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10 Best Mouth Watering Dishes To Cook At Home



Are you a food lover? Do you think you are a discoverer in the world of tasty foods? Then here we go. Food is the only thing that can fix up our mood at any time. A food-lover can entirely realize the value of foods. Discovering the new tastes every time is the passionate thing for every food lovers.

So, tasting the fresh foods from different places is the new cool. This thing is called now food blogging that makes the different foods at our hands. But this article is not about food blogging. We are going to talk about the minute made home foods. 

It is great to have a love for food. But your food love will go high if you can cook well. It is great to be independent about making foods when there is no one to make food for you. There is a lot of food that is very easy to make and also very tasty. We face some hard times whenever someone is not in your house to cook for you. What about the hunger then? This article will tell you the solution. Diminish your hunger yourself and get a portion of tasty food at your home.

Easy To cook Dishes At home

Our busy days need an easy recipe. Knowing to cook is a great thing to feed yourself. Always being dependent on someone is not acceptable. Every person is not in the mood every time to listen to you. So, whenever you get free time, start cooking for yourself. Eat healthy dishes and learn to make them. Sometimes make cheat meals are also okay. But if you are looking for something to make a quick and easy way, then here we are for you. So, have a look to make some amazingly easy recipes.

Easy To Make Recipes

Here are some recipes that you can try to make in your home in short times.

1. Easy beef and broccoli.



If you are a person who loves beef and want to have something tasty in your leisure time, then make something with beef and broccoli. It's all about slicing meat and cutting the veggies and bowls it in a very well manner. Then spice it up with the spices you want. Make it as tasty as you can. And your dish is ready to serve hot.


2. Black Bean and Stuffed Sweet Potato.



If you are a bean lover, then this recipe will blow your mind. Black Bean is enriched with protein and fiber and a lot of vitamins. It is a very healthy food for your midnight cravings. It is effortless to make and very sturdy and light meal. As it is enriched with fiber so it will kill your hunger and fulfill your stomach. You can add toppings if you want. Toppings will be like avocado or sour cream. This recipe is depending on what's in your fridge. So make it quickly and say you hunger a bye. 


3. Noodles.



If you are looking for something delicious fresh and tasty, then there is nothing better than noodles. It will put an end to your hunger and also give you a meal, full of taste, nutrition and protein. You can make it with chicken and egg, which your mood says. It is effortless to make. Just boil the noodles you have first, then add some spice to make it a bit spicy. Fry the chicken or egg and another pan. Mix it up. Serve it hot. Your noodles are ready to eat.

4. Poha.



Put the child in a colander and wash it in waters. Then don’t let it soak much time in the water. Leave in the colander and drain it out completely. Add some fried vegetables and tossed the washed chivda in warm ghee. Now your Poha is ready to serve. You need to serve it hot because when it gets cold, it will get harder to swallow. It is healthy, tasty. And an excellent solution for your appetite. Do try it at home. 

5. Cheesy Egg Sandwich.



If Sandwich is your go to dish all the time, then you should try this at home. Take slices of bread and toast it until it gets brownish. Then Take a cheese slice and add some mashed vegetable layer on it. Add some spices if you want. Drown it into egg liquid and dip it into the oil to fry it. Now it's ready. Enjoy the cheesy feeling in every bite.


5 Bonus Easy Dishes You Can Try.

  1. Hamburger steak.

  2. Spicy garlic lemon chicken.

  3. Aloo Matar Gobi.

  4. Masala Keema.

  5. Basic Chicken Curry.


Say your hunger bye in a few minutes. Always be ready with your dishes and also make it for people. Let them know that you are a good cook. Moreover, try inventions in your kitchen and create new food yourself. This will get you happiness and diminish your hunger from the heart.

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