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20 Spunky Gift Ideas For Her

Good morning gentlemen, looking for some personalized gift ideas for her? Let me help you lad, first of all, who is this 'her' to you? The girl of your dreams? Your bae? Your annoying sister whom you can't deny but love? Or your number one fan, your mom?

FYI, I am honestly glad that you chose the idea of personalized gifts because women love it when you put your thoughts on the gifts. 


Here are 10 gift ideas.

Before you scroll down for the ideas, know this that I can only help you with the basics, it is you who will do the rest of the magic and come up with the best gift for her. Make sure you know what she likes, what are her favorite colors, and everything. 


1. T-shirts.



If you wanna couple up with your babe, you can give her a personalized t-shirt like the picture shown above. Even if you want to make a personalized t-shirt for your sister, then there are many quirky siblings t-shirt ideas available. You can do one of them or do two of them, whatever you like.


2. Pendant.



There is so much you can do with this option. This one is not only limited to your girlfriend but a gift idea for all the important ladies in your life. You can personalize their names or zodiac sign or a small sweet message written in morse code. 


3. Keychain.



Personalizing keychain is the same as personalizing a pendant; you can write names or sweet little messages in words or morse code. The one different thing you can do with keychain is that you personalize them with pictures just like it is shown in the picture above.


4. Soft toy with a message.



This is the most cutest gift one can think of for their loved ones. I am pretty sure you have heard of this or seen this in movies. 

This is nothing too extraordinary; you have to find a place where they personalize a soft toy with a message. Then every time she will hug the toy, the message in your voice will start playing.


5. Explosive box.



If you can pull the perfect explosion box, I tell you, she will be beyond impressed. She will always remember you. If you are not crafty, then you can order an explosion box but paste the most memorable pictures of you two and write your heart out.


6. Scrapbooks.



It is appreciated when you put effort into the gifts you are giving. It is really special when you make something yourself and present it to your loved ones.


7. Mugs.



A perfect gift for the coffee lovers. You can personalize mugs in so many ways. You can either write small quotes or put pictures. This is another gift that is not just limited to your girl. You can personalize it for your mom and even sister. 


8. Digital photo frame.

Some people don't like anything extra or too much of quotes names or their pictures in unnecessary places. It is tough to present them with a personalized gift; for them, you can go for a digital frame. 


9. Calenders.



This is a thoughtful gift if you ask me. Just like the picture shown above, you can customize a calendar with pictures and only like essential dates are marked in any ordinary calendar, you can mark the important dates of your relationship in that calendar.


10. Notebooks.



For the artist 'her,' this is a perfect gift. Trust me; she will love it.


10 Bonus Gift Ideas.

Here are some bonus personalized gifts ideas:

1. I don't think if this falls under personalized gifts, but one thing she will cherish the most (if she is your girl) is love notes or love letters or a bunch of them.

2. Bracelets with her name or a special date.

3. Charm bracelets with the charms of her likes.

4. Bottles for the 'save the turtle' queen.

5. Wall clock for the one who is never on time. 

6. A pretty wallet who always loses her cards.

7. Phone covers with pictures or blinks for the one who is all colorful.

8. Passport cover for the one who likes to travel.

9. Throw pillows. Suitable for bedroom decoration and also for a pillow fight.

10. Pen holder for the one who likes to write.




Giving a personalized gift is not so hard. You don't need to brainstorm the whole night unless she is picky, then all the best. All you need is to know what she likes and dislikes are, this step is very important in buying gifts for anyone.

I hope you can come up with the best gift and know this if you are going to put efforts, she will love it.

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