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17 Trending Short Hair Styles For Men

Keeping hair short is men's fashion and looks cooler to them. It's a tradition for centuries that men keep their haircuts or hairstyles short. Besides being a tradition, it is comfy and easy to manage, as well. Even with short hairstyles, there are a lot more latest styles which a guy can do to make his look more relaxed. So, here are some of the latest short hairstyles for men check this out guys for a more relaxed look.

Here are some of the latest short hairstyles

1. Blowout Haircut With Clean Sides


Selecting blowout haircuts will give you a sharp and tidy look. Being a contemporary look, it will go with almost everything you wish. Be it your fresh party look or the formals look; this hairstyle goes best with practically every type.

2. Messy Cut


The messy cut is considered to be the most classic hairstyle for men. It looks more classy and comfy when you wear it messily. It will give you a more modern and stylish look. Best for college goers and the teens.

3.Spiked Hairstyle


Only spiking up your hair with gel or wax will provide you with a party-ready look and make you look more fresh and agile. This hairstyle suits best for the guys with the jawline and medium facial features. But don’t try this over your formal looks.

4. Side Parting Hairstyle


Those who don’t want any other hairstyle or are too lazy for them, they can side parting their hair. It requires low maintenance and hassle-free and makes your personality look more sober and simple.

5. Brushed Back Style



Though side parting and faded have acquired the stage but brushed back is also more classic . all you can do is to use gel or comb back your hair at the back to give it a more lively and classic look.

6. Quiff


Having this look is not a difficult task. Almost anybody can but avoid this look if you have curly hair. 


7. Skin Faded Cut


Since so many years, the faded cut has gained its popularity . all you have to do is to tell your barber to trim your hair to make a skin of your appear more. If you don’t want to make your skin looks, then keep it a bit faded, not that much.


8. Long Messy Hair With Low Fade


Little fade to your long messy hair gives a different look to your textured hair. A little balm to your hair will keep it set all day, giving your afresh look.

9. Low Bald Haircut



For those who want hair neither too short nor too long, this haircut is perfect for them. Especially for athletes and people with round faces, this haircut will go best with their personality.

10. Thick Spiky Hair On The Top


Spiking up hair will never go out of trend . for those with thick hair, spikes on the head with hair wax or gel or a little premade will give a sexier look and keeps hair set all day long.


11. Curly Hair Undercut


The undercut is the latest trend these days. So, making undercuts under the curly hair will give you a bit messy, yet cleaner look.

12. Combination Hairstyle

A haircut consisting of step, fade, and quiff with little spikes will provide a whole new look to your style.


  1. Select hairstyle according to your face cut.

  2. Add a little pomade or gel to keep it set all day long.

  3. Wear a hairstyle that suits your personality.

  4. Take care of your hairstyle if you are an office goer.

  5. Slay your attitude with the new look.






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