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15 Classics Wear That Will Never Go Out Of Style

A Non-fashionista will tell you that fashion is easy, you just put some trendy clothes and shoes on and you are good to go. They do not understand why all the fuss.
Let me tell you why! Fashion is very capricious. You may slay a style today and get laughed at tomorrow. It does not take much time for a trend to be 'so-last-week'. I mean just think about those colorful jeans in 2012. Yikes!

Over the top, before spending your money on the latest trend you have to think, 'Am I buying this for posting on Instagram or this is a real investment?' 
Honestly, a good investment for our wardrobe is very tough in this Fast Fashion generation. Amidst all the short-lived trends there are few trends that are timeless. 


Trending Classic Wearables

Here is a list of trends that stayed generation after generation and never looked any less, the classics :


1. Denim Pants and Jackets

What is it that comes in all shapes and sizes?
Denim. (Not pasta! We are talking fashion.)
Denim pants (jeans), denim jackets, denim skirt, denim shorts, denim this, denim that...Argh! The names do not end. It is like with denim there is 'n' number of possibilities and the unvarying ones are the jeans and the jackets.


2. Basic Whites

White shirts and t-shirts are just timeless. They are the basic wardrobe essential. If you are going to buy a shirt for the first time, remember to invest in a white one. You can pair up your white shirts and t-shirts with anything and everything. Tuck them in, let them loose or tie a knot, everything works! 


3. Blazers

There is a reason why blazer comes under the classics. All body types look good in a blazer (with proper tailoring, obviously!). The biggest perk of wearing a blazer is you will always look suave and who doesn't want that with so much less effort?

Tweed fabric blazers
For a little cold weather, you can always put on a tweed blazer. These blazers are on-trend for centuries now. There is even a traditional story of how a merchant in 1831 misread the word 'tweel' and tweed was born. 


4. Trench Coat

Trench coats were around since the first World War. Formerly they were developed as a better option in place of serge greatcoats. Now, they are a mode of a fashion statement and it possible because Burberry made history with their trench coat collection. This classic is not only limited to women, but men also look equally elegant in them. 


5. Checks

Check men shirts existed since the mid-1800s.  The patterns and design may have changed with time but it never went out of style.  


6. A-line Skirt

The term 'a-line' was first coined by Christian Dior. He used it as his label for his Spring Collection 1955. An a-line skirt is a perpetual beauty. 
Tip- While spending a lot of money on an a-line skirt always remember to buy the plain ones and don't go for prints and patterns because they change with time and you don't want to wear them now and then wait for a year or maybe years to wear them again. 


7. The Little Black Dress

According to the history of fashion, the fons et origo of the little back dress (LBD in short) was the 1920s collection of Coco Channel and Jean Patou.  The beauty, the elegance and the style of the little black dress are imperishable.  


8. Dark-Colored Suit

An ultimate timeless piece of clothing for all the gentlemen out there. A perfect fitted suit is a highlight of a man's dressing sense. The current style was founded in the 18th century during the industrial revolution and from then to now, men never looked unpleasant wearing a suit.
Dear men, if you are on a budget and you want to look flawless and attractive during some big occasions just get a dark-colored suit. They are perfect for weddings, cocktail parties or any high-end parties.  


9. Animal Prints

Animal prints existed since the times of King and Queen but in modern times it became popular among women of the United State during the late 1960s.  Soon the popularity expanded all over the world and it stayed. The reason behind animal print being a classic is quite understandable. They are generally exorbitant and they are regarded as exotic. Thus they became a symbol of wealth and high status.  


10. Turtle Necks

You may raise an eyebrow while reading 'turtle neck' under this category. But trust me the trend is not dead, it never was. Turtle necks are still going strong and a must-have for your winter lookbook. 


11. White Sneakers

The sneaker is in vogue. Girls are choosing sneakers over heels. Of course, who wouldn't? Sneakers are comfortable and they go with everything. 
White sneakers are in trend since ages now. You might be thinking about the amount of dirt it will get covered in after a single rough use and you might think that the black sneaks are a better option but hold on! Not all black sneakers are stylish, some of them end up looking like formal shoes and you don't want that on a casual day. Also, the black sneaks trend is not at all stable. The style of white sneakers is eternal and their trend is stable. It is a classic.


12. Chuck Taylor All Star ‘70

I know I just bad-mouthed the black sneakers but this is not any black sneaker. This is the timeless Chuck Taylor All Star '70. Every kid, teenager, adult, well, everyone wants them since they Converse launched them and it has been forty-nine years. 


13. Heels

A perfect pair of black or nude pump heels is ageless. They are elegant, feminine and so sexy. You can never go wrong with these shoes. You can pair them up with anything, there are no limitations.  

Strappy heels or Sandal heels are also a classic. They are perfect for your inner wild child who likes to dance still the beats stop. The straps will keep the shoes on your feet while you enjoy the time of your life. (Just be safe! Don't break your ankles). 


14. Oxford Formal Shoes

Oxford formal shoes are the sempiternal style of men's formal shoes. They are very stylish, graceful and a man's wardrobe essential.


15. Ray-Ban Aviators

The sunglasses trend is quite fickle. Fashion changes, style evolves, different forms of sunglasses come and go but despite all the odds, the Ray-Ban Aviators remained an eternal pair of sunglasses. 



Hence, if you are going to spend a lot of money on fashion make sure you first get all the classics. They might be old but hey! just like any fine wine, some fashion items get better with age. 

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