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18 Classic Pique T-Shirt

According to a very popular saying, people changes with time but well, so does fashion and its trends! Recently the 'Pique t-shirt' is the talk of the town. 'Pique' is pronounced as 'pee-kay'.

I know you might raise your eyebrows a little bit and think 'But I have never heard the name before!' And I know you are not lying because there is a high chance that you haven't, let me tell you why...

Pique is a fabric and not the name of a particular garment. Also, no worries this is all about pique shirts, and I tell you everything about what pique tees to wear and all that jazz.



There are many questions in your mind, I know. So here are the two most common questions answered for you.



  • What is 'Pique'?

Although pique's most common association is with knits, it either means a woven fabric or a knit fabric. In both cases, the fabric is defined by having an apparent texture. The woven versions are produced on a dobby loom while the knits are made of a stitch structure that forms the design which is made by using a needle.


  • Where are pique knits seen?

Mostly pique knits are often seen in polo shirts.

The Pique Trend

There is a reason why every guy wants to have pique t-shirts. It has got its place on the top of the trend list because of its smooth and hairless surface; it gives you a leaner look because of its slim cut and a muscular appearance. 


1. The classic Pique.



The grey color t-shirt is the classic pique wonder why? Well, because this grey t-shirt is the reason why the pique t-shirt got famous in the first place. This t-shirt is almost like a wardrobe essential. Pair it up with a comfortable jogger, and it becomes a perfect morning walk look or a look for your daily chores. 


2. Classic but in ocean-green.



For the gentlemen who enjoy a little color and do not always like it monotone, the ocean-green pique t-shirt is perfect for you. 

This t-shirt is more than your morning or daily chored look. Pair them up with shorts or jeans you are good to go to hang out with your group.


3. Shades of pink.



It is high time that we stop stereotyping colors. I mean, men need to freely rock shades of pink without getting labelled. Pink is not just a 'girly color' it is a fun and a cool color. 


4. Mint is cool.



Is there any doubt what cool tone color mint is? I mean it is so light, yet it isn't dull. There is a pop in it that makes it fun. You can wear this mint pique t-shirt for a morning walk, college or for a quick (I know it is not going to be 'quick'!) drink with the homies. 


5. Purple.


The royalty of color, purple. Another solid color pique t-shirt which is quite trendy is the purple t-shirt.


6. A little fun.


After seeing the first few trending pique tees, I am quite sure that you are probably thinking that these pique t-shirts are boring. Let me tell you, they are not. They are available in many designs and not just some dull, boring solid color. Look at the above design, it is so fun. Do you want something comfy for a college party? Pair this fun looking t-shirt with your regular pair of jeans, and you are good to go. 


7. Stripes.



Stripes are always fun but something a little new. Stripes are only highlighting the collar and the sleeves. It is not necessary that this t-shirt has to be white only, you can also go for other trending pique colors.


8. Different collar.



I do not know about you, but this different color collar thing is a vibe.


9. Round neck pique.

If you are bored with collars, then fear not, pique t-shirts are also available in crew or round neck. It is available in every color, and it looks stylish if paired with the right kind of bottom.


9 Bonus Pique T-Shirt.

 Few more pique clothing that is on trends besides the above list. 

1. Dark blue pique t-shirt.

2. Army green pique t-shirt.

3. Maroon or dark red pique t-shirt.

4. Plain white pique t-shirt.

5. Black pique t-shirt.

6. Full sleeves pique tees are perfect for fall.

7. Mid-sleeves pique tees are in vogue too.

8. Pique full sleeve shirts.

9. Pique short sleeve shirts are classic for the summers.



You may already have one pique t-shirt in your wardrobe and if not then get one. Get all the fun colors to add the pop in your closet.

Although people do not talk about this, I know that there are boys who are insecure about their bodies too and wish to be a little lean or a little muscular and when you read about this new trendy t-shirt you thought you wouldn't look good in them and decided to move on. But, hold up, trust me pique t-shirts are for every body type. Stop looking at yourself from other's point of view, look at yourself from your eyes and you can see that you are perfect. Irrespective of what you wear, you are beautiful, you are perfect looking men! If you are healthy, then there is nothing that should worry. So chin up, get these tees.

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