Winter wear for women

15+ Essentials Winter wear for women in 2020

Fashion Weeks are over and they dropped some major styles we should be looking out for this winter and potentially next.  2019 winter is almost here and you already know what you are going to wear throughout the season. Hence, we are not going to talk about it anymore. We are going to talk about 2020. I know what you are thinking...

'2020 is not even here!'

But girl, if you want to make a fashion statement you should be prepared. And trust me, honey,  this is the best time.


17 essential winter wear for women 

Here are 17 essential winter wear for women you should try out in 2020:



The major fashion brands dropped some serious hints about the trends next year. The colors you should be keeping an eye for, the materials we should be choosing from. 




Proenza Schouler (left) & Tibi (Right)

The classics, blazers and trench coats are still in the game and always will be but we are not going to do too much monotone. 




Not long ago black, shades of grey and white were the iconic winter colors. No offense but those winters looked dull and 'cold'. Anyway, fashion moved on. People became aesthetic and so did the fashion trends. 2020 winter is going to be pastel and warm. 




Nowadays fashion is all about comfort and with the rise of environmental issues the trends are becoming eco-friendly.

(By the way, we strike on Fridays!)

Although some high-end brands did showcase fur and leather whereas some other brands went for vegan options like faux leather and fake fur but all these are bad for the environment. We have started taking animal cruelty seriously and we are fighting for the right thing. We are also not going for faux leather and fake fur because they take 1000 years to decompose and release toxic chemicals during the process. 



Velvet and corduroy are your 2020 winter fabrics. They are going to replace your leather fantasies and will keep you warm.



Tweed fabric and animal prints are never going to lose their spot from the 'top trends' list.  



The tweed fabric made its name through blazers and trench coats but thanks to our beloved designer houses, now you can slay a whole tweed outfit. Tweed dresses, tweed bottoms, you name it and you get it.  



A clothing item with the pockets over a clothing item without one. Anytime, any day.



Once a street style and now a high-end fashion, nothing is better than a jacket full of pockets. They look chic.




Turtle necks are perfect winter formal top wears. They come in every color and they go with every kind of bottoms. 




Winter is all about keeping yourself cozy and warm and nothing does it better than a perfect knitted sweater. 


In 2020 winter dig deep into your inventories and pull out the sweater your granny knitted for you. Embrace it, wear it and give her a call.


Shocked but not surprised. A style that we did not see coming. We did lowkey expect it though.  


Knitted crop tops and turtle neck crops are here. Now you can look stylish without freezing to death.




You probably got worried when I mentioned 'No more faux leather and fake fur'. You probably thought about how you are going to keep yourself warm and still look stylish. Fear not!

Knit quilted jacket is here to save you from cold and making a bad fashion choice.



Puff jackets used to look so weird. But then Kendall Jenner posted on Instagram wearing a huge red puff jacket and now everyone wants them. 



Oversized hoodies and sweatshirts are the ultimate comfort clothing. They are quirky, in vogue and the diversity in their designs is to die for.



Add some subtle color to your 2020 winter wardrobe. Trench coats but in pastel.



As mentioned earlier, fashion is all about comfort now and we are tired of those skin-tight jeans that would not let our legs breathe. The trend that is back from the grave, wide-legged pants.



Jeans will always remain the ideal winter bottoms but fashion is about experimenting and thinking big and extra.


Trouser pants have officially become wardrobe-essentials with their roles expanding from being just formal wear to casual and party chic. 



Long skirts were not spotted for a long time during the past few winters. But hey! They are back and trust me, with the right top wear they look so good. 



Wearing a short sleeve top or dress over something of the more long sleeve was such a hype back in 2006-2007. Unfortunately,  the trend did not live for long and people thought they are never going to make a comeback. Well, people were wrong. The trend is back and they look fabulous. You do not need to put away your summer cami tops for the winter, you can still wear them over your turtle necks and look high-fashion.



It is crazy how fast fashion changes and unpredictable. In my opinion, never throw away your clothes just because 'they are not in fashion anymore'.  You never know when a dead trend will be back in the game. 

This was the list of 2020 winter essentials. Get these trendy pieces in advance so that you don't have to buy them for a price they don't even deserve.  So get your purse and prep up!


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