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An Exquisite Guide For Vintage Shopping


What is Vintage Style? 

Vintage is a colloquial term often used to describe all kinds of styles used in the olden times. Vintage style is often called the classic style, too, because of it being timeless. It's something that people can still put on, and it will never be out of fashion. 


Mentioned Bellow Are Some Vintage  Styles.


1. Accessories.



There are certain kinds of accessories that give you an exact look from the oldest popular styles. Now there were many wears styles too as a part of vintage style. But what you have to choose merely is accessories that not only suit you but also match with your outfits. It is these accessories that will decide your complete look. A little mistake and your entire look will be in jeopardy. So when buying any accessories in today's world, you would want to ignore,


2. Clothing.



Well, we all know clothes formed a significant part of the vintage style. The silhouette changed from time to time for women's dress up. But one thing that remained common is the length of the dresses. It was either 3/4th inches on the legs or full length most of the time. However, their length is they always made women look fabulous. And still, these vintage styles have kept their place alive in modern fashion. All that we wear today is a reformed form of old fashion.


3. Shoes.



Shoes have a long history, and women started using them a long time after men. The best shoes that will make you complete your look in a vintage manner are pumps or court shoes with a heel of around 3 to 4.5 inches. Scarpin heels are yet another option for you to flaunt and shape your feet; after all, these are pointed shoes. And lastly, the best of all is a pair of either nude heels or black heels, or if you are a junkie, then you can have one according to all your dresses.


4. Nail Paints.



As of now, nude shades have been introduced and marketed in the markets on a higher level. But earlier, the most popular shades were Red, Purple, and various other shades of the two. Queen Elizabeth got specially designed a red nail polish for her wedding day. And nowadays there are many factories that'll design for you, your favorite color to appropriate your look, and not for too much money one of the companies is Orly. However, the oldest and the best that are still used by the royals include Bourjois So Laque Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge and Essie nail polish in Allure.


5. Make-Up.


Well, we all would love that very much. Vintage makeup is famous for its dark lipstick shade and very light makeup so to get that vintage look what you can do is follow the exact guide that is first you need to have - Bobbi Brown long-wear even finish Foundation, Yves Saint Laurent touche even finish concealer, Urban decay naked eyeshadow palette, any eyeliner and mascara that is your favorite, Bobbi brown, dark brown kids for that smokey-eyed look, Clarin's instant light lip natural perfecter lip gloss.

Bobbi brown blush according to your skin tone, and Bobbi Brown shimmer brick compact. For maintaining soft skin of your hands, you can use - Skinfix hand repair cream, and for your face at night after removing make-up, you can use trilogy certified rosehip oil, or you can also go for almond oil or edible sandalwood oil for your face.


6. Hairstyles.



The most appropriate hairstyle for your vintage look would be a side rose. Multiple blonde buns for those buns could be even black depending upon the color of your hairs; for this hairstyle, all you have to do the role of your strands in the form of a bun and drawing them with the clay that's all your vintage hairstyle is ready. Next in our list is long curls, all you have to do is curl your hairs and part them with a sweep and tie them back with a Bobby pin.

Marilyn Curls are yet another most popular style to pick, paper many styles that came and went by across the vintage error. However, Marilyn Monroe styles are still relevant and became the pics of very quickly all you have to do is that either you can sleep in pin rolls or you can use traditional rollers overnight, and that's how you get The Look. There are several other hairstyles which you can pick, such as - low buns, wave updo, medium curls with flowers such as roses and orchids.


7. Color Selection.



Color selection during auditor or vintage where is the most important thing. However, to look vintage, you do not have to change the color scheme. You have to go with the colors that look better on you. You can go with printed fabrics. You can go with silk cream or Georgette, Chiffon, Rayon, and Part rayon fabrics. You have to choose those colors that look appropriate on you, and you have to make sure that for the day you can wear darker shades and for might, you can use some lighter combinations.


8. An occasion for Vintage Wear.



There is no particular location for wearing vintage clothes you could wear them even during the day and at night as well. Still, the most appropriately considered for wearing at tea parties during the day with proper accessories and if you are using them for evenings, then the proper hairstyles and makeup. If you are using vintage wear for the day, make sure makeup is very light, and if you are using in the night time, then you can go with dark shades of lipstick.


9. Stockings.



Stockings play a significant part in the dress up especially if you are using them for tea party stockings have to match your skin code correctly otherwise they will not look better on you, and they should go with the outfit that you are wearing now just in case you thought where will you find the best stockings I'll state an example, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is always wearing stockings with the most fashionable dresses even during the evening so, we'll go with the bn John Lewis Tights which cost roughly $ 7.


10. Books on the style guide.

Of course, now, when we think of styling ourselves in a vintage manner, we need to have books that we can study before we finally begin with the process of styling - Vintage Fashion Shopping 101, Vintage Fashion Sourcebook, Thames and Hudson's Fashion Since the 1900s, etc.


Bonus Tips.

  1. Vintage styles don't ever use any denim. So even if you have one and think it could be incorporated, it's just not possible.

  2. Your new accessories should be classy and not some too many metals hanging around your neck.

  3. The nail paints that are used as a vintage style is mostly shades of red and pink.

  4. Make use of only dost makeup products that suit your skin just because it is mentioned in the list does not mean that you need to adapt that same thing. You can always go for a substitute product.

  5. Remember the fact that flowers and hair accessories have been a part of hairstyling ever since the golden age, and you are asking your hairs with a vintage look; you need to have some accessories used in your hairs such as hair bow headband, floral hairpieces, etc.



So, in conclusion, all I can say is that style yourself in a vintage look as it is one of the best things that you would ever do to your wardrobe because it's effortless. You can add a lot of colors and some exquisite makeup hairstyling to your everyday look, which would leave you staring at the mirror for oily and thinking is that me, so happy dressing.

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