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30+ Tips and Checklist Before Going On A Trip

For any person traveling, a travel checklist is what gets everything sorted.  A checklist is a list that lets you tick off the points when the given task is done. This is a good strategy to help you keep track of what to pack so you don’t have to re-purchase things on the trip that you already have back at home. Let your tedious and exciting journey get unfolded with the help of a checklist that will not let you miss out on anything crucial and will make the trip stress-free.

Traveling is an exciting thing to do and for most people, it is the most loved and enjoyable leisure time with family or friends. Once in a while, everyone will have time off from work and get some holidays booked for traveling around. However, it is important to be fully equipped with everyday essentials to survive the holiday destination. So, for the next time, you go out to unwind and travel, do not forget to follow, our travel checklist specifically made for traveling lovers.


10 essential checklist items before going on a trip

Here are 10 essential items you should keep in mind before going on any trip:


1. Right Travel Bag

Traveling is inevitable without baggage. The most tiring part of the journey is, undoubtedly loading, carrying and unloading. With heavy luggage, it is tough to travel especially if you are taking up public transportation such as bus, train or airplane. Make yourself comfortable and travel light. Carry light-weight travel bag and never overpack your suitcase. Also, make sure, to carry the type of luggage that comforts you the most.



2. Identification Cards and Passports

Make sure you carry your ID’s whenever you go. Carry along either a government-issued ID card, a driver's license or a passport. When leaving the country, a passport is what you cannot leave without. This is a must-have while traveling. Having some form of ID card with you is important so that you remain safe and secure while being away from home.



3. Travel Wardrobe

The first thing to do before you start packing is making sure you to check the weather of your destination and then pack your clothes in accordance with it. Travel wardrobe will involve a lot of packing and unpacking making it a chore. So, it is always a good idea to carry clothes that not only make you look good but at the same time are comfortable. Carry the versatile piece of clothes that go with almost everything, so you don’t need to carry clothes in bulk.



4. Toiletries

This is what occupies most of the space if you don’t pack them right. Basic and everyday toiletries include a toothbrush, paste, shampoo, and comb. Travel light and smart, make sure you carry the mini versions, or the travel size bottles for your body wash, shampoo and other toiletries. Travel-sized toiletries pertain to needed volume and weight. Take the basics you cannot leave without and pack them into a small toiletry bag.



5. External Battery and Chargers

This one is an important essential as it will help you to keep your most required and important gadget working, your smartphone, it is what you rely on for almost everything so never let your smartphone run out of battery when traveling as you cannot travel far without it and will let you keep up with your photography/videography sessions.


6. Hand Sanitizer

While traveling you get to visit a lot of public places and tourist spots, there are places where you might not find a place to wash your hands, in those cases this comes in handy. Before and after a meal, it is important to clean and sanitize your hands and be hygienic. Hand sanitizers usually come in a tiny bottle thus making it feasible to carry this with yourself. 



7. Medicine Box

Having a medical kit when traveling is vital to keep yourself safe, healthy and in good condition. The probability of getting medicines depends on the remoteness of the place you are visiting. Having some band-aids, pain killers and antiseptic ointment and bandages are some of the must-carry items. Other medications should be taken according to your needs, health and, medical history.



8. Travel Tissue Paper Holder

This one is helpful to get yourself cleared with any spillage, accident, or anything messy. While traveling there are some mess that has the possibility of taking place. A box of tissue paper is helpful to steer clear of untidiness and to make you look clean and tidy.



9. Travel Apps

There are tons of websites and apps dedicated to traveling that help you out with almost everything from bookings, flight schedules, flight changes to foreign language dictionaries. It is always best to have travel apps or websites to be installed on your phone that will detail you about your destinations. This way you will not miss out on important tourist spots and you will be guided with local expertise.



10. Sunglasses and Sunscreen

Whether you are headed to the city or the beach, these are two important assets to be carried around. While roaming it is important to protect your eyes and skin as most of your trip is spent roaming or hanging outdoors. Block the sun away and give yourself the needed protection. Wearing sunscreen will always prevent you from the harmful effects of UV radiation such as suntan and sunburn.



30 tips you should remember before going on a trip

Here are 30 tips you should never forget while going for any trip:

  1. Check-in with your doctor and insurance carrier. 

  2. Bring copies of your passport. 

  3. Leave a copy of your passport at home.

  4. Go to an ATM in the country you’re visiting. 

  5. Look up the monetary conversion before you go. 

  6. Make sure your credit card is working internationally.

  7. Register with your embassy.

  8. Always have local cash. 

  9. Call your bank or credit card provider.

  10. Buy tickets in advance for places you will be visiting.

  11. Check the country’s entrance/exit fees.

  12. Get guidebooks. 

  13. Research events going on while you’re there.

  14. Check the voltage of your electronics.

  15. Bring a charger adapter.

  16. Activate your phone’s global capabilities.

  17. Plan Your First Day.

  18. Take some extra set of clothes in your carry-on bag.

  19. Bring snacks.

  20. Manage Your Cash Flow



Include this checklist and revamp the way you have always traveled. With this checklist and with all these travel essentials, we are sure that your next holidays are going to be spent carefree. You can rely on this every time you travel and there shall be everything at the place and organized.

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