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woman wearing white dress and white shoes

20 Bright All White Outfit Ideas!

Are you confused about what to wear? Whether it is summer or winter, A pure white garment is vital. All-white outfits are one of the chicest iterations. White always has an attractive look that can work for multiple occasions and seasons; everyone can pull it off and look gorgeous. Wearing whites will instantly get you a very fresh image and will look truly elegant. For endless inspiration, we turn to some of our favorite stylish celebs to see how they're styling their all-white outfits this season. Scroll below to emulate...
on February 16, 2020
woman wearing graphic tee with denim shorts

10 Fancy Ways To Style A Graphic Tee.

    A Tee is something that reflects the inner color of yours. It can be bold-colored, straps, stripes, boxy, and much more. We can't know the exact number in which we can style our tee. Tee is something that is a comfy companion for all age people. You can't deny the facts of the tee and its advantages. When you are in a hurry and rushing for some event where you need to look good, a tee is your ultimate savior there. Even a tee is the most comfortable...
on February 10, 2020
Plus size ladies wearing different types of outfit

Plus Size Fashion Guide

Fashion has moved forward. It is thinking beyond the line of skinny models, it is thinking 'body inclusive'. 2019 is the time when we are seeing the fashion industry making changes, thinking about everyone and every body type. The brands putting X from one to six on their runways, campaigning girls that are not skinny or a size zero and with people all over the world encouraging this new era we could see the decrease in the rate of body shaming. 2019 was the ultimate year of fashion evolution, and...
on November 30, 2019
woman wearing floral print shirt jeans

6 Trendy Retro Looks For Women

Fashion is a weird concept, the last week's look has no value, but a 90s look is at the top of the chart! In 2019 we saw the ultimate fashion revolution, more than one 80s-90s style came back and stayed as the top trends. The term 'old-fashioned' isn't used anymore. It is either 'vintage' or 'retro'. Well, it was during the 1960s when the term 'retro' was first used to describe some specific modes or techniques of the past. The word 'retro' is associated with many things, such as fashion,...
on November 21, 2019
Full sleeve tattoo

13 Exquisite Tattoos For Women

Tattoos are an ancient form of body modification. At the beginning of the time, tattoos have initially been a sign of belonging to specific ethnic groups. At present, tattoos are more of a self-expression and a form of art. According to the current statistics, it has been concluded that women are getting inked more often than men. Tattoos may look 'fancy' and 'cool' it has many side effects. Sometimes infection and hypersensitivity whereas sometimes regret. If you have any skin problems, it is suggested that you talk to your doctor...
on November 18, 2019
Ways to Wear Lehenga on Wedding

13 Ways to Wear Lehenga on Wedding

Source: Youtube So is your best friend getting married? Your sister? The long lost cousin? Or you are? Whom so ever is celebrating their day, you want to dress in the appropriate Indian attire and look your gorgeous self. Don’t worry, we got you covered whether you are buying them ready ones or getting them to tailor-made for that special one. So let’s get to it!   Things you think about Let us answer the simpler questions first. Know how big the ceremony is going to be so you know...
on November 11, 2019
5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

5 Signs You’re a Shopaholic

Knee deep in new purchases from yet another impromptu shopping trip? Find your self gravitating towards sales before you even know it? Think you might be a shopaholic? Here are some signs to confirm your suspicions one way or another. It’s probably safe to say that almost all of us like to engage in the occasional bout of retail therapy; an impulse buys or two maybe even a full-blown shopping spree on special occasions. But there are those to whom shopping nothing shy of compulsion, nay actual religion, and these...
on November 01, 2019
Cool Sneakers

4 Unique Ways To Try Sneakers With Dress Combinations in 2020

Hey, are you the ones who like to brag their shopping bags on social media? Or you are the local fashion blogger of your area which is the typical trending way in which teenagers are acting on social media. No, I am not going to lecture on social media and today’s generation. What I want to remind you is that summers are around the corner and if you want to save yourself from the typical summer morning where you are confused between fashion and comfort, then scroll down, this article...
on October 31, 2019
10 Ways To Go Funky This Season

10 Ways To Go Funky This Season

  Are You a Fashion enthusiast? Do you think you can be a fashion role model for your friends and family? Then you need a bit updated fashion sense to go funky with this season. A fashionista can never be boring. So, try to be a little bit of yourself always. Your fashion sense lies in your wardrobe. So, discover what lies on the wardrobe being unused then follow some simple fashion rule. We know you are much stylish with the latest style and trend. Then why be a follower...
on October 30, 2019
Best Party Outfits - When? Where? And What to Wear?

Best Party Outfits - When? Where? And What to Wear?

  The season of parties is on the way be it Diwali, bachelorette, freshers, farewell, Christmas, etc. We all are very much excited about the parties. Some of us start dreaming about how we will look and how to enjoy the party with dance, drinks, music, and fun too. Many of us got stuck on the idea of what we should wear to a particular party. So, don’t stress too much. Here are some of the best party outfit ideas you can follow to look more gorgeous and have stunning...
on October 14, 2019
15 Classics Wear That Will Never Go Out Of Style

15 Classics Wear That Will Never Go Out Of Style

A Non-fashionista will tell you that fashion is easy, you just put some trendy clothes and shoes on and you are good to go. They do not understand why all the fuss. Let me tell you why! Fashion is very capricious. You may slay a style today and get laughed at tomorrow. It does not take much time for a trend to be 'so-last-week'. I mean just think about those colorful jeans in 2012. Yikes!  Over the top, before spending your money on the latest trend you have to think,...
on October 09, 2019
25 Classics Wearables That Never Go Off Fashion

25 Classics Wearables That Never Go Off Fashion

Isn't that outdated? A friend mocked another. We have used this phrase some time or the other in our life but what we don't realize is that there are some evergreen classics which are there in every field like songs, cricket, etc. In the world where things are changing rapidly and the technology has proven that your imagination can turn into reality. The same thing goes with our fashion industry where with each passing day your trendy or "fashionable" looks are becoming outdated. BUT elegance or grace never changes.  ...
on October 05, 2019