Apparel To Try This Winter

15+ Trending Apparels To Try This Winter

Looking for a unique winter look to stir things up in 2019? Or simply to expand your wardrobe to be more in tune with the trends of the upcoming season? Then here are some emerging trends from this year’s most chic runway collections. 

Winter wear can be hard to shop for, so this year take some clues from the Fall/Winter collections of some of the most successful fashion houses of the world and build a wardrobe to take the season by storm.


Best apparels to try this winter

Here are 8 apparels to try in this winter:



Beige silk and wool coat by Fendi

A cold-weather staple, the overcoats for this winter are long and cinched to form an inverted triangle silhouette aided by the additions of 80s style shoulder pads, though made to be subtler and more naturalistic than the period-accurate power blazer of the time.

Coats and suits reminiscent of the power dressing of the era seem to be returning with the focus remaining on the dignified, looming shape of the 80s working woman’s silhouette. The coats serve both practical and aesthetic purposes against the winter chill and the colors of the season seem to favor a more earthy palette with the traditional camel coat remaining as popular as ever.



Getty/Jacquemus Ready-to-wear Fall/Winter 2018-2019

The palette for winter 2019 seems to be an extension of the autumn, with browns, oranges and other earthy shades defining the runway collections of Prada, Fendi, and Jacquemus among others. Shades of brown, orange and most strikingly vibrant red seem to be the themes for the coming season with tonal dressing dominating the style section of many popular style magazines like Elle and Marie Claire. 



Getty/Christian Vierig

Another fall and winter staple making its presence felt this year is the solid color turtleneck of the late 90s and the early Noughties. Most popularly in bright primary colors or neons as statement pieces or in more subdued shades as a part of a more complex ensemble, the turtleneck is truly an essential garment of any 2019 winter wardrobe.



In the vein of complex ensembles, the trends for the coming season seem to favor a visibly overlayed look, likely inspired trends in Asian (mostly Korean) street fashion. Outfit consisting of undershirts or the all too favored turtleneck with spaghetti tops and multiple jackets or skirts and shorts with pants or leggings seems to be making an impact this winter.


Public School spring/summer 2016   

The textural trend for this year seems to be trending towards a more rough knitwear look with large hand-knit style jumpers being considered an absolute essential. Full knit outfits were aplenty on the runway this year with Etro, Sacia, and Dior debuting some very interesting looks.

Another twist on the aforementioned classic winter garment is the knitted jumper dress which seems to be gaining popularity with the onset of the new season. 




One notable departure this season seems to be of the calf-length and knee-high boots which reigned supreme since the 90s and well into the turn of the last century. This trend has in its stead given way to ankle length and most notably mid-calf length boots in recent times making for a cleaner silhouette with a more direct display of the bodyline, even with the more practical elements of stockings or tights added to the mix.

This type of boots can be incorporated into many different types of outfits based on color and style from more subdued black or brown solid color pair to more out there vibrant colors and unique shapes.    


Getty/Plaid Dior Jump Suit 

Patterns like plaid and tartan seem to be making a return from the 90s, both as elements of a mix-and-match outfit and as statement pieces, dominating the whole look. Defining various landmark looks of the past, most notably the Cher Horowitz yellow plaid ensemble from the 1995 movie Clueless.

A multi-piece, all plaid ensemble can be hard to pull off but a tartan skater skirt or plaid shirt dress can be a part of one’s casual winter wardrobe for regular use.   



Another blast from the past the layered ruffle look appears to be making a comeback this winter. The camp and drama of the ruffles can’t be beaten on the runway and off it. Popular variants are the classic solid colored, tulle ruffled layers and the more eye-catching multicolored, trending towards floral, layers.

If you aren’t keen on a skirt or dress to look a ruffled shirt can be used to jazz up a pant or pantsuit look rather well. A statement piece regardless of the occasion, ruffles add both a certain elegance and flamboyancy to even a tamer look.  


10 more winter apparels you can try

Here are 10 more winter apparel you can try out to look cool or as an addon:

  1. Scarf

  2. Beanie

  3. Mittens

  4. Sweater

  5. Jacket

  6. Boots

  7. Cardigan

  8. Socks

  9. Earmuffs

  10. Gloves




      Observing the runway for this winter, one can safely say that 2019 is a year of eclectic influences. Blending popular trends from the 90s and 80s with fresher emergent styles, winter 2019 necessitates a remix outlook towards the wardrobes of winter past. With that in mind let us observe the upcoming trends in winter fashion for the year.

      With the various revivals and rebirths of trends this winter, we’re probably looking at a great many bolder trends taking center stage. The different influences of this season’s trends make for an interesting mix and wide range of options for anyone who wants to try out a new look this coming winter.

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