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10 Happening Beard Styles For 2020



From Ranveer Singh to Shah Rukh Khan, a beard can never get old fashioned. Even it comes with a new trend every year. Guys have a fascination for their beard look. Even some girls are selective about their boyfriend's beard and have a wide range of styles to apply to it.

According to the beard style, It is undeniable that men are enthusiastic to see them in the beard. They would like to grow a beard because it currently has become a trend now. Some people think that beard may look disgusting. But if you are careful enough of your beard, it can give you a handsome and macho look. 

A bearded look can also useful to increase your self-confidence. But you have to pay attention to your face about which style you can put up. Choose your style which should match your face shape. Everybody has different face cutting. So, not every style can’t be fit in everybody’s face.

Beard can be the most attractive thing in your face if you take care of it. Sometimes, making the wrong beard style will only make you look awkward, and you can even go so uneasy with that. So choosing is important.

Beard Trend Of 2020.


Before we choose a beard style, do check your face types which can get matched with beard styles. You probably have some knowledge for the types of beard styles for men which are suitable for you. Beards are becoming a trend now. Every year it goes with a new style. Just like in the previous years, the upcoming year also have some new techniques on men. Beard look is better than being clean shaved. So, you need to choose it first. There are some types of beard styles here which you may good to know. So, let’s start.

Beard Styles For 2020 Are.

Here is some beard style which you can try this year.

1. Vandyke Beard Style



Vandyke Beard Style is a much old beard style that is getting newer with time. It is a much popular style among men as it gives you a manly look. This look consists of moustache and beard. Ant growth is good to maintain this style. If you want to make your face manly enough, you can try this style.

2. Athletic Beard.



Yes, the name of the style may make you think that how an athlete grows his beard similar to his body shape. So, it's not a very easy task. But it can be done quickly. Athletic beard is wide to back. It looks good when it’s trimmed. That beard is considered to have the same length beard hairs just like the shape of the face. This style is a little lengthy. It's upon you whether you want to cut it short or not.

3. Razor Line Beard.



Razor Line Beard is easily identifiable cool. You can draw the attention of people with this beard cut. It can give you sharp, razored edges on your face. It's upon you whether you want to cut it short or not. But the sharp end produces the ultra-defined look of yours. So, now you can say bye to the messy beard that needs high maintenance. You don't even need to comb it daily to give your face a fresh look. So, it can be a good one. 

4. Bold And Thick Beard.

If you want a classy and messy look in your face, try this bold and thick beard style. This style needs a little maintenance as you need to comb and clean it regularly. If you are fit enough and have exercise in your daily routine, then conclude the maintenance in your routine too. Bold and thick beard style can give you a look that can reflect a heavier personality. So, need a change in the face. You can try this.

5. Goatee.



This is the style that is adopted by a lot of Hollywood stars like Robert Downey Jr, Aaron Paul and others. This is the most comfortable beard style and also very easy to maintain. It comes from the beard style of the goat, that's why we call it a goatee. It only requires a place in the bottom of lower lips and goes up to the throat. You can make it full or short as per your wish. It will give you a charming look.

5 Bonus Beard Style.

  • Line For Days Beard

  • Box Shaped Beard

  • Medium Tapered Beard

  • Medium Stubble Beard

  • Round Beard Shape


This 2020 score it also likes the fullest. Give you the special treatment and the unique look you want. Do what your heart says. Make it style like; you're living the life on your choice. Here are some styles that you can guide a little for choosing your style. So, start it now. Do, whatever makes you happy.

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