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11 Metal Jewelry Customization And Trends.

The love of jewelry is historic. With time, love has deepened, making the industry of jewelry-making flourish and expand. The today jewelry industry has a lot of creative variety to offer to its customers, such offers are just irresistible. These pieces of jewels are like adding a cherry on top of your overall look.

One of the newest offerings here is metal jewelry personalized and customized which again is turning people fall in love with jewelry all over again. Platinum, Gold, Silver, sterling silver, titanium, brass, and other alloys are widely used for it. 

The idea of personalization and customization is simple. It is all about getting your or someone's name engraved, getting a message embedded or getting anything personal so that you end up with a personalized beautiful and tasteful piece of customized jewelry that you can love and relate to highly. So, if this is something of your interest, follow the article below to get some quick guide on trendy customized jewelry. 



Here are the types of customization available. 

Down below are metal customization available in the jewelry market.


1. Bracelets.



If you have some elegant and pretty pieces of bracelets in your collection, you can go all out to accessorize yourself with lots of style and ease. The bracelets easily will go with almost every varied clothing item or with all other accessories. Stackable bracelets have been doing the rounds, charm bracelets, customized name bracelet, Hamsa bracelet, evil eye, staircase bracelet, engraved bracelet, and very recently shell bracelet, all of them are earning lots of praises and love from the woman club. 


2. Necklace.



Necklaces are meant to amp your look and to compliment your neckline. There are a lot of necklaces trends that are going big in the fashion industry that are modern and Urbanic. To name a few, you can personalize

Name / dual name necklace

Zodiac sign necklace 

Charm + tassel + marble necklace

infinity necklace 

Other trending necklaces are coin jewelry, choker necklaces, pearl and gold plated, flower power, enamel necklaces. 


3. Pendants.



If you love having versatile pieces that add some charm, colour and decoration to your overall look, you should go pendant shopping. With customization of jewellery available all around you, you have plenty of beautiful options that you can pick. 

Some trending pendants of the time are: 

Engraved 3d bar, Name initials pendant, cute things pendant, Strength pendant, rising star, Personalized message pendant

With pendants you can go the extra mile to your favourite cute thing, photo or even small message be engraved on the pendant. 


4. Rings.



Rings can help you bring much-needed appeal and enhances the beauty of your hands. A small band can help you to look all primped up and proper. With rings, you can go for a lot of customization. Sizes are adjustable; you can choose colour combinations that best describes your style. Some personalized designs rocking the market right now are:

Name rings, Infinity rings, Crystal, studded rings, Heart initial rings, Split rings, Olinda minimal rings


5. Earrings.



The earrings are highly popular and make way to almost every girls' heart. 

In the segment of metal earrings, there are a lot of trends that you can pick. You can get the customization with earrings in aspects of colour combination, length, and design to an extent. 

For earrings trends, this season is all about bold and structured geometric designs. Dangler earrings, studs, hoops, inward Hoops, ear cuffs are the types you want to look out for. 

You will also find gold, Swarovski pearls, embellished crystals are the materials ruling the industry. 


6. Hairpins.



Hair accessories are always In. Amongst hair accessories hairpins are the new trending items that have flooded the market for good. Whether you want to make your hair go all hay way or want to tie them up, hairpins always find a way to sit beautifully over your hairdo. With new trends setting in. We can't stop getting drooled over these pretty tiny accessories. Girls, this is a must-have in your collection. For trending personalized hairpins go on for:

crystal hair clip, Custom named hairpin, Rhinestone text hairpin, Acrylics hairpins, hair slides, barrette hairpins 


7. Anklet.



The anklet has always been a part of traditional Indian jewellery, in recent times you will see international celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Rachel Roy and many other

flaunting them, making anklets become one of the much-loved accessories of all times. 

With some metal accents at your ankle, you can look charmingly cool and ready to hit any occasion with your best foot forward. A few trending anklets are:

Bar Anklet, Initial Anklet, Name Anklet, Date Anklet, Custom Anklet, Gold Anklet, Dainty Anklet, Silver Anklet, Rose Gold Anklet.



  1. Crystal Studded Rings.

  2. Swarovski Pearls.

  3. Gold Anklet.

  4. Rhinestone text hairpin.



So, with this, we hope you have dived into some helpful and informative ideas that help you collect some trending jewellery designs. If you are planning to buy some fashionable pieces, go out and reach for these trends.

All these customized jewellery is made using metals. Metal jewellery looks elegant and has the durability to stand the passage of time; with little maintenance, you can keep them safe and shiny. For accessory and jewellery update, now is the best time to add some really pretty metal accents to your jewellery trousseau.


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