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8 Funky T-Shirts For Plus Size Fashion

Fashion is for all, and all that matters is how well you can carry off pieces from your fashion collection. With clothing trends changing possibly as soon as it can, it does get tough to keep up with it. Sometimes, it is also tricky to match your body and personality type with the ongoing fashion. 

However, breaking stereotypes is one of the best things that happened to this generation. Fashion brands from all over the world are promoting plus size fashion, runway models are slaying with that curvaceous body, and so it is right to say that the fashion world has accepted and welcomed the plus size.

It’s time that we evolve, and they appreciate the uniqueness we all have! Here is a list to help you get a cool graphic tee, perfect versatile piece of fashion that cannot disappoint you ever.



Some Of The Trending Designs Are.

 1. SLAY

 This is what you need in your life. Slay with confidence and wear it with style. This graphic tee will lend you a delicate balance between comfort and trending fashion. You can pair it up with your everyday basics, and you are ready to slay the day. It is a right pick for people who love to keep up with the latest fashion and are trend-followers, this slang has taken the world by storm, and everyone around the globe is slaying.




If you love wearing bold sayings on your tee, this is the one for you. Well, not to forget this is a relaxed tee to carry when people around you should know this. Wear the right attitude and you are sorted at the times when something is bothering you or wear it whenever you feel like to show up yourself in your coolest avatar!


3. Meri Foodie Kismet


This graphic t-shirt is for all food lovers out there and, why not? People who love to eat are always the best kind of people. Every foodie must own this tee with pride. Also, it's still a good idea to let your passion and love for food be a part of your wardrobe too. You can also gift it to your favourite food blogger or your foodie friends.


4. I’m In Shape. Round Is a Shape


This T-shirt is like wearing confidence and swag. Don’t let anyone around you dull your sparkle and with the help of this tee, let people around you get some sarcastic vibes, especially those who need to. This one is for people who think they are FAT! Well, we would say you are not fat! You are in shape; Round is a Shape! 



5. Kaafi Lazy 



This funky t-shirt is an ideal wear for all people out there who love to be lazy. For all your lazy days or no workout days, get your hands on these tees. You can also get it for yourself to wear it on your next vacation/holidays, when your life will be free of responsibility and rife, enjoy your days wearing this tee.


6. Unicorn


Who doesn’t love a unicorn? We all are unique in our ways, just like a unicorn. This pretty and colourful character adds playful and edgy vibes to your attire. Get one for yourself if you are looking for something simple yet fashionable. This vibrant tee is the best choice if you are already a unicorn lover. Wear it, to stand out in the crowd no matter where you go, whether it’s a casual occasion or day out with friends.


7. You Go, Girl!


Undeniably, there are days where we end up not feeling the best version of ourselves. Here, this tee can be an excellent pick to encourage or motivate our spirit. With this one, there is no looking back, and this will always remind you about the immensely capable girl you are making it a must-have in your wardrobe. Also, it can be a good gifting option. You can gift this to someone you want to buck up or praise.


8. Haters Gonna To Hate 



This one can be an excellent graphic tee idea if you want to discourage criticism or hate in any form or kind. We all stumble upon some haters, and such people cannot stop criticizing. But no matter what, such people should not get the best of you. Wear this tee and let anyone who is a hater know from your graphic t-shirt that you are un-bothered and have no interest in their opinions.


1. I am not fat, I am just fluffy.


2. Saste Nashe


3. Lets do Chaiyrana




 5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S Central



These quirky graphic tees are an excellent option to clothe yourself in when you are looking for casual and chic dressing. It can also be one of the excellent means to express your stand to end long-running discrimination based on body types. Body shaming should never be a part of a healthy society.

It is high time we understand that each and everybody is unique, and we all grow at a different pace. Wear these graphic t-shirts with confidence and look fashionable and opinionated with these quirky fashion pieces.

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