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38 Best Fashion Trends Of The Decade.

Fashion changes faster than people do. Trends come in, and trends go out, it is a cycle that is on repeat. You never know which trend is actually dead and which trend will make a comeback anytime soon. Honestly, it is tough to keep up with fashion and its trends. 

2010-2019 was a hell of a decade. We saw the comeback of the 80s and the 90s trends. We saw major brands shutting down. We welcomed body inclusivity and so much more. 


Trends That Stood Out The Most.

A lot happened in these nine years in terms of fashion. The leads mostly influence fashion in the movies that make a lot in the box office, but at present, with the power of social media, we have influencers influencing us what to wear and what to not. 

Here we will be talking about the trends that stood out the most. 

1. Chokers.



A piece of ornament that has such a rich history associated with it became such a hype back in 2016. Fashion statements were made, and controversies were there too. However, girls did not shy away from flaunting their set fo chokers.


2. High Waist Bottoms. 



We honestly don't want the high waist bottom trend to disappear any time soon. We are loving it and appreciating it. The trend got famous with usual jeans and then shorts and now skirts and any bottom. 


3. Under Over.



This trend was quite the hype back in 2006-2007, and it made a come back for 2019 fall-winter collection as well. Lowkey did not expect this trend ever to make a comeback, but oh well, fashion is surprising.


4. Vans.



'DAMMMMNN DANIEL back at it with the white Vans' was an internet phenomenal in 2016. The video of two high school kids went viral, and the sell of white Vans rose. It was officially the time when internet memes were influencing fashion. 


5. Skinny Jeans.



Admit it or not, but the majority of us had that emo phase back in middle school. I know we are not allowed to talk about it, but hey, a good thing came out of it, skinny jeans! 


6. Cargo Pants.



Cargo pant is the ultimate 'Insta baddie' vibe. 

Honestly, didn't see these pants making its position on the top of the trending list, but well, it did and the reason? The social media influencers. 


7. Crop Tops.



Crop tops were 'the thing' this decade from crop tops to crop shirts in summer to crop hoodies/sweats and crop cardigans. The 'crop' trend dominated the fashion industry. 


8. Neon.



Neon is the new black okay?

When neon first came in the fashion market this decade, it got lots of mixed reviews. People were wearing neon just because it was trendy and not for the sake of 'fashion.' However, the trend stayed a little long despite a hard time, fought through all the mixed reviews, and evolved into a fashion statement. 


9. Pastel.



No wonder that pastel became a huge trend. With the rise in Instagram aesthetic, we saw a new trend, and that's pastel.Pastel is more associated with winter wear. Pastel sweaters are adorable, to be honest.


10. Color Denim.



Color denim was so cool back in 2012. I don't know about you, but 14 years old me's dream was to buy all the colors available. 


11. Denim on Denim.



2015's notable trend was denim on denim. After Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone were spotted with full denim on denim look, girls went crazy for this new trend.


12. Printed Pants.



Maybe this was a crazy idea, but boy printed-pants got so famous within a short time! MY GOD!


13. Everything 90's.



This decade saw the rise of the trends in the past. The 90s, everything was such a vibe. From tops to bottoms to shoes to makeups and honestly, everything!


14. Hair clips.



Not for kids. Grown-up women were spotted flaunting their cute girly hair clips.


15. Quirky Sunglasses.



Sunglasses are timeless, and we saw some pretty quirky styles in this decade.


16. Gold Accessories.



Minimal gold accessories became the trend since 2017.  



There many other fashion trends that were quite the buzz this decade like...

1. The messy bun.

2. Silver White/Grey dyed hair.

3. Maxi dress.

4. Oversized tees.

5. Juliet sleeve tops and dresses.

6. Bomber jackets.

7. Trouser pants.

8. Knitted sweater.

9. Leather everything.

10. Jeggings.

11. Septum piercing.

12. Large glasses or sunglasses.

13. Joggers.

14. Boyfriend jeans.

15. Mom jeans.

16. Slit dresses.

17. Slit short skirts.

18. Plus-size fashion.

19. Bralettes.

20. Neon heels.

21. White sneakers.

22. Sandal heels.



Yep! A lot happened in the last 10 years in terms of fashion. I hope this decade was terrific for you and pretty sure you slayed almost all the trends mentioned above. 

We are excited to see how fashion evolves in the next 10 years? Me too!

And hey! Please do not throw away your clothes because it is not trendy anymore; you never know which trend will make a comeback in the next decade or maybe next month. Who knows?

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