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Top 10 Graphic Designs For Gym

Bold texts and never give up kind of quotes for motivation to do one more repetition. When you fail to achieve what you want to, reading those quotes again and again and getting back up for just one more set, this is what energizes while working it out. This is what inspires us to do work out and give us confidence not to give up. In the world of growing businesses, the fitness industry is the upcoming business growing at a very fast pace.

Making people aware of being fit is one concern while besides being fit, they want to be more energetic and attractive figure is the other major center of attraction to build their dream body. To be at the top of your business you have to do the branding of your company, so graphics, logos are required for this.

Branding requiring logs and unique tagline to attract customers is a major attraction attracting sponsors and customers as well.


Let's get started.

Here are the top 10 graphic ideas you can use for marketing, branding, on a website and also make your work out place attractive one:


1. Bold text

Bold, dark, thick texts along with thick lines symbolize power, strength inoculates new energy within a person. Thin lines or low scale alphabet texts show nature, adds compliment and majorly used for feminine body and power.


2. Fitness driven pictures

“We memorize what we see”. Pictures have a great impact on the psychology of any person. Pictures of bodybuilders or a six-pack abs man, a slim fit woman are used in the fitness industry. So, you to target the audience by selecting the right poster. They boast confidence within a person for their ability to do things and also for marketing purpose you can use real client transformation photos to make others feel motivated and self- driven to achieve their targets.

3. San serif texts 

San serif texts are also used in this industry. They add a slight inclination for female fitness, about their curves and beauty. They also add more attraction and self- driven motivation within a person.


4. Color Selecting

Color Selecting a color for the place is also an important related to graphics. Warm colors are preferred more over light colors. long thick black or white lines, texts in darker shades, tints, and hues. But for color contrast and combination one have to proper research on what color means what. So, a proper know; edge about all these things will add more impression to your place.


5. Motivating Quotes

Quotes are written in thick texts that give a message not to give up and do everything with your full potential. Such enthusiastic quotes are the latest trend for gym areas. This will add more motivation and rejuvenate energy within.


6. Unique tag line

Unique tag line and gym name “Stop not, get up and push hard” – bodyholic such kind of tag lines and gym name will make it more attractive and helps in the limelight branding of your gym. The creative logo of the gym name will add a plus point to add your clients.


7. Aerobic section

Every gym has this section what we call is aerobics or a cardio section. Pictures depicting enthusiastic performers or role models known for their fitness will work as a source of energy for the clients.


8. Simplicity and Sustainability

They say” less is more", “simplicity lasts forever” so, the use of eye-catchy short words rather than long sentences will attract the audience more providing the desired motivation in fewer sayings.


9. Hand-drawn Graphics


Hand-drawn art never goes out of fashion. They give the feel of being self-made, inoculates new steam of energy within a person. They symbolize originality, uniqueness, providing the message to be your ad not to copy others.


10. Asymmetric Layouts

“Some things don't ask for the attention they automatically grab yours", this is what we usually experience. The asymmetric layout will give the area more kinetics and an aura of energy will infuse grabbing more attention.


Quick Tips

  1. Make a brand name.

  2. Marketing with unique logos and tag line.

  3. Add bold text with thick lines.

  4. San serif texts will add more energy to the area.

  5. Fitness driven pictures are more important.

  6. Add motivating quotes to the aerobic section.

  7. Have knowledge of the meaning of different colors.



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