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15+ Best Bridal Makeup Kit Products You Must Have

Bride's are one of the most sensitive creatures, especially when it comes to their groom, make-up, jewelry all other stuff related to their wedding. No wonder, wherever the bride is from their expectations for their marriage, is always to achieve perfection, whether in their looks or in their upcoming life. But the work in order to look flawless on your wedding day, honeymoon and other events, it is important to start with a body-friendly diet and skincare kit, after this you can bring in makeup kits, travel kits and personalized giveaway kits for bridesmaids and other guests. 

Getting married and life after the honeymoon phase is not at all easy, settling in married life takes around one year. To suit every bride there are many kinds of bridal kits that we are going to discuss here. 


Must have for Bridal Makeup Kit

Here are a few things you should always keep in bridal makeup kit:


1) Body Friendly Bridal Diet Kit 

Body Friendly Bridal Diet kit is not available in a branded store. It's just that you need to follow a few rules to maintain good health. It is important to start with all the functions of your wedding in the right frame of mind. And also, you can continue this diet even after your marriage. Your body-friendly diet should consist of dairy-free shakes and smoothies, you can use soy, almond or cashew milk instead these maintain your overall health and in case you are planning to lose weight, it will help you with that. Next comes nuts, whether you soak them all night or you eat them raw, it is important to take nuts in your diet to maintain your overall health. Remember that you don't have to go on any extreme diets, you just have to make a few corrections in your existing diet. 


2) Bridal Skin Care Kit 

If you want to look flawless on your wedding day, it is important that you be prepared for your wedding day and reception in advance. Your skincare routine can either be all-natural products or a skin glowing kit. By following the above dietary rules, you will see that in one month your skin will start glowing, but you still need to have a routine then only on your bridal look will be complete. Best bridal kits include - face cleanser, scrubs, and packs ranging from Clinique, Estee Lauder, Kaya and whichever suits your skin the best. Followed by a face serum, personally, I would suggest - the body shop youth serum, you can apply it and it dries off quickly, plus leaves a beautiful fragrance, and on top of it goes your sunscreen, in case you are going out, otherwise leave it up to that. Again during night time you can just cleanse your face, apply a serum, and then apply any oils or Anti-aging creams.



If you are somebody that prefers natural beauty products then you can go for different face packs, personally, I would suggest Dr. Shalini's or Dr. Vijay Laxmi's videos for that, the two will help you with any doubt about your skin. But most importantly you must know for any skincare kit to react, it's important that you know your skin type. 


3) Makeup Kits 

Now that you are approaching your wedding day, it's important to practice doing your own makeup. You must have heard that Kate Middleton did all her bridal make up by herself. Well, that's something to really get inspired with.  But most important is to choose the right products and then you are your own master. I'm attaching all the important makeup kit essentials. 


1) Bobby Brown Long-wear Even Finish  


This foundation will make your skin look natural, rather than an icing on the cake. This same foundation is used by Kate Middleton as well. And even if you are not her fan, then also this gives you a naturally hydrating look. There are many shades and combinations to choose from according to your skin texture. 


2) Foundation stick 


If you are not a fan of liquid foundations then you can use a simple foundation stick. You can get the same from Bobbi Brown or any other of your favorite companies. 

3) Concealer

It is very important that your makeup gives you a clean look, and that you're under eyes don't look tired. You can get a Maybelline New York V to face Duo stick or The Body shop all in one. Important is you should have used it before because experimenting with new things on your functions could leave yours with skin allergies. 


4) Eye Shadow and Lipstick


Your eye shadow would range on the fact that what kind of eye look do you want. If its smokey eyes then your lip color should be light and bright and if it's light eyes then you can go with a dark lipstick. Again choosing a brand depends on you. You can go for Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Naked, Nars, etc. 


5) Eye Liner 


The major highlighter for your face is your eyes. The eyeliner sets the base to intensify your look. You can choose from NYX professional, MAC Liquid Last, my personal favorite remains to be Clinique, however, the choice here also is unlimited. 


6) Lips 

When it comes to your lips, you need to make sure of the color, even during an evening, don't go for dark shades, but if you are going then make sure your dark shades such as Red are normal and "come hither". However in light shades, I'd suggest you just go with Clarins, you can apply it alone or add it with your favorite shade. 


7) Compact


Without any doubt, I can say, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact. It comes in various shades to suit your shade and is really soothing to apply, thus your cheeks are all ready to glow bronze. 

8) Travel Kit 

Now that your marriage and all the functions are over, it's time to get the wedding bliss started. While on your honeymoon, if it's in India then you can carry your skin-perfecting kit anywhere, but if traveling abroad then remember not to carry anything, because more than 30 ml of liquid is not allowed onboard especially in flights going to America. They say you should pack every, bit when you can buy everything better then why pack unnecessarily. Your travel kit now includes important documents and their photocopies such as passport visa, any other Identity proofs. 


 In clothes, you can keep things according to the number of days you'll stay,  and the season in which you have chosen to travel. 

Such as for day one - you can go with pants or jeans with a shirt or strappy top, sunglasses, accessories if any. What you need to remember is that you'll be shopping even on your honeymoon, then why not pack less, smart and buy more. The kinds of clothing that you actually need is Jeans, pants, shirts or tops, pencil skirt or fit and flare, a dress or maxi, an evening gown and a few accessories like sunglasses, belts, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. 


9) Wedding giveaway Kits For Bridesmaids and Friends


Giving everyone a personalized gift does sound an amazing idea, but that will take at least twenty days of packing and arranging everything you want. So it's much better to get a few personalized gifts for very close family members and your friends and bridesmaids. A simple kit as a wedding giveaway would include - Chocolates, Makeup essentials, cookies, candles and centerpieces, and the list is as much as you want it to be. 

Extra Bonus

  1. One Brand For All Gifts
  2. A Kit full Of Sweets
  3. A Wedding giveaway consisting of eatables, clothes, gifts etc.

Special Tips

  1. If you are giving anything related to makeup, be sure that it suits the skin of the bride.
  2. If you are packing something leaky in the gift basket then always put it in a bubble wrap.
  3. Now a days there are gel based blushes available in the online market. That should become a part of your list.


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