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A Colorful Sleeve Tattoo

17 Unique Tattoos Styles For Men

Today, the act of getting tattooed has been pretty normalized by us and our society. Not to say everybody accepts them, but most do. Getting a tattoo possessed a rebellious vibe and set a kind of tone to a being's personality. I mean it should too! You are getting something that you'll be keeping for the rest of your life, and your mindset makes you believe that you won't get tired or bored of watching it your whole life, and that's a robust notion. It will prove right for a...
on November 15, 2019
40 Best and Trending Couple Tee Designs

40 Best and Trending Couple Tee Designs

Do you love someone? The one who looks at you like nobody else does! The one who understands you better than others, and the one who becomes insane and stupid with you! Do you both love to do something amusing? Being with someone and spending some valuable time with them is a personal feeling. Some couples are shy enough to show their love in public, while some may be free enough to express their mutual love and happiness. You always plan on looking the most attractive when you are with...
on November 06, 2019
Outfits To Try Out In Gym

10+ Outfits To Try Out In Gym

Did it ever occur to you that you have somewhere to go but you have nothing to wear? To be honest, you have many clothes but none fits your idea of the perfect outfit for wherever you are going.  And 'nothing to wear' is a curse upon all of us. Same thing with going to the gym. It is already so hard to convince ourselves to make a gym membership and over the top, all gym outfits seem so grey. But are they anymore? The sportswear brands have been stepping up...
on November 02, 2019
Top 10 Haircuts Styles For Girls

Top 10 Haircuts Styles For Girls

So be honest with me for a second or just humor me. How many of you have tried to cut your hair to get bangs or layers or any other cut by yourself? Kudos to you daredevils. I love you guys because you never back down from a challenge, you love exploring, and have the guts to do take risks. If you regret it, don’t? I am not advocating for people to cut their hairs here, there are professionals to help us, but the sense of adventure that you shouldn’t...
on October 08, 2019