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6 Trendy Retro Looks For Women

Fashion is a weird concept, the last week's look has no value, but a 90s look is at the top of the chart! In 2019 we saw the ultimate fashion revolution, more than one 80s-90s style came back and stayed as the top trends. The term 'old-fashioned' isn't used anymore. It is either 'vintage' or 'retro'.

Well, it was during the 1960s when the term 'retro' was first used to describe some specific modes or techniques of the past. The word 'retro' is associated with many things, such as fashion, art, music, etc. 

Now, you might be a little confused between the two words vintage and retro, and you must also be wondering what is the difference between vintage looks and retro looks. They are almost the same. The retro look is vintage-inspired. 

As you can say by the title, we are going to talk about the retro looks that are on-trend, and you already have an eye on them.


The Sleeves








The 80s and 90s were all about the different types of sleeves. 

The sleeves would add a pop to the outfit giving the sophisticated and classy vibe from the whole look. Honestly, you do not even need accessories too much, the sleeves are so gorgeous that they are enough. 

The sleeves that are getting the hype are

● Lantern Sleeves

● Juliet Sleeves

● Bell Sleeves

● Long Bell Sleeves

● Frill Sleeves

● Bishop sleeves


These retro looks are so girly and cute they are honestly to die for.

Tips- You can pair up your Lantern on Juliet sleeve tops with your casual pair of jeans or trouser pants. You can wear them with heels or shoes. Remember, if you are wearing something tight on the top, then keep it loose in the bottom and vice versa. 

If you want to wear your dresses, then keep it simple, wear a pair of kitten heels or gladiator sandals. It is a pretty Florence vibe. 


MOM Jeans



You would have gotten so much shade if you had worn mom jeans back in 2015 or 2016. It was known as loser wear, and the mean girls at your school would have dragged you down for that, but well no more, they have ditched their high heels and mini pink skirts for these comfortable pairs. 

A simple cami top with mom jeans and a pair of sneakers is such a look. It is perfect for summer. 



Check Skirts


If you have watched the movie Clueless, you know how iconic this retro look is.

I know these skirts kind of gives a school girl vibe but they are fashion statements. 'You gotta do whatchu gotta do!'


I mean they look so good with a tight fitted top and even an over sized T-shirt.


Over sized shirts


Talking about clothes, over sized shirts are a must. This look is straight out from 1999's popular teen show 'Freaks and Geeks'.

This retro look is the most go-to and comfortable out of the lot. Just throw on your casual pair of jeans with a simple cami top and layer it with an over sized shirt.


Printed shirts.



If anyone ever tells you that printed shirts are for freaks and weirdos then do not listen to them. First of all, never judge anyone. Second of all, they do not know Prada they only know Nada.

Printed shirts are everything right now okay? They are in vogue and perfect streetwear with jeans, solid colour skirts and sneakers.

This retro look is just one of its kind. there are several prints available and you can choose the print that defines your style. It is not just about fashion statement but also telling what your artsy side is. Amazingly, dressing up is no more just about looking good. Sometimes you tell stories through your outfit.





A little loose or a well-fitted pullover sweater with cord pants and colourful socks and sneakers is everything this winter. Back in 2012 everyone wanted grey or black winter clothes. I mean, what was that era even?

We are not doing that anymore. We are going to explore all the colours this winter and hopefully next. And if you are a sucker for a retro look, then this has to be your winter look.



  1. Mix and Match styles

  2. Bell Bottom - A must have.

  3. Accessories with bright colours

  4. Experiment with the vintage hairstyle

  5. Do not be scared to try out anything.



In conclusion, fashion is more than what you see in magazines or spot your favourite celebrities in, it is your style mixed well with your creativity and whatever is in vogue at the current time. Do not just follow the trendsetters like a sheep, be a trendsetter yourself.

This year we saw the comeback of old trends and trends that stayed, take inspiration and create your look do not shy away from experimenting. Step out a little from your comfort zones, trust me, it is worth it! Go overboard with eyelash extensions and wing eyeliner, dye your hair and create your retro look and flaunt it.

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