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21 Cool stuff for goa trip

Are you planning for a trip and mind occupied with only one place? It is none other than goa. Goa – a place with beaches, cruise, casino, carnivals, tempting nightlife, adventurous water sports. This is what we picture goa as — any season holiday destination, a place full of fun, music, and adventure.

But before proceeding for a goa trip, you must be ready with few things in your bag pack. Without such things, your packing would be incomplete. Also, this would be the essential things you’ll ever need at a place like this.

Things to be included.

1. Sunscreen


The most important thing that should be in your bag pack is the sunscreen. How would it look to enjoy and get tanned all at the same time? So, protecting your skin from the sun above the head is have a high-quality sunscreen with actually high pf to protect exposed skin from that overhead sun. Pack this essential in your bag pack. 

2. Bamboo hat

Don’t forget to add this hat to your bag pack. Apart from protecting hair and face from the sun, it will give you a beach-ready look. So, add this bamboo hat to your vacation list.


3. Cotton clothes 


Dancing sun and warm weather during day time at beach. So, it’s better to take a good amount of cotton clothes to be worn at goa. Cotton clothes will give make you a more comfortable, cool and smart look. They protect you from rashes and exposed heat as they’ll absorb sweat quickly thus, making you enjoy your beach trip with no fancy problems. 


4. Shorts


So much obsessed with shorts but not finding a perfect place to wear them. Then goa is the best place where you can be in shorts every time and explore new places without much hustle of clothes. A good pair of shorts and a t-shirt would be best for this place. You can opt for cold, distressed jeans or shorts and fun the place. 

5. Beachwear and cover-ups

Going to the beach and not wearing beachwear, then the trip would be incomplete. Pack good quality easy to dry beachwear like bikini, swimsuits or the cover-ups. 6. Water bottles Feeling thirsty on the beach and not having water to drink. “Water, water everywhere and not getting water to drink” how it feels? Since beaches are hot due to dancing sun all day long, so it’s better to carry your waterfilled bottles to avoid such a situation of thirst and dehydration.


7. Lip balm 


Since goa is the place with salty sea and getting lips dry due to the high wind is average. It’s better to carry good quality hydrating lip balm in your checklist to avoid drying up of lips as this is the typical scenario you can observe there.


8. Shades 

Taking sunbathe but getting annoyed by that sun. Carry your shades to protect your eyes from the sun. As this will be the most cooler yet protecting essential that must be in your bag pack.


9. Camera

Going to a place and not capturing moments. It just seems next to impossible. A camera will be a must if you love to capture moments as they will be the return ticket to a place.

10. Right footwear

Goa is not a place to explored with high heels or boots. Comfortable slipper, bamboo sandals, or gladiators would be the best option to be carried along.

11. First aid box

To meet any emergency, you must be ready. So, carry first aid box with bandages, band-aids, ointments, etc. to meet any emergency.

Some more essentials

12. Bamboo handbag




13. Plastic sheet

14. Plastic bag for phones

15. De-tan

16. Body lotion

17. Funky jewellery


18. Shampoo and conditioner

19. Power bank



20. Emergency cash

21. Carry plastic money as well


  1. Make a checklist about what you want to buy and whatnot.

  2. Adhere to the list that you have made.

  3. Don’t fill your bags with things you’ll not need.

  4. Try to keep it light and simple.

  5. Go out to shop for the essentials. 

  6. Carry clothes that dry quickly.

  7. Have fun on your adventure trip




Following these tips mentioned above can really make your trip hassle-free. All you have to do is cling to your list and you are ready to roll. 






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