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10 Striking Heels For Every Occasion.



The invention of heels.

So it's not exactly found in the history that who invented heels. But the very first people known to use heels are the Persian troops of the army who used it to keep their legs lifted. So this makes sense that the first people to make use of them were not women, but men.

This was in around the 15th century, about 17 th century modern heels reached Europe with Shah Abbas of Persia. The kind of shoes was extravagant, and only those too rich could afford it.

They used these heels to increase their height and also to show that they were superior to others. During the French revolution, and before there was a height decided for every class like princes used to wear 2 and a half inches heels. But after the french revolution was over heels suddenly became more popular with the only woman.

And as they came to be associated with their style, women started wearing them more and with kitten heels, whereas men wore flat and thick heels. However popular the heels be amongst modern women, certain psychiatrists criticize the use of heels just for women.

But our concern is not it's history, who said to whom, but that there are those one kind of heels made for just that one occasion. However, it's us who can make them for every occasion too. So follow the list below for a complete guide to heels for every occasion.

Here are the heels for different occasion.

1. Lita Heels Workwear, Parties, Shopping, and Eating out. 



Lita Heels are boots with blocked heels. They can be worn regularly to the office with dresses, skirts and tops Jeans and Blazers. These kinds of heels are more suitable to wear during the daytime. Lita Heels have more height, and weight then laced heels. If you are someone who's not able to wear too heavy footwear to work, you can go for Laced booties as an alternative.


2. Pumps or Court Shoes for meetings, formal gatherings, office parties. 



Pumps shoes are popular formal men's wear shoes. However, with the passage of time, women have become more accustomed to using them as daily workwear. Pumps often have a lower first cut, and they strictly come without any laces. However, the ones that men wear do have laces. The good thing with Pumps is that they are comfortable day wear.


3. Wedges for a park, picnic, shopping, etc.



Wedge the name is derived from an instrument used for digging, so the wedges have a platform that runs in a single pattern. It's higher at the foot heels and lower towards the toes. Wedges for some women are comfortable to wear as they come in various designs. However, if you are a fan of heels, then you would find them overrated and too heavy.


4. Cone Heels for an ice-cream outing.



The name is derived from an ice cream cone that is popular amongst all of us. So the shape of the heels is exactly like the cone, it is broad at the sole and pointed on the ground, just where you don't add a scoop, you add a firm sole to it. Cone heels are also available in pump form. However, compared to Stiletto heels, they are a little tilted.


5. Stilettos for office, holidays, etc.



Stiletto is the most important heels in any women's wardrobe. Stiletto heels keep your posture straight. It is an extended heel, too pointed out, and is attached to a boot, however available in sandal formas as well. The word Stiletto comes from a Stiletto dagger knife, which looks quite similar to the heels. It is hard to know who invented these heels, but in 1906 Andre Perugia began designing shoes like these as a Parisian singer was found wearing the heels from his designs. Stiletto is also known as fetish shoes because of their popularity.


6. Ballet Shoes or zero heels for evening walks, long workdays, etc.



Ballet shoes are very flat shoes with a very low heel. The ballet shoes inspire them that the dancers wear. More than fashion they are a comfortable wear. Sometimes they have designs attached to the tow side and sometimes an elastic band to keep it still on your feet.


7. Scarpin Heels - to make a perfect entry in the office or the breakup shoes.



Scarpin Heels are quite similar to that of Stiletto heels, but they are of less height than the former. If you ever wondered those pointed shoes with a nail-like pointed heel, and how do women wear them, this is that same heel. However, once you have adjusted your feet, you'll be up for a joyride because these heels are quite light weighted.


8. Kitten Heels - For one until the evening and night.



If you are busy and have to run from here to there in a job, these kitten heels are just perfect; they fix in your feet and don't trouble them. They are from 1.5-inch heels to 1.75 inches, and the good thing is that these heels are curved from behind, which gives them not only an exclusive shape but also comfort for your foot heels.


9. Platform Shoe - for sprained ankle times. 



If you are the bold kind of person who has the guts to wear something as tall as 8 inches, then you can go for a complete platform too, it's similar on both the edges. However, with platform shoes, there are many variations available, and then heels are raised more than a limit. Usually, the heel is between 1-4 inches. These shoes increase the risk of you falling for a sprained ankle.


10. High Heels.



High heels are the most common type of sandals with a heel raised off the ground up to 3 inches to 3.5 but never more than that. It is the most common type of shoe that women wear.


Bonus Tips.

  1. Wear Lita Heels only if you are comfortable. However, they are not sophisticated enough to be worn at a formal event like a wedding.

  2. With Pumps, please keep in mind that you don't wear them out the first time, you should have walked in them for like two weeks or more before thinking of flaunting them.

  3. Like your diet, you must change heels every three months, or if you love buying them, then have one pair of all the above.

  4. It is quite challenging to adjust your feet in a cone heel; the odds of falling in a cone heel are more than that in a high heel.

  5. When you are off to your first date, make sure you don't wear wedges, as they are not the formal kind, especially if you want to make an impression.

  6. If you are mixing and matching an outfit with shoes, be sure that you know how to do it. Otherwise, your mom is your best friend; take her help.

  7. When you are not sure which heels to wear, go for Kitten Heels.

  8. The height of Platform heels is considered improper, and it increases problems in your knees. And also, it's very easy to sprain your ankles.



Though I may have been setting some standards for wearing heels that do not at all mean, you can't be who you are, and as far as heels are concerned, there's one for every kind of feet, so you must know how to enjoy in them before buying.

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