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18 Pretty Types Of Skirts

Skirts are considered as the second oldest garment is worn and adorned by the women from around the globe. Every culture and nation had a skirt-like garment for women like traditional long skirts in India, Japanese kimono, kilt in Scotland, Arabic thobe, the Chinese cheongsam, and Christian cassock. The skirt has seen a lot of variations and improvisations. 

Today skirts have become an important segment in the fashion world. Every girl dream of donning a perfect skirt which makes her look her best. If you are looking for the type of skirt that you will love to wear and flaunt, try to find the most comfortable type for yourself. Remember, comfort is the only styling you need to look presentable. You can also accessorize your look to compliment the skirt. 


Different types of cute skirts.

Here is a list of a few types pf skirts.




1. Denim skirt.

Denim skirts are made of denim, highly popular cloth material, and are usually of light or dark colored. These skirts look trendy and are perfect for casual outings. Denim skirts are considered highly versatile and evergreen. There is no end to its styling as there are many modifications available for denim skirts. Badges, patchwork, rhinestones, graphics, faded denim, etc. are some of the trends that have successfully ruled the fashion world. All figure types can wear denim skirts if you have the right-sizing selection. 



2. Flared skirt.

Flared skirts are one of the most feminine pieces of fashion. Flare skirts have some folds that add volume at the hem. The flared effect is visible whenever there is movement or twirl. These are ideal to be worn on the occasion where you want to keep things simple and stylish at the same time. Flared skirts are perfect if you have petite body type as the volume added by the flared skirt goes well with the body type. 



3. Mini/ micro mini skirt.

This one type is never going outdated, especially in the zone of the young generation. This type is straight cut and stops right above the knee. It's another version is micro mini, which stops halfway down the thigh. These both can add a lot of glamour and fashion to your outlook. The skirt looks well even with simple tee, so when in a rush to look like a glam doll, pick this up. 



4. Pleated skirt.

Pleats characterize this type of skirt at the body of the skirt. While the fabric around the waist is gathered. The pleated skirt looks attractive. Pleated skirts usually come in lighter fabrics like organza, silk. There are different types of pleats, from narrow to wide, small to large. They come in many different lengths from long to short. So, pick according to your personal preference and comfort. 



5. Tutu skirt.

Tutu skirts were a ballet costume initially, but because of its high fashion quotient, designers have found ways to make them wearable to like other skirts. Tutu skirt is made from a thin veil material called Tule. They are great outfit ideas for party wear and theme parties. This is a perfect cute skirt idea, and if you are on a lookout to wear a fairy-tale-inspired skirt, this is your pick. 



6. Pencil skirt.

Pencil skirts are straight cut and are slim and sleek. The waistband of pencil skirts sits at the belly button while the length of pencil skirts can vary depending on your personal preference. The high waisted skirt is a variant of a pencil skirt where the waistband is above the belly button. Pencil skirts are one of the few kinds of skirts that can be worn both formally and informally. If you are having doubts ok what to wear, pick this type and you can never go wrong. 



7. Wrap-around skirt.

Wrap-around skirts are skirts that need to be tied around the waist using ties. They have no elastic at the waistband; you need to wrap it around yourself to be clothed in it. This is the most comfortable type of skirt dress that you can slip into when having a chilling session with your friends. This kind of skirt will also look good on the beach and summer days. 



8. Skater skirts.

Skater skirt is the short length, cute and chic looking skirts. They look a mixture of A-line and a circle skirt. They are highly informal and is ideal for a date or partywear. These are made to bring the young and girly vibe. Go for this type of skirt when you are comfortable and feel like getting into some updated, urban, and chic wear. 

10 Bonus Types Of Skirts.

  1. Hoop skirt.

  2. Ballet skirt.

  3. Ballgown skirt.

  4. Maxi skirt .

  5. A-line skirt .

  6. Long skirt .

  7. Broomstick skirt .

  8. Gypsy skirt .

  9. Layered skirt .

  10. Fishtail Skirt



The best kind of skirt depends completely on you. It is about knowing what you can rock. Also, remember to keep the occasion/event in mind. While buying a skirt, it is also important to go for the right color and right fit. The upper part of the attire should go well with your skirt, and the complete attire should look blended.

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