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Aishwariya Rai In Fanney Khan

20 Bollywood Movie Fashion That Changed The Game.

Bollywood has inspired trends down the ages. Bollywood movies and stars who completely changed the fashion statement. 
on April 24, 2020
Tiffniy Haddish

10 Iconic Clothing Styles From Classic Hollywood Movies.

Iconic fashion from Hollywood movies. Hollywood is the hub of fashion, and when it comes to the time of the female way, Hollywood is irreplaceable.
on April 22, 2020
Skirt with pocket

16 Luscious Ways To Wear A Maxi Skirt

Maxi skirts are back with a bang and have become a wardrobe essential. Maxi skirts are tight at the waist and fall to the ground. It is flowy, lightweight, and...
on March 01, 2020
woman wearing vibe with me t-shirt

10 Exciting Slogan T-Shirt's For Women

T-shirts have a long history starting from the 19th century. So the invention of a T-shirt goes back to the labourers who cut their jumpsuits into half to feel relieved...
on December 05, 2019
man sitting wearing a suit

12 Best Variations For Bottom Wear

    It’s not hard to pass all the day checking the options and keeping it in the wish list and not to buy. Student life is all about it....
on November 26, 2019
Best Trending Slangs Graphic Tees

25 Best Trending Slangs Graphic Tees

  If you are from India, it is a common known fact that here, almost all sentences are incomplete without a slang. Speaking these special words is an addiction to...
on November 13, 2019
Top 30 Bikini Trends in Bollywood

Top 30 Bikini Trends in Bollywood

Bikini, swimsuits, tankinis and more! So far in stars like Kareena Kapoor, Radhika Apte and Alia Bhatt have all been spotted showing their forms in chic swimwear. The second the...
on November 09, 2019
Cool Sneakers

4 Unique Ways To Try Sneakers With Dress Combinations in 2020

Hey, are you the ones who like to brag their shopping bags on social media? Or you are the local fashion blogger of your area which is the typical trending...
on October 31, 2019
15+ Unique Blouse Neck Designs - Bazarville

15+ Unique Blouse Neck Designs

INTRODUCTION The blouse is a piece of clothing that is worn over your waist. It has a vast history. During the Victorian era, blouses were a typical lose wear for...
on October 29, 2019
10 Things You Must Have For Summer Holidays - Bazarville

10 Things You Must Have For Summer Holidays

Students around the globe wait for this one season throughout the year. Schools are over, Unis are all closed, it is such a happy time. If you ignore the temperature...
on October 25, 2019

30 Best T-Shirts Everyone Must Try

You may own and carry a lot of many T-shirts. The excitement when you slip into your comfy T-shirt is one of the most immeasurable feelings in the world. There...
on October 22, 2019

Top 10 Trending Graphic Tees in 2020

  A Fashion That Speaks For Itself -- GRAPHIC TEEs!! With the fashion industry booming with the culture of curating customized and personalized graphic tees, we cannot help but become...
on October 12, 2019