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40 Best Fashion Tips And Guidelines

Every person has a different perspective on fashion. We always need tips and advice on fashion and style from people, fashionistas, stylists, or designers to look the best. It is difficult for a beginner to style in such a way to look confident and gorgeous enough. There are a plethora of styling rules and tricks which keep on changing over time. The people accept some trends while some go failure. You have to develop your sense of personal style. We are providing you with a guide for people like you...
on January 05, 2020
mannequins wearing different outfits

10 Funky Holiday Looks!

A holiday is a day kept aside by law either on account of religious festivals, Sabbath day, or a memorial on some great person death. Holidays are special not just because we can relax and have time for ourselves but also because we can do things that we left behind or kept postponing. However nowadays the world is moving so fast in terms of food, technology, culture that people hardly have time to relax. And after working like crazy for hours and days, people set off for Holiday to different...
on January 03, 2020
t-shirts hanging in a row

8 Funky T-Shirts For Plus Size Fashion

Fashion is for all, and all that matters is how well you can carry off pieces from your fashion collection. With clothing trends changing possibly as soon as it can, it does get tough to keep up with it. Sometimes, it is also tricky to match your body and personality type with the ongoing fashion.  However, breaking stereotypes is one of the best things that happened to this generation. Fashion brands from all over the world are promoting plus size fashion, runway models are slaying with that curvaceous body, and...
on December 01, 2019
Woman dressed for karwa chauth

10 Exquisite Outfits For Karwa Chauth

    Karwa Chauth is a popular one day fast and Hindu festival primarily celebrated in Northern states of India. This year karwa Chauth is on the 4th of November. The festival has historical origins; one of the theory says that it was kept for the safety of the soldiers who were out in the warfare so that they return safely to theirs. The present-day people have elongated it means to celebrate it with great pomp and show for the long life of their husbands. So the fasting starts with...
on November 23, 2019
Ladies wearing western dresses

12 Exclusive Western Dresses For Casual Outings

Western Dresses have become a significant part of our day to life. If you are not in an institution where you are required to wear a specific kind of dress, you would want to get going. Now when you say western dresses, there is a lot for every occasion. Especially there might be a limited variety of clothing for tea parties or a Ball, but there are way too many options when it comes to dressing for casual occasions. And the good thing is that you can always experiment with...
on November 22, 2019
woman wearing floral print shirt jeans

6 Trendy Retro Looks For Women

Fashion is a weird concept, the last week's look has no value, but a 90s look is at the top of the chart! In 2019 we saw the ultimate fashion revolution, more than one 80s-90s style came back and stayed as the top trends. The term 'old-fashioned' isn't used anymore. It is either 'vintage' or 'retro'. Well, it was during the 1960s when the term 'retro' was first used to describe some specific modes or techniques of the past. The word 'retro' is associated with many things, such as fashion,...
on November 21, 2019
woman wearing anarkali kurta

16 Trendy Kurta Desings For Women

Whether you are an office goer or a college student, or you want to attend a simple family function or the festive season as it is on the way wearing kurta or Kurtis has acquired not just traditional look but has also become the mark of slaying your attitude with style and considering any Indian woman's wardrobe not having kurta is not worth at all. To have festive and traditional vibes wearing kurta is a must to make these vibes even more energetic and add vibrancy to your elegance. "comfort"...
on November 19, 2019
Different anarkali's made worn by Aishwariya Rai Bacchan

8 Quick Picks For Anarkali Suits

Do you know where the name comes from or Who was Anarkali? Take a guess! If you aren’t so much of a history lover, let me tell you, Anarkali suits got their name after Anarkali- a renounced mistress from Mughal Akbar’s court. She had a trailing and dazzling beauty to herself and complexion like a pomegranate. (On a side note, Anarkali means a petal of the pomegranate blossom.) Source: The Telling Story    It was adopted from the royal emperor era where her love story turned into a tragedy which,...
on November 14, 2019
Top 10 Graphic Designs For Gym

Top 10 Graphic Designs For Gym

Bold texts and never give up kind of quotes for motivation to do one more repetition. When you fail to achieve what you want to, reading those quotes again and again and getting back up for just one more set, this is what energizes while working it out. This is what inspires us to do work out and give us confidence not to give up. In the world of growing businesses, the fitness industry is the upcoming business growing at a very fast pace. Making people aware of being fit is...
on November 03, 2019
Outfits To Try Out In Gym

10+ Outfits To Try Out In Gym

Did it ever occur to you that you have somewhere to go but you have nothing to wear? To be honest, you have many clothes but none fits your idea of the perfect outfit for wherever you are going.  And 'nothing to wear' is a curse upon all of us. Same thing with going to the gym. It is already so hard to convince ourselves to make a gym membership and over the top, all gym outfits seem so grey. But are they anymore? The sportswear brands have been stepping up...
on November 02, 2019
5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

Knee deep in new purchases from yet another impromptu shopping trip? Find your self gravitating towards sales before you even know it? Think you might be a shopaholic? Here are some signs to confirm your suspicions one way or another. It’s probably safe to say that almost all of us like to engage in the occasional bout of retail therapy; an impulse buys or two maybe even a full-blown shopping spree on special occasions. But there are those to whom shopping nothing shy of compulsion, nay actual religion, and these...
on November 01, 2019
10 Ways To Go Funky This Season

10 Ways To Go Funky This Season

  Are You a Fashion enthusiast? Do you think you can be a fashion role model for your friends and family? Then you need a bit updated fashion sense to go funky with this season. A fashionista can never be boring. So, try to be a little bit of yourself always. Your fashion sense lies in your wardrobe. So, discover what lies on the wardrobe being unused then follow some simple fashion rule. We know you are much stylish with the latest style and trend. Then why be a follower...
on October 30, 2019