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How to shop good in less budget?


Scrolling through the shopping websites or doing window shopping, eyes got stuck at the dress you were longing to buy ... but oh!! Look at the price. Oh my god, how can I buy this? It will cost all my pocket money and for some, it will cost half of their salary.

This is what we all came across while going out for shopping or doing shopping online but we can buy a lot of good stuff in our budget.

Some of us are too concern about are clothing, some love to do shopping while others do not, but we all have to wear clothes and want to look stylish, the dream of many and casual for some. So here are some of the tips which help you to do budget shopping.


Taste Matters a Lot

Are you the person who wants to look good and stylish as well then first and the foremost thing you should know before buying anything is what you like to wear and are comfortable with it. Know the sense of fashion you follow and shop accordingly.



While shopping anything picturise yourself, give it a pause and think how will that particular dress look on you.


Have a Look at Your Wardrobe

Take some time out and check what you have? Are you too obsessed with floral prints, so many blues or blacks or have you made your wardrobe an art of tints and tones? Review your wardrobe patiently. Take things out you don't need and then make a list of all the stuff you want to buy. This will help you buy all the essentials and not useless stuff.


Quality vs Quantity

Are you the one who puts a lot of stuff in your basket and ends by buying too many things you don't wear too often? So, instead of buying too many things, go for the classics.

Have a look at the things and then think whether you are going to wear it again or not? Instead of buying too many things at once go for the best brands and quality that will add more glamour to your casual look as well.


Best Deals


Zara, H&M, Adidas, Nike etc.etc, etc. some way or the other we want to buy all these branded clothes but don't want to invest in these expensive brands as well.

Then the best option is to keep a check on the discounts of all your favorite brands and then grab the best possible deals. This will be a smarter move in buying everything under your budget.


Search Locals

If you are a lover of window shopping and love to explore different places to search for the latest trends then this option is for you. Being near to Delhi NCR region we all have been to Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar or Jan path once.

So these are the places where you can buy your latest trendy clothes at a much lesser price. A little bargaining will do wonders for you.


Go Online Sparingly

Keep checking online simultaneously. This will give you an idea about the latest trend and fashion ging on in and around the world along with big discounts on al, your favorite brands.

Shop online sparingly if you are much comfortable with the sizes according to their size chart. This will add a bit of adventure to your shopping by just sitting on your couch and enjoying shopping, doesn’t matter what the temperature outside is?



Keep a track of your savings and your pocket money you want to spend on your shopping. It will make the task much easier and you'll get an idea about how much you are going to spend while doing shopping.


Wear Your Confidence

You are not what you wear, you are far more than it. know your worth and no matter what you are wearing, just add a bit of your confidence and slay it elegantly.


Take your Friend and Shop

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Your friend can accompany you and give you the best possible suggestions to buy everything under your budget, also the one who will keep a check on you so that you don’t buy anything useless. Take your cash along with your friend and enjoy shopping!!  


Final Recipe to a Budget Shopping

  1. Make to-do list 

  2. Have a look at your wardrobe

  3. Don’t repeat same thins again

  4. Grab best offers

  5. Value quality and not quantity

  6. Go online simultaneously

  7. Take your friend out

  8. Enjoy shopping!!


After all “shopping is not a procedure, it’s an art".

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