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16 Best Essential For Holi : Holi Fashion.



Colors, soon to be splashed on your face. Holi is just around the corner. Besides other festivals where you add so much makeup and heavy ethnic dresses, this brings with it the most light yet the most refreshing way to celebrate the carnival with a splash of water and colors. Dressing inexpensive and still slay.

Sounds difficult? Not. The only festival where you can be you and still slay that messier look yet looking stylish and sexy and also allowing you to wear that old ragged t-shirts and denim so you don’t have to repeat them unless you are invited for a high-class holi party, all you can do is wear the messiest yet the sexier look of all times. Here are some tips you can use to make your holi fashion. 

What to wear for this festival? 

Outfits For Holi Are.

1. Kurta Shirts.


Nothing is more comfortable than a cotton kurta or shirt. It is suitable for both men and women. Wearing white kurta with a colorful dupatta will make it look fashionable and festive ready. After all, as they say in Hindi, “ bin safed pehne holi mania to kya holi mnai.” So, add this attire to your wardrobe for this holi.

2. Denim Shorts.



Its time to take your denim shorts out after those chilling winters and welcome spring. You can go for those old denim shorts or the ripped ones. It will give a more relaxed and chic outfit look this festive season. 

3. Headbands.



 Remember that holi scene of “yeh jawans hai deewani” Ranbir wearing headband and slaying with these sexy moves, making the audience crazy. So, you can also add a headband to your outfit and slay with your moves in this season of colors.

4. Sunglasses.



Adding sunglasses to your outfit doesn’t only change your appearance but also protect your eyes from getting infected with those colors. 

5. Caps.



Protect your hair from damage by wearing a cap yet looking stylish.


6. Flip flops.



The only festival where looking messy sounds good. Unlike any other celebration, you don’t have to wear any high heels or wedges. Just run in your favorite flip flops all it demands. 


7. Matching your style inspiration .


If you are more of a fashion blogger, fashionista, or a big Bollywood fan, then you match your fashion inspiration for holi. Say Deepika Padukone look of “yeh jawani h deewani is still on the top” or that of Alia Bhatt in “ Badrinath ki dulhania.” For men’s fashion, the all-new look of “ war” is nothing less than perfect.

8. Jewelry.

Go for metallic or ethnic jewelry with a slight shade of tribal look. This will add a plus point to your holi fashion.

9. Makeup.

Say no to makeup this festival. Wonder who is going to apply full waterproof makeup. In fact nobody. It is the only festival where you can come out by using the right amount of moisturizer or coconut, and in particular, in this look, it will be going to give you a better look.

7 Bonus Tips To Follow.

1. Do not wear too tight or expensive clothes.

2. Go for an utterly messy look. It is the only advantage of this festival.

3. Don’t wear clothes that are too heavy.

4. Go for cotton or lightweight attire. 

5. Apply the right amount of moisturizer on the skin to protect it from allergy and colors.

6. Do oiling of hair before going out. In case you can’t, then wash off your head correctly after the celebration.

7. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes.


Festivals are meant to spread love, happiness, and joy amongst the mass without harming anybody. So, take care of your skin, slay with all your confidence, those messy looks, and enjoy this fantastic festival of colors.

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