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8 Funky T-Shirts For Plus Size Fashion

Fashion is for all, and all that matters is how well you can carry off pieces from your fashion collection. With clothing trends changing possibly as soon as it can, it does get tough to keep up with it. Sometimes, it is also tricky to match your body and personality type with the ongoing fashion.  However, breaking stereotypes is one of the best things that happened to this generation. Fashion brands from all over the world are promoting plus size fashion, runway models are slaying with that curvaceous body, and...
on December 01, 2019
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Plus Size Fashion Guide

Fashion has moved forward. It is thinking beyond the line of skinny models, it is thinking 'body inclusive'. 2019 is the time when we are seeing the fashion industry making changes, thinking about everyone and every body type. The brands putting X from one to six on their runways, campaigning girls that are not skinny or a size zero and with people all over the world encouraging this new era we could see the decrease in the rate of body shaming. 2019 was the ultimate year of fashion evolution, and...
on November 30, 2019