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Top 10 Haircuts Styles For Girls

So be honest with me for a second or just humor me. How many of you have tried to cut your hair to get bangs or layers or any other cut by yourself? Kudos to you daredevils. I love you guys because you never back down from a challenge, you love exploring, and have the guts to do take risks. If you regret it, don’t? I am not advocating for people to cut their hairs here, there are professionals to help us, but the sense of adventure that you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new!


Best hairstyles for girls

Here are the top 10 best haircuts for girls


1. Long Layers

Source: Fanpop


This hairstyle is a very liquid haircut. Whatever your age might be, whatever the occasion might be this style has you all covered whether you have a wedding, night in the city, sunny day at the beach. This will fill up your look just the right amount!


2. Shaggy Cut

Source: Hair motive


This hair will have your back whenever you going to war whether it is a fistfight or an altercation. This gives you an edgy and sassy look that will keep you looking young, wild, and free. This look can be carried perfectly with medium and long hair as well. You like Mermaids, right? That’s exactly how you are going to look with this haircut if you have long hair!


3. Decorative Prim Bot

Source: Coolspotters


If your hair doesn’t grow out too soon and you are up for maintaining them and by that, I don’t mean washing them regularly, I mean frequent trips to your barber! And styling them because your hair won’t always look perfect in the mornings. When I got into my first year of college I chopped off 12 inches of my hair (no, I a not crazy, I donated them.) and this is what I was left with but it was difficult because I don’t spend much time combing them let alone styling them. So, good luck mate if you have your heart set on this one!


4. Classic Layers

Source: Wallpaper cave


This hair should be named after hair- ‘The Rachel Green’. If you have this hair or want this hair, I suggest you go and watch Friends’ latter seasons! You’ll get a full-on “How to wear your hair” guide. And you’ll enjoy will learning, who doesn’t like friends?


5. The Messy Job

Source: Style skinner


This is my go-to hairstyle! It is best if you are like me- don’t have enough energy or time to put into styling your hair. If you are like that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to look cute and sexy. This haircut is easy, carefree and just puts up with your schedule AND makes you look on point while doing so.


6. All Around Layers

Source: Pinterest


If you have thick and more volume to your hair, this haircut will control that appearance. Like the name suggests this will give you complete layers, like chopping the length off so not weighing your hair down along with it’s length.


7. Lob With Curtain Bangs

Source: Instyle


If you are into bangs but the subtle ones this is it. Curtain bangs are not that definite and sharp, they ease from your forehead into your hair. They go with short, medium, or long hair and whichever cut you want on the rest of your hair too!


8. Pixie Cut

Source: Hair finder


Into short hair? Have you tried a pixie cut? That just might be your thing if you are ‘Short hair, don’t care’ kind of a person. This hair is really bold and especially today when we are constantly trying to break the gender bias in society. So if you’ve just held on to it because of the cultural norms, Go light it up, girl. Now it is your time!


9. Sparse Layers With Side Bangs

Source: Pinterest


Side bangs again are most frequently used to cover up prominent forehead and add texture to your face. They are lighter than french bangs but heavier than a curtain. It is a kind of a safe bet, you can’t go that wrong with this.


10. Straight Cut

Source: Hair simply


This hair screams simplicity and elegance. Very low maintenance, easy to wear, mellow cut and style. I personally love this one because I don’t like uneven hair lengths. I don’t know why I just feel this is the epitome of health.


Mentions about the haircuts


Source: Allure


Just a few mentions about haircuts along with face-shapes:

  1. Round Face - Straight bob, Long and Straight with a few layers here and there is you want to add texture, Long hair with bangs, Choppy pixie cut

  2. Heart - Lob, Wispy bangs, Face framing layers

  3. Square - Lob with side bangs, Asymmetric bob, Style with a defined side parting

  4. Rectangle - Curtain bangs, Long layers, Keep it wavy or curly

  5. Oval - Bob or Lob, Subtle & minimal layers, Or everything and anything  really

  6. Diamond - Chin length bob, Medium, and long layers, Pulled back ponytail

  7. Triangle - Choppy pixie cut, Light wispy bangs, Short side bangs



Haircuts depend on multiple attributes like the whether you have short hair or long or medium, your hair growth, thickness, volume, how much maintenance can you afford or how much time can you  spend on styling them, whether your natural hair is wavy, curly, or straight, bear in mind your face shape, and much more.. So it’s really up to you. Again, this is an area of expressing yourself so it’s important to be you (or a unicorn/Batman is okay too). Experiment and have fun with your hair. Even if it goes wrong they’ll always grow back. So, why not?

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