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10 Exquisite Outfits For Karwa Chauth



Karwa Chauth is a popular one day fast and Hindu festival primarily celebrated in Northern states of India. This year karwa Chauth is on the 4th of November. The festival has historical origins; one of the theory says that it was kept for the safety of the soldiers who were out in the warfare so that they return safely to theirs. The present-day people have elongated it means to celebrate it with great pomp and show for the long life of their husbands.

So the fasting starts with sunrise in the morning and until moonrise in the evening or night. So the festival was initially celebrated in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, but now it has taken a hype around. In Hindus, this same festival is celebrated in the name of Teej. Even unmarried women can keep karwa Chauth fast, to pray to God for loving and caring husband.

Few essentials that complete Karwa Chauth are



Sargi takes place in the morning before sunrise. Sargi is given to the daughter in law from her mother in law. It's a gift to start her morning and also consists of the items for a wedded bride such as Sweets, Seviyan, Dry fruits, Sarees and Jewellery to be worn over at night, Mehndi to be applied before the Pooja, Bangles, Bindi, Mathri, Lipstick, Nailpolish, Sindoor, etc. Also, it is advised to drink at least 2-3 glasses of water before sunrise itself.

The Karwa Chauth Thali



The Karwa Chauth Thali is one of the essential things in your fast. It contains the Pooja samagri to be used by the bride and daughter in law. The following items are essential in the Thali.

  1.  Earthen Lamp

  2. Earthen Karwa

  3. Decorated Seive

  4. Sweets

  5. Flowers. Fruits and Food

  6. Kumkum, Roli, Turmeric, Rice

This is just a sample of things to be included, but you can always transform its look by adding your decorations.

Dresses for your Karwa Chauth Fast

1) A Net Saree



Net sarees is one of the most popular sarees to be worn nowadays. It's light-weighted, gracious and quite classy. And the best thing is that the saree is quite hassle-free to drape. You can buy a variety of Net sarees online through YouTube blogs, Dayma fabrics etc.

2) Lehanga


Draping a Lehanga on a Karwa Chauth is quite simple and exciting too. Most Newlywed bride's love to drape their bridal Lehanga and like to relive their old memories.

3) Kurta And skirt

Long kurtas and Skirts are quite popular among women of all age. You can buy it online or get a mix and match. It looks quite graceful and elegant, and you can be at ease in it.

4) Embroidered Long Ethnic Dresses


Ethnic dresses are in great popularity for many years now. They are hassle-free, available very quickly in the market, and the price is not much of an issue.

5) Anarkali Suit

Anarkali suits are quite popular amongst newlywed bride's. They come in handy and can be used for other occasions too. Plus the bride who has not taken the day off and is looking for relief can choose this less time-consuming outfit to look stunning.

6) Ankle Length Anarkali


Ankle Length Anarkalis are great alternatives to the heavy ethnic dresses that cost a little bit. You can buy one and use it for other occasions like a house party too. Ankle length is just apt because then you can flaunt your anklets and heels too.

7) Saree Gown

There is always a new trend in the mix and match fashion. And the saree gown is a result of that. You can easily drape it, flaunt and enjoy yourself while wearing it. This dress is fantastic if you are going to dance, then it is just amazing because space allows you to adjust your moves without falling or tripping over.

8) Palazzo Suits and Duppata


Palazzo's are common among girls and mothers as of now. They are relaxed, comfortable and look good enough for a party. Just make sure to buy an appropriate match of colours. Pastel colours are quite famous for festivals; however, there's no restriction to Greys.

9) Straight Kurta and Churidar


For a long time, straight kurtas have been in fashion and were worn by anyone, and they look classy and sophisticated. Plus your gold jewellery will match with all of them.

10) Kanjevaram Saree

Kanjevaram Saree is the best one you can drape, though it's heavy but looks beautiful and you'll be your best in this saree. You can buy them at any nearby store or online shop them.


  1. Pick the right outfit.

  2. Matching jewellery is a must

  3. Go for a stylish braid or a fancy juda.

  4. Go dramatic with the eyes.

  5. Do not forget the mangalsutra, sindoor and the bindi.



In conclusion, all I can say is that enjoy this festival of Karwa Chauth with your family and loved ones, dress up and eat, this is your day to look beautiful so take rest, eat well and wish for your husband to live long.

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