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15 Tips To Shop Online

Online shopping has become an escalated activity in today's time. With everything getting delivered to you at your doorstep with one click away, no one resists not checking out online websites/apps and getting themselves stuff and things that they love from around the world. Needless to say, online shopping does come with some turndown factors.

There are certain things that do not go so well with the online shopping like issues in size, the difference in color in picture v/s reality, the authenticity of some website, etc. There is a school of thought, that prefers the traditional way of shopping. For them, shopping should not just only be a visual experience, it should also allow them to touch and feel the texture of the product, try out the size in real-time, check out the material in and out - only then they can make a buying decision.

However, Online shopping is convenient. You can sit and shop from anywhere in the world for hours from your mobile/ laptop without having to step out in the tiring and uncomfortable weather conditions and at the same time you don't have to stand in long billing queue. This makes everyone shop comfortably and at ease. Here are some tips and tricks that not only will help you become a better shopper but will also ace your online shopping experience.




Being specific refers not to getting confused and just focussing, searching for the exact things on the internet that you want to get your hands on. Narrow down your research and be specific about what you need to buy. Shopping like this will give you a more satisfactory experience. Be specific about size, be specific about color range and other attributes of the product, and this will result in making your job much easier.




A major part of your online shopping depends on this factor. The websites/apps, as well as, brands play an important role when shopping online and it is solely up to you to decide. You can start by figuring out what brands have worked for you in the past and what brands you like and prefer. Be sure it is something you know before starting your online shopping. Staying up with the website that has worked for you in the past is a safe and best option to invest money in.




It is always beneficial to follow social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc) of the brands from where you are intending to shop. With social media marketing, brands are reaching out to masses and communicating about their products and services hence making it possible for you to keep a tab on all new launches of brands. Also, this way you will not miss out on interesting items that you would have loved to add to your life.




Researching is knowing. It is all about comparing items on the parameters of prices, quality, and quantity, etc. It is important to search and research so that you don't happen to miss out on the beneficial deals and don't end up spending more than needed.


A short checklist for research is:

  1. Prices 

  2. Deals 

  3. Coupons 

  4. Promotional Codes 

  5. Ongoing Offers 

  6. Sale




Adding items to cart is one of the best-known secrets of the people who are shopping freaks. Adding to the cart is a trick that simply works when you have items added to the cart for a few days but haven't finally purchased them. Brands can provide specific discounts to you on those items, and such price drops will not apply to anyone other than you. So next you wish to buy something little on the expensive side, you can pull up this trick.





This is one of the most confusing things about online shopping. We all are concerned about perfect fit issues and one of the best solutions to this is knowing about the basic sizes that you wear usually. Find the best-fitted piece from your wardrobe and read the measurement label attached to the item. You can also get your full body measurement done, refer the size chart of the brand and then decide accordingly.




This one is a win-win deal for the customers and brands. Websites and apps run some huge and mega sale days, and it's that time of the year when you can find big deals and discounts on almost everything. Big billion-day sales and other famous sales help you to save money and get a lot many things for less price range. So always know the dates and remember to shop fast on such sale days to not miss out on the items you are eyeing on.




When shopping it is beneficial to have a shopping list that has items you wish to buy, jotted down priority wise. You can prioritize based on what is hot and trending in the season, according to brands, according to colors, etc. Another good tip is to add items to Wish-list that you want to buy. This way as soon as the discount starts you know exactly what to pick.




Online shopping is one of the most useful ways to utilize modernization, technology and, globalization. So be sure to make the most of it with these easy tips and tricks that can help you to make the online shopping experience much easier. Leverage technology and make it productive for the purchases that you can make and become a smart shopper. 

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