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How To Start T-Shirt Business In India

T-shirts are the most acceptable thing for teenagers. For casuals wear to formal party t-shirts can rock everywhere possible. Teenagers prefer T-shirts more than anything else because it is comfortable, time-saving, stylish and you can make a lot of different styles with T-shirts. T-shirts are the most significant clothing to look funky. You can wear it in summer, winter, and monsoon at any season of the year. This is the essential and must-have thing for every youngster as it is essential for college, tuition, and everywhere you go. So, thinking about a T-shirt business is much funding and profitable if you can serve it well to your customers. Here, in writing, we will discuss some tricks to start a T-shirt business in India.



Business is the much-preferred thing from a 10 to 5 job. In a student's life, every youngster has a secret desire to be a successful businessman. That's why most of the entrepreneurs are young people. India is a business-friendly country because it has a vast human resource. That's why the number of Business schools is increasing day by day. Most young people choose business over a job. And the small start-up today is going to be a large company in the future.

To be a successful business person, one should be aware of these qualities:-

  1. Honesty

  2. Loyalty

  3. Decent

  4. Good Communication Skill

Now let's look at how you should start a T-shirt business in India.

A company runs well when the founder is honest about his products and sells quality products at a good price. You need to know about a lot of things before starting a T-shirt business.


1. GST Registration

For owning a business in India, the first thing is to make a GST number. Indian Government makes it more transparent by introducing GST to people. There is no more long process registration for business. You can have it to make a GST number. Now you can easily launch your business without any problem, even online also.


2. Class 2 Signature

In case, you don't know what signature is; then you should know it is a pen drive kind of device, which keeps your identity with your signature in it. This will help you for GST returns and other Government processes. So you have to contact a Chartered Accountant and get this for your T-shirt selling a business.

Carry your identity proof like

  1. PAN card of the applicant

  2. Aadhar Card as address proof or identity proof. 

  3. Business Registration Document

  4. Bank Account proof

  5. Digital Signature Class 2


    3. Decide A Cool Name For Your Business

    This is the most enjoying work in the business. Get your business brand a cool name. That's why it will create a good impression among your buyers. Make sure the name has to be unique. And Check your brand name, whether it is trademarked or not. Or else you may face many kinds of problems. And of course, after finalizing the name, make it a trademark. That will cost you a bit. But that will help you to increase your business.


    4. Get A Creditable Email Id

    This is also an important step for starting a business. You should have a creditable email id that other companies or your customers should contact you directly for feedback or collaborations. Getting in touch with big companies help you to increase your customers and help you to create a brand value in the business world. 


    5. Start A Website

    An online business can give your business a go. Making it online can reach your business to a huge amount of customers. That will provide you with more orders. Starting a website will also cost you a bit. But if you want to make your business more substantial, then you must do it by taking it online and then start the promotion on social media.


    6. Be Honest To Your Customers

    Always provide a quality product. If your material is good enough only then the customer will come back to you to purchase another one and will suggest it to his or her friends. Always be gentle, well behaved, and honest at heart. Only then you can be successful.


    7. Search For A Drop-Shipping Company

    Drop Ship Company is the one that manufactures, prints and delivers the apparels directly to the customer with white level manufacturing. That means the name of the company and customer and the order status will be visible to customers. That makes better bonding. 


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    In the article, we have seen the qualities and the steps to start a T-shirt business in India. Marketing is a more pleasant thing than a regular time job. And if you have a healthy mindset, then you have a bright future in business. Nobody will stop you from that. But the company doesn't make success overnight. You have to be patient and quiet. There may be failures sometimes. But a proper businessman never afraid of failures, he only takes the lesson from it. So, Go and rock the world. We wish you great success.
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