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40 Finger-Licking Street Food From India.

Be honest with me, is there anything better than street food? Yeah yeah, the fancy restaurants have the charm and the perfect ambiance, and the cafes have the Instagram aesthetics, but nothing beats the raw emotion when you have your favorite street food. They are like the biggest red flags we can't seem to avoid.

Street food is the epitome of foodgasm and what's better than a country with the highest population of different cultures, presenting you varieties of street food.


Foodgasm on the Streets.

Let us go around the country and see all the delicious delicacies that the streets have to offer.


1. Bombay Burger.



Bombay burger or its native name, Vada Pav, is a vegetarian fast food dish from the streets of Maharashtra. In Marathi, the word 'batata vada' means potato fritter, so no wonder what this native dish is made of, huh?

This dish is a two bread bun with a dumpling in the middle, which is made of deep-fried potato and spices. Hence giving the look of a burger and thus the name Bombay burger.


2. Pav Bhaji.



The streets of Mumbai has a lot to offer. Meet Pav Bhaji, a dish that originated in the 1850s and now with lots of variations in its ingredients and garnishes it has still managed to stay as one of the tastiest Mumbai street food.


3. Sev Puri.



Sev Puri is a type of chaat which was originated in Mumbai. Sev puri is essentially made of puri, which is stuffed with chopped potatoes and onions, garnished with either of these three types of chutneys- tamarind, chili, and garlic, and then topped with sev.


4. Bhelpuri.



It is a savory snack, another type of chaat that is made of puffed rice, vegetables and topped with a tangy tamarind sauce. Bhelpuri is found on the streets of Maharashtra, Gujrat, Odisha, Bengal, Mysore, and Karnataka.


5. Baida Roti.



This is another delicious Mumbai street food. A square-shaped fried patty made of spiced meat, mostly chicken and sometimes with mutton with whipped eggs and onions. 


6. Kolkata ar Phuchka/ Delhi ka Golgappe/ Mumbai ka Panipuri.



Panipuri is a hollow puri which is deep-fried and filled with a mixture of flavored water known as Imli Pani and presented with tamarind chutney, chili, chaat masala, potato, onion or chickpeas.

Phuchka varies from panipuri in content and also in taste. It filled with mashed potato, which is spicy itself and tastes tangy rather than sweetish while the flavored water is still Impli Pani but tastes spicier.


7. Kati Roll.



Kati roll is a mouth-watering street food that originated in Kolkata. The dish is kebab wrapped with roti. In Bengal, it is just called 'roll' and is mostly a 6 p.m. snack.


8. Samosa.



A fried or baked pastry in a triangular shape or a come which is filled with a savory such as spiced potatoes, onions, peas, sometimes meat or lentils. Served with chutney (in Bengal) or chole (in Delhi).


9. Kachori with Sabzi.



A spicy treat from the street of Delhi, which is served with a vegetable curry called sabzi.


10. Pindi Vantalu.



From the streets of Andhra Pradesh, a dish that is made of moong dal or rice flour. 


11. Idiyappam.



A Tamil Nadu street favorite. This dish consists of rice flour, which is pressed in the form of noodles. It is a rice noodle dish.


12. Litti.



Litti a famous street delicacy from Bihar and Jharkhand. It is a dough ball made of wheat flour and then stuffed with Sattu ( which is roasted chickpea flour) mixed with different herbs and spices. Then the whole thing is roasted over coal; later, it is tossed with lots of ghee.


30 Bonus Food Items.

There is much more mouth-watering and finger-licking street food all over India, and here are a few more.


1. Pork Momo (North-East).

2. Kulfi.

3. Paan.

4. Bombay Sandwich (Mumbai).

5. Misal Pav (Mumbai).

6. Batala Vada (Mumbai).

7. Ragda Pattice (Mumbai).

8. Akuri (Mumbai).

9. Dahi Phuchka (Kolkata).

10. Papri chaat (Kolkata).

11. Mughlai Paratha (Kolkata).

12. Kabiraji (Kolkata).

13. Chole Bhature (Delhi).

14. Aloo Chaat (Delhi).

15. Daulat ki Chaat (Delhi).

16. Paddu (Bangalore).

17. Mangalore Buns (Karnataka).

18. Goli Bhaje (Karnataka).

19. Atho (Tamil Nadu).

20.  Cabbage vada (Karnataka).

21. Mohinga (Tamil Nadu).

22. Parippu Vada (Kerala).

23. Fried Fish (Kerala).

24. Thattu dosa (Kerala).

25. Chana Ghugni (Bihar).

26. Khaja (Bihar).

27. Malpua (Bihar).

28. Laung-latika (Bihar).

29. Balushahi (Bihar).

30. Tilkut (Bihar).



Hungry yet? Because I am.

If you are from India, next time when you visit another state, make sure you have a taste of their street food. Go around the city, search all the galis, look for the appetizing food that will make you want more. Some same street foods are found in more than one state, but the taste will be different, so don't skip on those dishes just because the same thing is available in your city.

If you are from outside India, then you need to put India on your bucket list for all the beautiful places to see and the street food to enjoy, and it is highly recommended that you carry some digestive pills along with you.

Have fun!

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