl’s best friend. Be it stilettos, wedges or their ordinary bathroom slippers. They are always concerned about them. So, packing them along with other belongings is essential.


  • Jute bag.


To make it easy to carry and look stylish enough, jute bags are best to put your footwear.

  • Dupatta wraps.

It’s time to have a look at your wardrobe and take out those dupattas for recycling. Wrap your shoes in net dupatta and tie them with cotton or silk ribbons. You can use colorful dupatta and tie them in different ways.


  • Basket and paper bags.

To make your wedding packaging look eco-green, you can use baskets and paper bags, cover them with beautiful nets.


5. For accessories.

  • Vintage box.

A vintage box with a tribal look or some raw look for putting all your accessories in will be the best option. It makes the task easy, and you don’t have to rely on those plastic packing. 


For perfumes, candles and other stuff. 

  • Cute paper bags.



When it comes to packing bride trousseau, paper bags will be the best option to put all these things in.


  • Decorative material.



You can use pine cones, shells, or some paper quilling flowers to make it cute packing.

For fruits. 

  • Fruits platter.


Fruits are a symbol of nourishment, and it is a must when it comes to the bride’s trousseau packing. You can use the basket and cover them up with nets. It will not only make it look beautiful but attractive also. Bonus tip: add some bottles of drinks or beverages to it like fruit juices or squash. 

For dry fruits.

  • Pouchy pouch.



Remember that “dadi maa ki pot full of treasures.” You can use bags for packing dry fruits. It will a cute finish to all your packings.

Bonus packing tips.

  1. Go for the thins you can recycle.

  2. Try to make it best on your own.

  3. Don’t over decorate anything. It will look messy.

  4. Try to use green products.

  5. Recycling is the best option.



A wedding is a day someone wants to make it a memorable one. Contributing something to nature and in return, it will give more to you. So, with these packing techniques, watch little videos for packing and master creative engine within you and make your gifts cute and stylish.

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