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15 Trending Pantone Colors Of The Year 2020


 Pantone's pick is one of the most awaited events of the year. As it's the year 2020 showtime, embrace for some new colors pop that is going to trend in this season in the fashion industry. Whether it is fashion runways, trending fashion wear, or Instagram, you will see these colors almost everywhere, fashion is. From Millennial Pink, ultraviolet, and living coral, these colors speak the essence of the 2020 year, which is all about youthful colors. 

There are standout colors as well as transition colors. These colors are very familiar and relatable. You can enhance, twist, and turn these colors because don't forget the year 2020 is also majorly about personalization. So, combine your creativity and modernity to create some colorful combinations. 

Ready, set, and go, infuse these mentioned colors into your wardrobe and look most fashionable in the upcoming season. 

Pantone trending colors of the fashion industry

Here are the essential and must know the colors of the season enlisted to up your fashion game. 



 1. Faded Denim.

Faded denim is a denim-inspired colored that looks so fashionable. Denim never go out of fashion, and faded denim color is comfortable and versatile. This color gives us a nostalgic feeling, for it has been around the corner from previous fashion centuries. If you want to incorporate some blues to your closet, choose faded denim as it is on the trend list of 2020.




2. Grape Compote.

This is a beautiful cool-toned purple color. It is the most loved shade and had ruled the Instagram and Pinterest, photographs. Be it home decor, furniture, or fashion closets, this color is a hit and is here to stay. Pantone predictions are always on point, so grab and make grape compote part of your collection confidently.



3. Sunlight.

Sunlight resembles a pastel yellow color. It is a soft hue, and if more delicate shades are your cup of tea, this one color is going to be your favorite. With summers and springs around the corner, this pastel yellow color is undoubtedly going to look at the highly suitable and fashionable color of the season. 




4. Coral Pink.

Coral Pink has been doing the rounds for a while now. Coral pink is the royals' favorite. Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth have praised the color already. If you already possess this color from the previous fashion year, time to reuse it and make the most of your purchase. Experiment, mix, and match this color with your other wardrobe pieces. This color is a definite slay color of the time. 




5. Cinnamon Stick.

This is one of the classic colors that have made to the list. Pastel and soft hues are not the only ones making it to the top trend; this color cinnamon stick is a beautiful brown toned shade. This shade is the safest of all, and if you want to splurge, pick this shade, for it is one of the timeless colors that you can own. Incorporate this beautiful shade into your wardrobe closet and fashion accessories. 




6. Orange Peel.

Orange is such a vibrant color that it is a well-deserving color to make it to the list of most deserving Pantone colors of the season. Above, we had specified that 2020 is about mixing matching and making some cool color combinations with your clothes. Orange peel is a perfect shade to help you achieve this aim. Orange peel can work well with neutrals, classics, and even with contrasts. 



7. Mosaic Blue.

While the denim blue is the soft-hued that reminds us of the perfect fashionable time of the 90s. Mosaic blue, on the other hand, is full of mystique vibes. This color is artistic and can be seen in many decorative paintings and other works. This color is highly sophisticated and will make you look and feel most elegant. So, pick this shade if you are looking for something that can help you achieve a flawless and classic look. 




8. Saffron.

Yellow is the color of positivity optimism and celebrations. All the fashion weeks and runways have explicitly involved sun themes, sun rays drawn on eyelids, yellow makeup, and eyeliner. This is the rage of this fashionable color. Spring is synonymous with sun color. To incorporate this color to add some colorful play on your regular or ordinary outfits. You can play with this color and work it out in some of the most creative and fashionable ways. 



7 Bonus Trending Colors.

  1. Biscay green

  2. Flame scarlet

  3. Classic blue

  4. Chive 

  5. Lark

  6. Ash

  7. Brilliant white


Pantone has been the best predictor of colors. These Pantone colors are here to stay and slay the fashion world. You can confidently rely on these colors. Incorporate these fashionable colors in your wardrobe, closet, accessories, and even when you want to add that extra pop of color on your basic outfit. These shades are ranged from soft-hued to deep-colored and then finally to bright and bold colors. You have a high range and plenty of options to choose from this fashion season. With Pantone color choice, you cannot go wrong. So, with the colors mentioned above make the most of this fashion season.

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