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17 Unique Tattoos Styles For Men

Today, the act of getting tattooed has been pretty normalized by us and our society. Not to say everybody accepts them, but most do. Getting a tattoo possessed a rebellious vibe and set a kind of tone to a being's personality. I mean it should too! You are getting something that you'll be keeping for the rest of your life, and your mindset makes you believe that you won't get tired or bored of watching it your whole life, and that's a robust notion. It will prove right for a few or you and not so much for the rest.

Being said that I want you to think two more times after you think you've decided because it is a PERMANENT tattoo sure you can get a cover-up or the tattoo can be removed too if you hate/regret it so much. But still, think about it extra hard before you get inked.

After you've thought as many times I've told you to and maybe hopefully more if you still want one, you want to start thinking about what you want and where. Again this is also something you want to let it set in your brains for a while so that ten years down the lane, you don't go shredding it off! Here are some awesome tattoo ideas that you can get or to fuel your thinking process.


7 Unique Tattoo Styles

Here are the unique tattoo styles men can try out:


1. Small Tattoos

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Big doesn't necessarily mean better. It just means big. Smaller tattoos can be as loud, but you don't need to get your entire chest painted for that. These tattoos are possible to be covered up if and when required. But yeah, also you might want to keep in mind that smaller the tattoo, the faster it will smudge as you age. Most tattoo artists don't prefer doing smaller tattoos.

2. Sleeve Tattoos

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These tattoos give the illusion that you are wearing sleeves is why they are called sleeve tattoos. It covers your entire arm from shoulder to your wrist and is a mixture of multiple tattoos, which are made to look like just 1. These tattoos are trending today as more and more singers and footballers are getting it done.


3. Meaningful Tattoos

Source: Men's Tattoos Ideas

One of my cousin's best friend passed away in a car accident. He got his initial inked on the chest close to his heart, so to make sure he never lets go of him. Tattoos that mean something to you, you'll never regret those usually! It shows that something moved you so much that you got it engraved on your self.

4. Artistic Tattoos

Source: Next Luxury

 If you have a specific or just your heart set on the fact that you want an artsy tattoo to know that it's going to be expensive because you do NEED to go to a good tattoo parlor or these tattoos can go wrong so fast!

5. Animal Tattoos

Source: Improb

Are you channeling a lion's strength or a badass dragon fire vibe? Animal tattoos might be your thing. If you strongly feel your spiritual animal leaping at you, then get under the needle and get it detailed on you!


6. Portrait Tattoos

Source: Tattoosme

Ever seen a baby or a face drawn on somebody's chest, arm, back? It usually their child or a person that they so worship and have honored by getting their portraits printed on themselves. If you have a role model or that ideal person that you always look up to, go for it, get tattooed.

7. Quoting Tattoos

Source: Tattoo Models

Some people have strong opinions about certain things and need them to be heard. Or maybe just a favorite quote that you firmly relate to so that people will read this tattoo and get an idea about you. These tattoos not only read what they say, the font, the style, the position also say a lot. I have a tattoo on my chest from the Harry Potter series, meaning- Until the very end, and I have had it for four years now, and I don't love it!

One more significant question is, where? Where do you want it? Knuckles, neck, behind the ear, shoulders, chest, forearm, back, inner wrist, calves? If you don't yet know, I advise you to glance at the map of the amount of pain you might feel in particular areas. Like if you are super sensitive, you might not want to get poked on your chest for like hours.

Source: Wild Tattoo Art



  1. Tribal Tattoo.

  2. Skull Tattoo.

  3. Music Tattoo.

  4. Mandala Tattoo.

  5. Finger Print Tattoo.

  6. Arrow Tattoo.

  7. Compass Tattoo.

  8. Zodiac Tattoo

  9. Knuckle Tattoo.

  10. Geometric Tattoo.



Let me bring to your attention. Article 25 of 'The Bro Code.' It explicitly states, "A Bro doesn't let another Bro get a tattoo, particularly a tattoo of a girl's name." So guys, protect your Bros. Don't let them make that mistake. They'll be forever grateful to you!

Try new things. You might want to get a temporary tattoo of the design you think you want in the place you want and see if you are sure about it! I mean, that's what I did. Other than that, happy inking!

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