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student reading a book

16 Ravishing Outfits For College.

Trust me when I say this, I know the struggle of looking fabulous while being broke. Ugh, college days! Finding a perfect 'college outfit' every day for three years straight...
on March 11, 2020
leaves of different shades hanging on a rope

15 Trending Pantone Colors Of The Year 2020

   Pantone's pick is one of the most awaited events of the year. As it's the year 2020 showtime, embrace for some new colors pop that is going to trend...
on January 25, 2020
woman in pink sweater and a skirt

Best Of 2019 - 10 Amazing Trends!

If you are a fashion-friendly person, then you should be updated with every fashion trend. Sometimes we take influences from the ongoing trend. But that's not cool for everywhere. Try...
on January 07, 2020
10 Happening Beard Styles For 2020

10 Happening Beard Styles For 2020

    From Ranveer Singh to Shah Rukh Khan, a beard can never get old fashioned. Even it comes with a new trend every year. Guys have a fascination for...
on December 25, 2019
Wedding Apparels

Latest Wedding Apparels!

    Want a unique look in the wedding diaries? Stylistically, weddings are stuffed with drama, stories and much more. All the traditional functions are much formal to cover yourself...
on December 17, 2019
Lace fabric for suit

Top 10 Trending Salwar Suits

  Salwar suits are sometimes called salwar kameez or salwar kurta or Punjabi suit, Primarily because it has been worn in certain cultures. It's a traditionally worn dress in Central...
on December 08, 2019
A Colorful Sleeve Tattoo

17 Unique Tattoos Styles For Men

Today, the act of getting tattooed has been pretty normalized by us and our society. Not to say everybody accepts them, but most do. Getting a tattoo possessed a rebellious...
on November 15, 2019
40 Best and Trending Couple Tee Designs

40 Best and Trending Couple Tee Designs

Do you love someone? The one who looks at you like nobody else does! The one who understands you better than others, and the one who becomes insane and stupid...
on November 06, 2019
Outfits To Try Out In Gym

10+ Outfits To Try Out In Gym

Did it ever occur to you that you have somewhere to go but you have nothing to wear? To be honest, you have many clothes but none fits your idea...
on November 02, 2019
Top 10 Haircuts Styles For Girls

Top 10 Haircuts Styles For Girls

So be honest with me for a second or just humor me. How many of you have tried to cut your hair to get bangs or layers or any other...
on October 08, 2019