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Winter wear for women

2020 Essentials: Winter wear for women

Fashion Weeks are over and they dropped some major styles we should be looking out for this winter and potentially next.  2019 winter is almost here and you already know what you are going to wear throughout the season. Hence, we are not going to talk about it anymore. We are going to talk about 2020. I know what you are thinking...   '2020 is not even here!' But girl, if you want to make a fashion statement you should be prepared. And trust me, honey,  this is the best...
on October 13, 2019
Fashion Trends to Take Along With You in 2020

Fashion Trends to Take Along With You in 2020

Hey Guys! I hope you are doing good and lookin' smoking. No? Why not? Life is too short to wear boring clothes. So dress up, Cinderella, and chin up!    What is fashion? Long blonde hair, tight tiny dress, high heels, red lipstick? The answer here is yes and no. yes, if that's what you are feeling, that's what you want to express because that's what fashion is. Quoting Blair Waldorf, Queen B, "Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's a movement, design, and architecture all in one....
on October 10, 2019