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16 Classy Way's To Drape A Saree.



That 9-yard long saree in your trousseau will no longer we wore with one side ulta –pallu. Are you bored of wearing saree in that same manner again and again? So, here are some ways to drape your saree and look gorgeous. 

Saree is an attire that is a symbol of showcasing sincere Indian women. Saree can be an attire to be draped for formal, festive, or any party look. With the revolution and turning pages of every single cloth, it has also changed its looks from being simple to be draped most stylishly. 


Here are some ways in which you can drape your saree.

Saree draping style.

Sarees are something that looks good on every body type. You can wear this one piece, and here your whole look is changed. Of worn in these manners, a saree can make you look slim as well. 

One-piece can make you look glamorous, but draping a saree will make you an Indian beauty more enriched. 

Indian ladies are most comfortable with this attire, but by following these latest trends, a saree can give them a chic look if draped with perfection.


1. Retro style.



About going back to the time already gone? It is possible. If you have a love for that sexy chiffon saree with a shiny border, then it is the best style to drape a saree in Mumtaz style to give it a complete retro look is best for festivities. It looks good on women with curves. You can do a bit of research on youtube and learn to drape a saree in this way. 


2. Drape a cape.




Style saree is a fusion of Indian attire with western. It will give a completely new look to your outfit. Draping a saree in a normal and pairing up with a matching cape, stilettos, and a messy bun with make this fusion perfect. It looks good on the typical figure. Draping a saree with poncho will give you a stunning look for any party. 


3. Ripped jeans drape. 



These days love ripped jeans much. You can pair up your saree with ripped jeans, as well. 


4. The double drape.



About what saree you should wear? So, get both of them up. Yes, you heard it right. It is an innovative way to drape two of your sarees with a two-fold drape and make your look more classy. It is what Sonam Kapoor is showing in the best way. 


5. Pre-stitched saree.



About not draping the saree and just wearing it like an already stitched outfit? Doesn’t sound comfortable? For those who are lazy about draping a saree, this would be the best option to look. Just take a pre-stitched saree to wear it, and rock the floor.


6. Drape it inverted.



Do you remember that blue saree of Deepika Padukone in yeh jawani h deewani? It took headings off. It is one of the easiest ways to wear saree. It is draped slightly below the naval to give stress to your curves. It is perfect for flaunting your hourglass figure. 


7. Crop top style drape.



Tops are becoming a statement of fashion these days. Swapping a blouse with a crop top is a popular option now. Drape your saree and pair up with any of your crop tops to have that chic look. Black crop top goes perfect with any saree. 


8. Tunic style drape.



Add jazz to the look, add a tunic blouse to the wobbly draped saree whose pallu insecurely put on a left shoulder. It is one of the most effortless looks you can wear. Hairstyle and some ethnic or silver ornament will add just extra to your look.


10. Drape with pants.

Make a perfect fusion with western; it is one of the most effortless yet classy ways to wear a saree. Pair up your pants and drape a saree putting pallu on your left shoulder. This will make a perfect outfit for fusion theme parties or cocktail parties. Wearing stilettos or high heels and carrying a clutch will give you a stunning look. 

  1. Butterfly style drape.

  2. Dhoti style drape.

  3. Gujrati style drape.

  4. Bengali style drape.

  5. Typical Marathi drape.

  6. Cocktail drape.


6 Bonus tips.

  1. Nude makeup will enhance your complete look. 

  2. Smoky eyes and some accessories will go best according to the draping style. 

  3. Take care of your body curves while draping a saree. 

  4. Use chiffon or silk saree for draping it in dhoti style or for Mumtaz style. 

  5. Carry your confidence to rock the party. 

  6. Adding wedges or heels will go best. 



Wearing saree with grace is art. Go for a little research and learn to drape accordingly to flaunt your curves.

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