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13 Unique Type of Panties

When they say ‘types’ they mean the two that they make: one for regular people like us and the other for the ‘Angels’. So there’s ordinary and then extraordinary. I mean did you see Elsa Hosk last year? She did truly looked like an epitome of perfection rocking that fantasy bra!

Source: Teen Vogue 

Now, under that ordinary category (*rolling eyes*), it branches into 8 more types of types and we are going to look into all of them right now.


The Eight Types

Here are the best types you can try out:


1. High Cut

Source: Only hearts 

This is a legit go-to for me. If you have a little bit of muffin top know what I am talking about, right? These are comfy and holds your love handles in its place. You can wear them with pants, jeans, high waist shorts, and skirts... If you wear them with low-waist anything, they will show! They have full coverage at the back but not necessarily in the front.


2. Brief

Source: Dillard’s 

These are again high waist with so works wonders with our muffin tops and extra consolation with the full coverage in the front and the back! The same rule applies here about how you can wear these as high cuts. These protect you from all kinds of crazy rashes when you wearing tight clothes.


3. Bikini

Source: Bragstore 

This is casual sexy wear. If you are into low waists this is it for you! It at least has medium coverage. You can wear them with your everyday clothing and you can wear them without worry whether it will show from the back. Jeans, pants, skirts… everything rolls here! They do get their name from the beach bikinis because that’s what they are like just better and more easeful material into making here.


4. Hipster

Source: Adore Me 


These have a sporty cut aka takes your shape and adjusts to it. Usually has a thick band and just attaches to your body lining and I don't mean in a sticky manner. It moves when you move. And guess what? Full coverage front and back, wider coverage on the sides too! Gym lovers, here is your style! Wear them to your workouts or regularly with anything.


5. Thongs

Source: Only Hearts

This screams sexy. It’s a date night or taking things further kind of panties if you know what I mean. Do you know panty lines? Thongs are like, "We don’t do that here”. So wear them with bodycon dresses, leggings, pencil skirts because things got you covered. They have a triangular cut so if you wear the initially they are gonna be a little bit difficult but it’s nothing extreme and it will grow on you once you see how they work, I promise!


6. Cheeky

Source: Avenue

These say cute and nice butt! Where do you think cheeky come from? Yes, your butt cheeks will be kind of hanging and thereby giving you a bootiful illusion. Do you know those dolphin hem shorts in which half of your butt just hangs outside? I feel these were made for those. This will give you better coverage than thongs, less than bikini sets though. And once more, it is low raise. 

7. Control brief

Source: Bare necessities 

These aren’t exactly corsets but they have adopted the ideology and functionality. It won't tighten or make your waist tinier, or better your hip waist ratio. The material is firm and a little elastic so when you stretch these over your stomach they distribute the fat in that much surface area and holds it steady. Say no to a flappy tummy. Now you can wear a body-hugging t-shirt or your favorite bodycon dress without any worries.


8. Boyshorts

 Source: Croota



  1. Butt Lifter.

  2. Seamless Panties.

  3. Open Crotch Panties.

  4. Garter Panties.

  5.  Brazilian Brief.



Why should boys have all the fun? Girls, here’s your be a tomboy license card! Or be a dude. If you resort to these you are a chill person and don’t care what everybody thinks about you as long as it is comfortable and these are super comfortable! Like, really! They a sporty and give you 100% coverage. These can also be used as shorts you wear under a dress or a skirt To avoid a wardrobe malfunction.

Not to be your mother but change them every day and wash them regularly or you’ll get a nasty infection. I mean it when I say NASTY! It is important to wear appropriate undergarments inside your dresses or it can crash your look, I don’t metaphorically.

For instance, have you ever had your panty lines showing through your pants? Yeah, that ain’t okay or normal. I know you might feel that I am fretting about it too much but it’s just indecent and as I am bound to tell you because of our sisterhood! Get a few, any type that you like, of seamless underwear. They won’t show through your clothes. You can thank me later.

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