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10 Stunning Monokini Bollywood Actresses

Bollywood has succeeded to enter in our drawing room with the height of the entertainment. In every step, when we need a little break from our regularly scheduled life, we run towards the cinema hall. Some of us have a great fascination with Bollywood, and that's why we got crazy sometimes when we see our favorite actor and actresses on the screen. We all have imagined a great picture of our favorite actor or actresses in our hearts that we need to be like him and her.

Bollywood actresses have that image the most. Every curve of their body is enough to make someone gaga over them. That's why they have got great popularity. 

Monokini is a swimsuit or beach garment for the woman, which is similar to the bikini with the existing lower half. The dress is mainly for swimming and perfect wear for the beach. Monokini looks more beautiful when Bollywood actresses wear it with a great attitude. Bollywood actresses are the owner of that ideal shape which look stunning when they wear Monokini.

Even in front of the camera and media, they are comfortable with it. These actresses are not only famous for their talent, but their acting skills made them be in the Top at Bollywood. They are just the sexiest ladies on the planet.

Monokini Bollywood Actresses.  

From Monokini to Gown, our Bollywood ladies are comfortable with everything. Bollywood is the key to entertainment for us. Every star we like, we go crazy when they are on the screen. Moreover, actresses are more famous with their gorgeous and irreplaceable beauty. Whenever we found them in a great dress, we started following them. That's how Monokini started spreading from Bollywood to our regular people. It's a usual beachwear. But our ladies wear these to melt our hearts. 

Some Monokini Bollywood Actresses.



Here are some Monokini actresses whom you will like the most in Monokini. Let’s have a look.

1. Deepika Padukone.



Deepika Padukone is the sensation of Bollywood who is enough to spread fire in Monokini, all alone. From ‘Om Santi Om’ to Bajirao Mastani, she has been in almost every kind of costume in every movie. We have seen the changes in her character as well as her dress. We probably love to see Deepika Padukone in a daring dress. That's why when Deepika wears Monokini; it's us who got melted with the fire she creates with her body.

2. Sunny Leone.



Nowadays, if we want to know the Scott of beauty and kindness in Bollywood, we will surely get the name of Sunny Leone at the Top. This woman has a lot of history in her life, but she never escapes the truth in fear of getting ashamed. That's the quality which makes her beautiful more than she is. She also looks stunning in Monokini, and we love to see her in different dresses. We all have a great love for Sunny Leone, and we are very obliged to her for her personality, kindness, and generous mentality.

3. Kareena Kapoor.



Though the newspaper and news channel love her son more than her, she never fails to catches the spotlight even when she was not in shape. We have a great affection for Bebo, as we are seeing the lady, ruling Bollywood when we were very kid. From that time, she started the trend to be in Monokini, and she is still on fire. Every costume she puts in is entirely get attached to her body. 

4. Jacqueline Fernandez.



This Sri Lankan actress has made Bollywood warm from her physical appearance and her acting. Have you seen her Monokini look? You will surely fall in love with her after seeing this. Already she has made a place in our hearts by her smile and her dance. So, it’s enough for us to be mad at her by seeing her in Monokini.

5. Katrina Kaif.



The Barbie Girl of Bollywood is always ready to experiment with different costumes. She looks fantastic in every single dress she wears. It’s her god gifted body shape that doesn’t allow us to keep our eyes off from her — no need to say that she also looks fantastic and charming in Monokini. Not only Monokini, but every dressmaker also waits for someone like Katrina to wear it and look perfect.

6. Disha Patani.



Do you know who the national crush among Indian Boys is? Yes, it’s Disha Patani. She is more comfortable in the beach dresses than to formal ones. And her beauty doesn’t need any elaboration to describe to anyone. 


5 Bonus Monokini Actresses.

1. Ileana Dcruz.


2. Bipasha Basu.



3. Esha Gupta.



4. Malika Arrora.



5. Urvashi Rautela.





All the names mentioned above, maybe you all are familiar with the names. These beauty queens don’t need any introduction. So, if you are searching for some Monokini models, I hope you have found it helpful. 

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