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woman wearing black lace dress

21 Sensuous Black Outfit Ideas For Woman

Black is a vibrant shade that makes even a plain tee and shorts seem chic. This color can be worn head to toe without appearing like a costume. All black fashion is not only for solid black items. You can wear stripes, polka dots, textures, and detailed prints in black, charcoal grey, or even white. A black garment can look very striking. You can have cute and girly, grungey, or chic black in your wardrobe. It's versatile, coordinates almost everything, and always looks grand.  Are you proceeding out to a...
on February 18, 2020
woman wearing a short skirt

16 Best Types Of Skirts.

Drape a new pattern on legs every day.     So who doesn't love wearing skirts, from small girls to older women? The skirt is one of those pieces of clothing any woman can carry out with ease. And they are available in such a wide variety that you can't say you don't like. Plus, they come in handy, and you can always redesign them according to your comfort level. But before we get to know what are the best skirts that you can wear this year, it's essential to...
on February 14, 2020
woman driving a vintage car

An Exquisite Guide For Vintage Shopping

  What is Vintage Style?  Vintage is a colloquial term often used to describe all kinds of styles used in the olden times. Vintage style is often called the classic style, too, because of it being timeless. It's something that people can still put on, and it will never be out of fashion.    Mentioned Bellow Are Some Vintage  Styles.   1. Accessories.     There are certain kinds of accessories that give you an exact look from the oldest popular styles. Now there were many wears styles too as...
on February 12, 2020
woman wearing graphic tee with denim shorts

10 Fancy Ways To Style A Graphic Tee.

    A Tee is something that reflects the inner color of yours. It can be bold-colored, straps, stripes, boxy, and much more. We can't know the exact number in which we can style our tee. Tee is something that is a comfy companion for all age people. You can't deny the facts of the tee and its advantages. When you are in a hurry and rushing for some event where you need to look good, a tee is your ultimate savior there. Even a tee is the most comfortable...
on February 10, 2020
woman wearing black plazzo

15 Crazy Ways To Style Plazzo Pants

    Checking the wardrobe and searching for what to wear? Skinny jeans would be too tight for hot scorching summer or shorts may give you tan. So, what’s the option left to wear? Finally, palazzo pants, but confused about how to pair them and look classy along with beating the heat as well.  Palazzo pants aren’t the thing that looks weird. It gives you the most stylish look without wearing short clothes. Palazzo pants have gained popularity from the mid-60s and 70s and now are back in the fashion...
on January 31, 2020
women dressed up

38 Best Fashion Trends Of The Decade.

Fashion changes faster than people do. Trends come in, and trends go out, it is a cycle that is on repeat. You never know which trend is actually dead and which trend will make a comeback anytime soon. Honestly, it is tough to keep up with fashion and its trends.  2010-2019 was a hell of a decade. We saw the comeback of the 80s and the 90s trends. We saw major brands shutting down. We welcomed body inclusivity and so much more.    Trends That Stood Out The Most. A...
on January 27, 2020
leaves of different shades hanging on a rope

15 Trending Pantone Colors Of The Year 2020

   Pantone's pick is one of the most awaited events of the year. As it's the year 2020 showtime, embrace for some new colors pop that is going to trend in this season in the fashion industry. Whether it is fashion runways, trending fashion wear, or Instagram, you will see these colors almost everywhere, fashion is. From Millennial Pink, ultraviolet, and living coral, these colors speak the essence of the 2020 year, which is all about youthful colors.  There are standout colors as well as transition colors. These colors are...
on January 25, 2020
fashion for women

40 Best Fashion Tips And Guidelines

Every person has a different perspective on fashion. We always need tips and advice on fashion and style from people, fashionistas, stylists, or designers to look the best. It is difficult for a beginner to style in such a way to look confident and gorgeous enough. There are a plethora of styling rules and tricks which keep on changing over time. The people accept some trends while some go failure. You have to develop your sense of personal style. We are providing you with a guide for people like you...
on January 05, 2020
mannequins wearing different outfits

10 Funky Holiday Looks!

A holiday is a day kept aside by law either on account of religious festivals, Sabbath day, or a memorial on some great person death. Holidays are special not just because we can relax and have time for ourselves but also because we can do things that we left behind or kept postponing. However nowadays the world is moving so fast in terms of food, technology, culture that people hardly have time to relax. And after working like crazy for hours and days, people set off for Holiday to different...
on January 03, 2020
t-shirts hanging in a row

8 Funky T-Shirts For Plus Size Fashion

Fashion is for all, and all that matters is how well you can carry off pieces from your fashion collection. With clothing trends changing possibly as soon as it can, it does get tough to keep up with it. Sometimes, it is also tricky to match your body and personality type with the ongoing fashion.  However, breaking stereotypes is one of the best things that happened to this generation. Fashion brands from all over the world are promoting plus size fashion, runway models are slaying with that curvaceous body, and...
on December 01, 2019
Woman dressed for karwa chauth

10 Exquisite Outfits For Karwa Chauth

    Karwa Chauth is a popular one day fast and Hindu festival primarily celebrated in Northern states of India. This year karwa Chauth is on the 4th of November. The festival has historical origins; one of the theory says that it was kept for the safety of the soldiers who were out in the warfare so that they return safely to theirs. The present-day people have elongated it means to celebrate it with great pomp and show for the long life of their husbands. So the fasting starts with...
on November 23, 2019
Ladies wearing western dresses

12 Exclusive Western Dresses For Casual Outings

Western Dresses have become a significant part of our day to life. If you are not in an institution where you are required to wear a specific kind of dress, you would want to get going. Now when you say western dresses, there is a lot for every occasion. Especially there might be a limited variety of clothing for tea parties or a Ball, but there are way too many options when it comes to dressing for casual occasions. And the good thing is that you can always experiment with...
on November 22, 2019