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17 Fantastic Tips For An Ideal Wardrobe



An ideal wardrobe has all those essentials that you can wear and look gorgeous at anytime you want. This does not mean it should have anything exquisite. These are those items that are a mix and match and complement each other. So ideally your ideal wardrobe must-have high of various kinds, whichever are your favourite.

And at least four gowns, dresses, party outfits, jeans and shirts, tops and shirts, nightwear pyjama and t-shirts.


Why do you need an ideal wardrobe? 



Well, you often look at those YouTube videos and wonder what if I could have all that. Good news is now you can have it within your budget. The people who maintain billion dollars closets don't stop buying things. They purchase items like two or three at a time and then take a break. So now what you can do is get going for a more practical approach and not just buying "stuff" from stores but actually, buying things that do help you look beautiful. So I have brought for you all an impressive collection,that is in budget and classy.

They are

1) Dresses



Dresses have become a significant part of the wardrobe collection of women. Now the point is which dress to buy and when to wear it. There are various types of dresses that you can purchase, such as - bodycon, fit and flare, evening maxis, sheath. Now just having all these dresses is not sufficient. You must be sure what you are going to wear for which occasion. You can categorise your dresses into various types such as


  •  Bodycon and Sheath 



 Bodycon and sheath dress primarily work wear. However, you can buy a different style to these than just natural body shape and use it for wearing to parties, clubs, shopping and wherever you please.


  • Printed and Bohemian



It's not possible that you wear ideal clothes all the time. Printed and Bohemian dresses are suitable for wearing at home, they are loose, cool and even if someone appears on your doorstep uninvited, you would be ready to welcome them, and they are much better than a t-shirt and Pyjamas.


2) Gowns



Yes, when planning a perfect wardrobe, your priority is on clothes that can be used for years. Gowns are one of those clothes that you don't wear everyday, but they are must for parties, evenings, conference get-togethers, etc.

At a time you must have at least 4-5 gowns if you have to go out a lot. Now how to style those gowns entirely depends on you. Often it will happen that the gowns you like would be overpriced. In this case, you can take out the design and get it Stitched by a local designer, which will be very cost-effective.


3) Jeans



Jeans are like any girls best friend. And while your perfect closet has some beautiful tops, you will want to wear, but it's essential to have good pairs of jeans as well. Now, most women buy those skinny ones to look beautiful. But what need to have is comfortable jeans, if it's not, you'll start feeling suffocated in it and then you'll be like why have you even bought it.

There's no harm in having one, but not too many. Contrary to that if you purchase ordinary stretchable jeans, you'll be more comfortable, confident, and carry yourself very well. There are various other categories that you can choose, like skinny, cigarette, straight, relaxed jeans, High and low waist jeans, jeggings and a lot more.


4) Pants



Trousers or pants have a long history of men wearing them, but they became a significant part of women's wardrobe in the mid 19th century with women's dress- reform movement. But it was only in the late 20th century that it became a significant part of women's fashion. At present, there are many types of pants available such as capris, ankle-length,baggy, tights, punk, etc. The point here is not their style but actually what you feel most comfortable with.


5) Tops



 Tops are excellent daily wear. Having a vast collection of them would save a lot of time of your time in thinking about what to wear and what not to wear. There is an extensive range of tops, like cropped, frills, embellished, cold shoulders, Cape, etc. But the best is a clean reliable, they reflect your posture and requires minimalist efforts to look good.


6) Woollens



Ever wondered how to get those looks like Adaline, from the age of Adaline, or any other celebrities now it's possible within your budget, all you need to have is some good coats that fit you're correctly and some sweaters to get going. You could choose any colour red, black, blue etc. but avoid too bright shades of green. And as far as the quantity is concerned, it could be about 5-6 coats and around 10 sweaters. Now with coats, you don't have to worry as they mix and match easily, but with shirts, you must see that they do match with the dress.

Nowadays there are new dresses wholly woollen with which you can match your woollen stockings and get going. But buy one to three at a time, their unique design comes in every year.


7) Sarees



If you are a person who is quite traditional then, I'm sure you would have a massive fetish for sarees as well. Now having a fetish is good, but the regular sarees just don't cast an impression and don't make you feel so happy. The best fabrics in sarees to buy is organza tissue, net of all kinds and Kanjevaram silk.

Except then Kanjevaram silk, all other materials are easy to drape and carry. You can find these sarees very quickly in the Chandani chowk market of Delhi at low prices, and if you are somebody who likes to transform their sarees, then you can get one designed in the same Delhi shops.


8) Skirts



Well, how could you make a list of a new wardrobe and not feature a skirt in it? Dresses starting from chiffon pleated in the latest sensation popularized by Meghan Markle. And then there are usual umbrella skirts, georgette, Nandini skirts and many others. The good thing with the dress is that they do not need too much space in your cupboard and you can style than with your regular tops.


9) Shirts



Of course, how would you feel that you have jeans and skirts and not a neat and classy shirt to come in handy whenever needed. Shirts come in great varieties such as Polka Dot, printed, Georgette, cotton is natural fabrics available in your nearby stores. Shirts are comfortable and could be worn late night and even when partying at clubs.


10) Heels and Jewellery



Well, you can wish that your closet be complete now you can have asthma jewellery and Heels as many you want but you need to be sure that the ones you are buying would help you out with most of your outfit like a black he would go with almost half of your dresses sarees and jewellery that you wear. Still, when you are buying pair of heels, you need to be very much sure about the fact that it goes along at least three to four of your outfits like you can wear it with skirt top with a jeans top dress etc.

And whenever you choose to buy a piece of jewellery you need to make sure that the jewellery gold along with at least otherwise this way you will have a lot of jewellery in your cupboard and a very few occasions to use it on. from my side the best face of jewellery that is much better than diamond and any others is buying a glass crystal necklace they always cheaper and we can go with almost all of your dresses jeans you name it and this. A piece of glass crystal has got it all covered.


 5 Bonus Tips 

  1.  While arranging your closet, you must be sure that you arrange it according to season. Like, keep a separate series of clothes reserved for just winter.

  2. The designs mentioned above are for reference only, but it does not mean that their use is restricted to just one particular occasion.

  3. Don't shop for clothes for the upcoming season in advance. Every year there's a new design that enters the market. And this way you will more of the same stuff and start hating your closet.

  4. When buying jeans, make sure you don't buy it online, it's always good to try it with your tops and offline will help you analyse the exact fitting.

  5. Don't experiment with your new looks while going out of the house. First, try them at home and see what suits you right.

  6. If you are buying a cotton skirt, then make sure to buy at least one size big because it will shrink very soon.

  7. If you want to remain on a budget, then you must buy something new every month.



This is your wardrobe, and you have to maintain, I can only suggest. But the point when you are putting all the items together, make sure you don't end up making silly mistakes, and you don't have to look perfect, be your something Blue and get going. And it's ultimately your decision to choose a clean fashion or ripped and torn.

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