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15 Beautiful Places To Visit Around The World.


What is Travel? 



Travel, in simple words, is a movement from one place to another. Some say it is the time between you and various graphical locations. People all across the globe travel, by all means, possible airplane ships buses trains trams you name it, and they do it. Travel can be about anything from a local visit to a relative to something like an international trip too. There are various motives to why you would travel. You travel to find peace, yourself, leisure and fun, to enjoy nature and have some me time, to do the things that you were not able to do while working.


Why Should you Travel? 



So it came into your mind that you want to travel the world someday what are you waiting for then this is the right time this is your moment why don't just take a plunge and start on by traveling the world it will give you a new perspective you can just awake in your senses and this would be your time with yourself or maybe with your family. Still, it would be worth spending the money. Wondering all the time that I am tired and the fact that my life and feels stick and all other negative thought traveling helps in finding a new perspective in your life.

When it comes to traveling around the world, the places must be remarkable enough that you would run to spend your money. So below are the Top 10 places around the world that you can visit, and your money spent would be justified. But our travel location would not only cover the most exquisite places that are less talked about, and beautiful too.

Also, there are categories that I have set to simplify, but that does not mean they are restricted to trips in other categories.

And The Categories Are.



1.Trips With Your Children. 



Yes, it's essential to bond with your children as much as with your wife. The small incidents that place in their life shape then for tomorrow. But in no way, you should be giving wrong memories that hurt them.


  • Cornwall - Lappa Valley Steam Railway.



Cornwall is a country in the rugged southwestern part of England. It comprises of hundreds of beaches and moorlands, making it a peninsula. The south coast is home to picturesque villages such as Fowey and Falmouth. Lappa Valley is located near Newquay in Cornwall. The railway is a part of tourist attraction. It runs from St. Newlyn East to East Wheal Rose. Lappa valley has an amusement park too. And this is a steam train. There are a lot of activities for both children and adults such as -


  • Canoeing.



There's a small lake in East Wheal Rose, where one can do boating with family and friends. They have both canoe and pedaling boats to enjoy.


2. Woodland Joyride.



This is a miniature woodland railway. You can sit and enjoy the ride. It's like a dream come true for almost all children and adults too. There are many more things to do both for children and adults, such as golf, The Santa Train runs during Christmas include lots of fun activities for children such as Christmas card writing, Baloon making, mulled wine, and hot chocolate. And also writing a letter to Santa.


3. Helston Railway Steam Train Ride.



Helston is a small town in Cornwall itself. It's famous for it's a steam train that runs during the holiday season, and this year, there's no need to book in advance; you can hop on and enjoy the ride. The total journey would be around 25 minutes. But on your way, you'll get to enjoy lots of cake, bacon rolls, and hot and spicy apple drinks. Santa will be available in his grotto at Prospidnick. And in their shop are lovely gifts for your children and adults too, such as Thomas toys, models, books, gifts and a lot more. The Santa visit per child is €5, and a whole family ride on the steam train is € 16.50.

4. Luxury Train Rides. 



Well some of us prefer to travel cost-effective and at more places and a few of us like to travel in the most luxurious possible way. So for those who while traveling abroad are looking for luxury, then these train rides are the best thing for all of them. These trains take you from one destination to another all the while, giving you the luxurious experience of a lifetime just on a train.


5. Venice Simplon-Orient-Express.

  • Route - London to Venice.



The Venice Simplon Orient Express is a luxury train service, currently operated by Belomd Ltd. The famous train is also the setting of Agatha Christie’s novel Murder on the orient express. The train route begins from London, Paris, Verona, Innsbruck Milan, and finally Venice. This is just an extraordinary train full of luxury on wheels. Most guests board the train for a one night journey to Venice. The present rates range between Euro 2,450 – 3,100 per passenger. You must make bookings in advance.

The train has many sleeping wagons, and restaurant and bars like – L’Oriental, which was initially a Pullman kitchen car, but later joined Lusitania Express. It is refitted with black lacquer panels, after being purchased by Venice Simplon Company. 3674 is the bar in orient express and just the perfect place to enjoy a selection of classic cocktails. This compartment is designed with a combination of gold and navy blue interiors that reflect its marquetry.

The train has special tips also for all those first-time travelers, ranging from dress code to no smoke rule. During the day, they allow you to wear comfortable and casual attire, but jeans and for night suits are better options and women in presentable attire. It also has a pass to avail offers and discounts if you want to travel for several days.


6. Golden Eagle.

  • Route - Moscow to Vladivostok.



The Golden Eagle company runs many other trains apart from the Golden Eagle Express, such as the Deccan odyssey, Danube Express, and Shangri-La Express. The Golden Eagle is the luxurious version of the trans-Siberian railway. The train offers exquisite dining, deluxe suits, en-suite bathrooms, laundry services, TV’s, wifi, an English speaking doctor, a resident pianist, and a fantastic journey. They also provide accommodation in 5-star hotels to their guests in Moscow and Vladivostok. The price differs if you are traveling single or have a company with you. The prices as per their website were Euro 12895 PP for twins and £18995 for single travelers pp, for 15 days.


7.  Bucket list Places Of The Year.

  • Kayaking in Crystal River, Western Florida.



No doubt in the fact that Florida is famous for its wildlife, nature, and beaches. But today we are not discussing it's beaches. We are talking about an exciting activity that you can add to your bucket list when you visit Florida. Crystal River is famous for its clear water that is fed by many springs, and because of the clarity of water here, you would want to go kayaking to explore the beauty beneath the water, as it's visible.


8. Christmas in a Cabin in Woods.



Christmas is the time of Joy and Celebration and how great would it be to take time away from all this world and enjoy it with your family or loved ones in a Cabin in the woods.


9. Friends Lake Inn Southern Adirondacks, 

near New York. You can cook your meals and have a glass of wine.



10. Inn and Spa at Cedar Cove.



Yes, we all are in love those cedar cove stories by Debbie Macumber. In Ohio, you can get the best and most romantic experience of a lifetime. For adventurous couples, there are outdoor activities, and for the relaxed ones, there is a spa, or only the feel of the cabin is excellent.


Bonus Tips. 


  1. Cabins are booked in advance, so make sure you have reserved one for yourself in advance.

  2. While visiting places with snow, be sure that there's a way out, sometimes blizzards can get rough, and before you know, you'll be caught in a storm.

  3. If you are planning to traveling with kids, make sure to pack less and the fact they can carry their luggage.

  4. Don't indulge in sharing your personal information with strangers; however, friendly they are.

  5. If you are going for a Santa Train Ride, then inquire first that it is running this year.



In conclusion, this is your holiday, make the best out of it. After all, this is one life, you must live to the fullest while you can and enjoy life on earth that will be over too soon.

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