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15+ Unique Blouse Neck Designs


The blouse is a piece of clothing that is worn over your waist. It has a vast history. During the Victorian era, blouses were a typical lose wear for working-class people.  The word comes from French vocabulary and has various meanings that changed from time to time. Blouse back then was also referred to as a unisex shirt. 


Blouse the word in India applies for a top like clothing which is worn over a saree. A blouse also means a top with buttons or tee like shape, it is worn over skirts, jeans, etc. The tees kind of blouses is now being used with sarees as well. The blouses used with sarees are made of cotton, georgette or it is from a mixed family of clothing. When it comes to the blouse's neck designs, all women know that there are enough designs to please their taste. Below you can find the details of various blouse neck designs. 

Some blouse neck designs of the era

Some of the neck designs are mentioned below:


1) The classic boat neck blouse design 

Counting from the classic designs, the most classy and womanly design still popular among women is the boat neck. Boat neck design has been used by mostly all actresses in their movies. The boat neck is one of those designs that you can wear on any occasion and regularly as well. The cuts of boat neck design give your neck a flawless look.  




2) Halter Neck Design

Halter Neck Design for blouses is quite a unique and bold style to pick. The word halter comes from the German language. The neck style is so that the cloth covers your skin up to the neck and forms a shape like a choker necklace around it. The back can be kept bare or attached to hooks.



3) Diamond Neck Design 

The diamond-cut does not necessarily mean it has the shape like a diamond. It is a simple four corners cut, to highlight your v-neck and chest areas.



4) V Neck Design 

V neck design is one of the most famous and classy designs to carry. The good thing is that one can wear this blouse neck design at any time like for evening parties, tea parties, friends get together, etc. There are two kinds of V shapes, the one that you wear in front has a back covered with a stand collar. The other is, however, a back neckline with long V design. 



5) U Neck Design 

The most commonly wore blouse neck design by women not only in India but around the world. The U shape neck design is good enough to hide all your flaws, if you have broad shoulders they'll appear visibly small and if you have broad shoulders they'll appear visibly broad. It suits all kinds of face and hairstyles. 



6) Collared Blouse Neck Design 

This design has a collar like a shirt, and you can always add a fusion of embroidery, pearls, and whatever pleases your neck. If we look at the other side of this blouse neck design then it is good to protect your neck and back from sun tanning. Keeping the sleeves depends on you. 



7) Keyhole Blouse Neck Design

Keyholes are mainly of three, such as a tear, oval, and round however you can get any shape you want such as a heart, square, rose, etc. In keyhole pattern, there is a small cut in your neck in the front and usually to keep the cut stable, there's a button. 



8) Off-shoulder Blouse Neckline

Like an Off-shoulder top, the sleeves are kept on a minimal level on your shoulders. This design is especially to attract or flaunt your neck and collar bones. 



9) Illusion/ Transparent Blouse Neck Design

An illusion is created that the blouse covers only your chest area or you have tattoos over your chest, however, in reality, it is actually either soft net or designer net covering your neck and arms.  It may appear as though you are wearing a blouse on top of a stocking. 



10) Yoke Blouse Neck Design

The blouse here is stitched fully first and then a yoke is created and tagged along. The yoke gives a beautiful new look to the blouse and a simple blouse would appear a designer one, as soon as a yoke is added. 



11) Band on the Neck Design 

In order to flaunt your V neckline or any other, a band is attached to contrast color to your neckline. This band stretches up to the opening. The band works as a highlighter to the background. 



12) Jewel or Necklace Blouse Neck Design

The name jewel makes it clear that the design is used by most women, girls and in t-shirts, tops, dresses. This cut is nor too low and neither too deep, just round enough that you can wear your favorite necklace or any other jewelry in your neck and it perfectly aligns with the neckline. 




Special Tips

  1. The design that you choose to wear will define you and also your social strata.
  2. Before experimenting with a costly saree's blouse neck design, try it on a cheaper blouse, so as to keep you from spoiling the costly blouse.
  3. Wear only that blouse neck design, that is easy to carry and comfortable.

Extra Bonus

  1. Net Poncho Blouse Neck Design
  2. Anita Hassanandani Off should blouse neck design
  3. Puffed Sleeves V neck Blouse
  4. Wrap around Neck Anita Hassanandani Blouse Neck Design from Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. 


There are many more designs in blouse neck designs, which can become your style statement and a part of your wardrobe collection. The neck designs are used to flaunt your skin around the neck, back, and arms. 
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