A Pink Sequin Coat And Black Tie

9 Sparkling Ways To Carry Sequin Outfits!

Are you nervous about wearing sequins? They are sparkly, sleek, and colorful enough, but when styled in an acceptable aspect, you can make fashion a joy thing. At times sequined clothing can make your look more elegant while at times you may get a tasteless look which neither of women would take an opportunity for. You may stress of looking like a disco light ball, but sequins have remained trending for the past few years. You can make a bold style statement by adding sequins to your dresser.

Dazzling outfits should not be reserved just for cocktails and parties. It is always pleasant to add some sparkle while on a weekend, lunch, date nights, or outing to get a glamorous look. Not only that, but it also snaps the attention of society. A sequined dress, skirt, pants, or a top is necessary to pair them up correctly. Amplifying the glitz can lag your look. 

Sequins make you feel more fascinated and happy. So are you in concern? What sequined outfit to buy? Where to commence? What style to select? Where to wear? Today we will tell you how to wear a sequined outfit so that you can accommodate them in diverse styles with different outfits and attachments.



  1. Know your body. Avoid showing too much skin. Sequins are light enough to show your curves.

  2. Prefer going for dark tones for evening wear. Go casual to wear sequins in broad daylight.

  3. Keep a balanced pair of sequins with solids and opaque colors. Do not dress up in sequins from head to toe in two different fabrics. Do not dress up entirely in sequins. Mix and match if you are wearing a sequined top, pants, or a jacket, pair it up with something contrast and solid so that you can get a reduced sparkling effect. Keep the rest of your look neutral. Stick with one color or a color family.

  4. Keep your neckline higher to get a sophisticated and finishing look.

  5. Do not apply excessive makeup. A bold makeup can make your look worst. Keep the makeup minimum and neutral with eyeliner, lipstick, and natural skin so as not to distract from the outfit.

  6. Keep your hairstyle basic. Do not go for a heavy and complicated hairstyle. You can give your hair natural and smooth curls or updo a bun.

  7. Ditch the accessories and let your dress do the talking. Keep your accessories and bags at a minimal level. Match your outfit with a small hand to go clutch and a neckpiece to keep your look simple. Do not coordinate with too many sparkling accessories and bags. Keep it simple with a bracelet, drop-earings diamond stud, watch, or a ring.

  8. Keep your shoes in a solid color. Pair your outfit with black plumps, shoes, or heels. Black is the most versatile color. It just works for every outfit. Do not opt for glittery shoes because your outfit already has too much shimmer going on.


1. Casual wear.

  • To keep the sequins casual, it is crucial to keep it simple. Reach out for a sequined top pairing up with a pair of distressed jeans and high heels. 



  • If you adore skirts, you can also fuse the sequined dress with a plain tank top underneath a fur jacket. Update the outfit by adding heeled sandals.



  • Incorporate the sequined skirt with a textured sweater. Pair them with boot's



2. Office wear.

  • Stick to a basic tee under a sequined blazer. Pair them up with pants and shoes.


  • Incorporate the sequined skirt with and a sweater vest over it. Pair the look with heels.


  • Incorporate your sequined dress with a checkered coat. Pair them up with closed-toe pumps.


3. Evening wear.

  • Get the graceful and classy look by going with light-colored monochrome gowns having defined cuts and fewer accessories.



4. Party wear.

  • Balance out your look with ombre flared sequinned trousers and simple camisole pairing with simple heels and a chain.



  • Ramp up the party with a sequined jumpsuit paired with heeled boots.



  • Get the party look with a rainbow sequined dress with sheer stockings and pointed boots.


5 Bonus Tips To Keep In Mind While You Wear Sequin.

  1. Don not wear too much jewelry.

  2. Go for solid colored footwear.

  3. Opt for high necklines.

  4. Go for washable sequin garments.

  5. Own you look and slay!



Sequins look amazing when you wear them anytime, anywhere. They give you a classy and super chic look. If you are a fashion freak you must have a piece or two of sequined outfits to incorporate them to get a perfect party, holiday, office, or a street style look. Let your outfit rule the world. Just do not overdo it and look yourself in the mirror before you leave your house. All you needto do is leave your home with confidence and flaunt your look.

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