Navratri Colours: Woman’s Guide to Fusion Outfits

by Bazarville Production on October 03, 2019

India's longest festival of joy, Navratri is here. The extravaganza of nine days is not just a festival but an emotion, a feeling you cannot easily describe. Besides worshipping Goddess Durga, people spend these nine days dancing, singing and most importantly dressing up. Chanya Choli is the iconic Navratri attire and we have seen how these piece of garment has evolved with time.

In the past years, the Chanya Cholis were more of red, black and blue with mirror and glasswork all over it and the dupatta was mostly used to cover the head. As fashion moved forward, people started experimenting with more colors. Soon bright colors like yellow, orange, and purple entered the spectrum. There was even a short-lived neon trend. People soon ditched the traditional mirror worked Chaniyas and optioned for more lacy and golden work ones.

In 2013 when Ramleela released women went gaga over the attires Deepika Padukone's character Leela wore in the movie. It was a revolutionary moment for the Navratri costumes. Those multi-layered Chaniya Cholis were in high demand. Although it was quite tough to dance for long hours in those heavy attires most girls did not care because they just wanted pictures in their trendy outfits. 2017 saw the rise and fall of the Boho trend with pom-poms and tassels but people moved more towards the minimalistic yet quirky designs by 2019. Here is a list of colors you need to keep an eye for this Navratri.


8 Colors to Play with Fashion Styles this Navratri

Here are the fashion style in different colors you can try out this Navratri:



If you want to do something new but still want to keep the traditional red color vibe then orange is your go-to.

You can go for light orange lehenga with minimalistic work and pair it up with an off-shoulder blouse of a different color that contradicts the bottom wear like the picture on the right or if you do not want or if you are uncomfortable with the whole off-shoulder and crop top trend then you can go for the orange maroonish attire like the one in the picture on the left.


2. RED

You can also go all fusion with the classic red (just like the pictures are shown above). Pair up your old traditional mirror worked Chaniyas with a white shirt or a kaftan-ish top. 



'Yellow Yellow dirty fellow' needs to get replaced with 'Yellow Yellow pretty Fiorello'.  

Yellow is such a pretty and happy color. From the brightest shade of yellow to the lightest shade, none disappoints. You can either go all yellow or play a little with the shades (like the pictures above). 



You might think white doesn't exactly go with a festival like Navratri but you are wrong. 'White' is a look okay? Pair your plain white Chaniya Choli with a heavy and gorgeous dupatta and watch all the head turns towards you when you enter the dance floor.

Also, if you don't want to carry a heavy dupatta on your shoulder then you can keep it light with a minimalistic designed white Chaniya Choli. 



No other color screams quirky and fun more than green.

This Navratri, try out some cool prints on your lehengas or a gorgeous peacock green lehenga. 



Keeping the classic blue but just tone it down a little three-four shade and add a little bit of brightness and you get this beautiful shade called electric blue. 

The electric blue Chaniya Cholis are so beautiful, especially with silver embroidery. You can pair the lehengas with a white blouse or a lighter shade (of the same color) blouse. 



Purple is royalty and it adds such a glam to your outfit. This Navratri if you are looking for something extra glamorous then go for purple and pair your Chaniya choli with a sheer, minimal working dupatta.



Grey or silver whatever you call it, is your color if you do not want to deal with too much bright color nor anything too plain. This color is minimal and yet so gorgeous. You can even try quirky prints on silver or simple embroideries. 



Ladies, now that you have the list, do your pick. Traditional Chaniya Cholis or Long skirts and crop tops, that's completely your choice. However, remember to mix and match, do not go all heavy or too light. You can also play with the colors mix the red with the blue, the purple with grey, whatever you like and however you like it. Don't just follow the trend, add your style to your outfit. 

Also, accessorize and do the makeup that goes with your outfit. Go overboard with the highlighter (we all preach a highlighting queen!) and the lash extensions, add the crazy color on your nails, don't shy away from flaunting the bold lip colors and wear comfortable shoes if you want to dance till the music beats stop. Most importantly take care of your skin and hair and stay hydrated.


Happy Navratri!