Different anarkali's made worn by Aishwariya Rai Bacchan

8 Quick Picks For Anarkali Suits

Do you know where the name comes from or Who was Anarkali? Take a guess! If you aren’t so much of a history lover, let me tell you, Anarkali suits got their name after Anarkali- a renounced mistress from Mughal Akbar’s court. She had a trailing and dazzling beauty to herself and complexion like a pomegranate. (On a side note, Anarkali means a petal of the pomegranate blossom.)

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It was adopted from the royal emperor era where her love story turned into a tragedy which, along with her grace and beauty, is channeled by the Anarkali suits. Hence, this dressing style has the culture and ethnicity of ancient India associated with it.

Anarkali suits are a blend of long Kurta- tailored and stitched to your size at the chest and waist, leaving the latter dress draping over the legs, tight fitted leggings, and dupattas.

I have some good news! Whether you are an apple body shape, or pear, or hourglass, etc., this will fit you like a glove and accentuate your features to look even more perfect. So if you have muffin tops or saddlebags like me, this will cover it up and still flatter you, trust me! You can wear these anywhere, but remember to dress up or dress down accordingly.

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Anarkali dresses are made out of various materials where you can pick out according to your needs — keeping the basic idea the same, variations presented in materials used in making of the dress, and how it is decorated. Net, satin, silk, cotton, chiffon are elemental thread used along with embroidery, rhinestones, glitter, sequins, gota embroidery to create an aura and essence. It creates a strong vibe by the flamboyancy of the colors used in the making of these suits. 

Let’s design your dress!

Here are the ways you can design your dress:


1. Pick a Neckline.

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Do you like boat necks? Or something with deeper plunging necklines. This is important as it will set the vibe of your look and can also make or break the illusion of how tall you are! Pick wisely. Even think about how conservative you need your look to be while Selecting this. If you want a boat neck, you can put it together with a sexy back too! It will add sophistication to your dress. 

2. Do you favor a particular fabric that you pick over the rest? 

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Then go for it. If no, consult your designer on how each of the materials will be flaring and dropping. This is essential because this is what differentiates and highlights Anarkali suits from the rest. Usually, the length of the suit goes beyond the knees to the floor of the ground, but if you are a shorter person, then you can add a taller image by keeping the length till the knees in the front and falling to the ground at the back. 

3. Now throw in the sprinkles on the cake! 

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Honestly, I like nothing more than embroidery, and I've always preferred it over all other kinds of dimensions being added to my dresses.

After the architecture of the dress has been laid down, you can add your feels to it. Get a sheer material flare after tightening at the waist if you are feeling bold. Or get a simpler dress tailored like say plain classic blue suit and leggings and make a statement with a heavy and decorated dupatta. Just be creative and go bananas! You'll be whipping up gorgeous dresses before you know it!

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How do you feel about accessories? Are you big with them that you have to have earrings, bangles, necklaces, anklets, rings, head ornaments..? Yeah, me too. I don't know why I just feel incomplete without any of it, but then there is my sister who straight up pledges to ‘less is more.’

And truly it looks much more mature and put together but ahh... I think it is boring pretending to be a grown-up. She hangs on her statement pieces and is on the go always. So again this is a personal preference and what you think suits you! Don’t be afraid to try new things, though.

And heels! I don't mean 5-inches. It just can be any you are comfortable wearing! Why I want you do not skip heels even though it's only a tiny bit of a heel that you might be comfortable with is because it will give you a better posture and make you look more confident. And like I always say. It is not only what you wear but also important how you wear it!



  1. The right color as per the occasion.

  2. The length of the Anarkali.

  3. The right amount of flare.

  4. Drape or Drop the Dupatta.

  5. Accessorize accordingly.



Now, remember you are wearing something that suggests royalty and our own delicate yet fierce heritage. So smile a little brighter and stand taller, you'll be vibing right with Madhubala! Be Classy and Stay Golden my lovelies!

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