Top 10 Trending Graphic Tees in 2020


A Fashion That Speaks For Itself -- GRAPHIC TEEs!!

With the fashion industry booming with the culture of curating customized and personalized graphic tees, we cannot help but become fanatics over the quirk and fun elements that you can easily add to your styling with graphics and prints that put forward your favorite slang, texts or images. A fashion trend that is highly relatable to your very own self but at the same time can do the work of making you look unique and stand out in the crowd. A perfect off-duty dressing should look effortless, yet stylish and graphic tees are doing exactly this.

From international fashion houses to Indian Brands, sports teams, YouTubers, content creators, everyone seems to have lovingly adapted this trend and have floated their own graphic tees and merch in the market making the fever of graphics go all the way up. If this is something of your interest, here is the list of trending graphic tees to help you get sorted with getting one for yourself so that you match with the vibe of the season and look your fashionable best.


Top 10 Trending Graphic Tees

Here are Top 10 Trending Graphic Tees:

1. How's the Josh

With the release of Bollywood film Uri-The surgical strike, this dialogue was a major hit, however when PM Modi addressed the mass during the inauguration of the National Museum of Indian cinema asking the audience, How’s the josh, this one made national headlines. Since then, it has been spoken and loved in abundance. This phrase is one of the trendiest running phrases of the season and can make you look all up to date in the fashion world. Get yourself one, if you too are in love with it as the whole nation. 


2. Batman

A classic graphic that imprints the Batman classic logo. Like the love and admiration can never end for the superhero Batman, similarly, it is hard to ignore this logo. An original design of American DC comic, this one has the style and class to become one popular logo with the great heroic legacy that comes with it. Famous Unisexually, everyone seems to love wearing this.  A versatile, simple and smart tee that you easily pair and rock with your denim and other wardrobe basics to make it a style on the go.


3. Bosslady

In an era of start-ups and entrepreneurs, this one is for women's power. A perfect hashtag that encourages and empowers the women who are all set to successfully make their way into the tough and competitive business world! This one is perfect to amalgamate your business and fashion gaols together. Gift it to someone or buy it for yourself and let your attitude to pursue your dream endlessly be spoken up by the tee itself!


4. Couple Tees

A graphic tee perfect for living and wearing #couplegoals life. This comes in a variety of texts and graphics that you can choose from (Wifey/Hubby) (Mr/Mrs) (King, Queen) (Begum/Baadshah). With such graphic tee, the experience to share the same fashion comes to life. This makes an ideal type of tee to wear when both of you feel like twining on special days such as an anniversary or special dates/occasions.  Get it and make your day more memorable. 


5. Dab, Dab

This one step has been a rock on. In all the parties, gatherings, teams, group photographs you will see people performing the step of dabbing and dabbing. This one is the coolest and trendiest step that you can get imprinted on your tee with loads of options to choose from such as dabbing panda, dabbing cat, etc. If you also happen to love performing the step, get your hands on it. Wear it and set major coolness goals next time you walk out wearing it.


6. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

All the PUBG players will not only relate to this but will love to wear this. PUBG has now become a legendary game and people from all age groups are into it. A line from this game too has gained much of the popularity. if you are on the search of finding one famous and quirky slang, pick this one up. This phrase is getting thumbs up in the graphic tee fashion world.


7. Apna Time Aayega

Bollywood love never ends. And for all Bollywood lovers out there, this one is a perfect match. Filled with positive and vibrant vibes, this one is a must-have. It is all about wearing your opinion and needless to say with much proud and confident. This one is inspiring, and it definitely deserves a place in your wardrobe get if you support this ideology too.

8. Sports Jersey

From Supporting your favorite sports team while watching the on-going match or just wearing the tee to show love for your favorite team, this one is for all sports fanatics. Jersey stays in fashion and hardly can go out of the fashion world. When you wear it is sure to add a touch of sports world charm to your regular clothing. Feel sure to stay fashionable and elegant while wearing it.


9. Bhai Kal Se Gym Pakka

We have all seen this. Delaying and postponing, a phase we all have been a part of at some point in time. But the gym is becoming an indispensable part of our generation, this one is definitely a deal maker tee for all those people out there who just love gym or love working out in the gym.


10. Bro

There is no denying the fact that this one word has been the most frequently used word ever. Like the word, its imprinted graphic tees have a touch of swag in It making it the most likable tee amongst the generation. A tee that is here to stay, pick this up when you need to throw it on and leave and at the same time you have an outfit which makes you slay your #graphictee game.



With high personalization and customization available, everyone is sure to find a tee that speaks and represents their ideology or belief that they will love to wear. Not only these graphic tees are the rage in the fashion world, but they also support the freedom for self-expression and opinion. With the above article, we hope you have found some inspiration and cool ideas for getting one made for yourself!
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